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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lord Thomas Tuchet & Margery ?

23641856. Lord Thomas Tuchet & 23641857. Margery ?

1243, Thomas Tochet born in England, heir & s/o 47283712. Robert Tuchet.

1248, Thomas age 5 at his father’s death.

~1250, Margery born in England.

8/4/1251, Grant after inquisition to John Maunsell of the wardship and of the land in Lege Cumbray, co. Salop, and Tatehale, co. Chester, belonging to the heirs [Thomas and his younger brother William] of Robert Tuschet, whose marriage with other lands formerly belonged to the said John. (S) CPRs.

12/7/1251, Grant to Thomas son of Robert Tuschet, and his heirs, of free warren in his demesne lands of the manor of Markenton, co. Derby, provided that the lands are not within the bounds of the king’s forest. (S) CChRs.

1265, Thomas’ guardian, John Maunsell, deceased.

[––Thomas & Margery––]

~1267, Thomas married Margery [they have had children in 1269.]

1268, Thomas Tuchet, filius et heres Roberti Tuchet, recognovit se debere Roberto de Tweng' et aliis coexecutoribus Johannis Maunsell sexaginta libras. (S) CCRs. [Thomas owes the executors of his father £60.]

1269, Thomas expedited 2 Charters to Wombridge Priory styling himself “Thomas Tuschet, son and heir of Robert Tuschet”; for the souls’ health of himself, his ancestors, and successors, and on condition that the Canons should yearly on the day of St. Valentine the Martyr perform solemn services for the souls of Robert, the Grantor’s father, of Sir John Maunsell, and for the souls of the Grantor and his wife Margery, whenever they should depart this life, and for the souls of the Grantor’s children. [Thomas Tuchet granted perpetual quarrying rights to Wombridge priory. (S) Hist. of Shropshire, V11, 1985, Ketley.]

11/16/1272, Edward I ascended to the throne while on crusade.

1276, The burgesses complain the the bailiffs of Thomas Touchet distrain upon those who trade to the fair at Esseburn. (S) Hist. of the Co. of Derby, V2, 1829, P375.

9/2/1277, To the sheriff of Stafford. Order to cause Thomas Tochet to have seisin of a messuage, … that John de Langenovere, who was outlawed for felony, held in Langenovere, … been in the king’s hands … held of the said Thomas … (S) CCRs.

1284, Thomas Tuchet’s service as a Serjeantry, viz. “to provide a man at his own cost, to proceed (with the King's host) for 40 days in time of war.”

1286, Thomas was summoned to answer by what warrant he claimed view of frankpledge and waif in Ashwell. Thomas said that all his ancestors from time out of mind had enjoyed these rights, except when Ashwell was in the hands of Elizabeth [Isabel], grandmother of Thomas, Richard King of Almain (d.1272) having then forced the tenants of Ashwell to come to his turn, Thomas being then a minor. The succeeding Earl of Chester had restored his rights to Thomas. (S) Hist. of Rutland, V2, 1935, Alstoe Hundred.

1/20/1287, Thomas Tuchet appointed a Conservator of the Peace in the county of Derby. (S) CPRs.

1292, At the Assizes the Bradford Jurors gave account of Thomas Thochet’s tenure of Leye Cumbrey, and valued the Manor at £15 per annum. Hugh de Louther, the King’s Attorney, alleged that the services due from the Manor were in arrear for two campaigns in Wales, viz. those of 1277 and 1282. Thomas appeared in Court, and showed that he had compounded for his service in 1277 by a Fine of 10 marks; but not being able to say anything as regarded the campaign of 1282, the Court ordered his Serjeantry to be seized in manu Regis; but retained by fine until the next parliament.

7/7/1297, Thomas summoned to muster at London for Foreign service.

8/23/1297, King Edward left England with 500 ships to attack France and assert his rights. Because of the refusal of many barons, Edward only had a small contingent of knights. The army sailed for Flanders to seek additional support.

9/11/1297, John, Earl of Surrey, and Hugh de Cressingham [Treasurer of Scotland] were attacked and defeated by William Wallace. An estimated 6000 English slain or wounded, in the loss known as the Battle of Stirling Bridge. [William Wallace was knighted for this success and put in sole command of Scottish troops.]

10/6/1297, Thomas summoned to a Military Council, to be holden at London by Prince Edward.

5/15/1299, Grant to Thomas Touchet, and his heirs, of free warren in all his demesne lands in Tatenhale and Lauton, co. Chester. (S) CChRs.

6/24/1301, Thomas to attend muster at Berwick upon Tweed prepared for military service against the Scots.

9/8/1301, Scots using Comyn of Badenoch’s estate as a base, attacked Lochmaben, and then menaced the main English force at Bothwell [commanded by Lord Edward]. The Scots had 240 men-at-arms and 7000 foot soldiers.

1305, Hugh, son of Hugh de Dutton, sued Thomas Tuchet for the manor of Nether Whytele. (S) Plea Rolls, Wrottesley.

7/7/1307, Edward II became king on the death of his father.

1310, William de Swetenham, son of Richard, … Fine – the homage and service of Thomas Tuchet, and Simon his brother, … 2m 17d. (S) Ann. Rpt. Dep. Keeper, 1862, P97.

1310, Thomas Tuchet, lord of Leegomery. (S) Hist. of the Co. of Shropshire, V11, 1985.

12/19/1312, Fine between William s. of Richard de Swetenham junior plaintiff … vices of Thomas Tochet for lands he holds in Buggelauton … (S) UKNA.

6/18/1314, Thomas Tuchet a Justice of oyer and terminer and of gaol delivery for Lincolnshire. (S) CPRs.

1315, Thomas died, his son Robert his heir.

5/22/1315, IPM of Thomas Tuchet alias Tochet. Salop: Leye Combrey. The manor held of the king in chief by serjeanty of finding a man with an unbarded horse at the castle of Montgomery whenever there shall be war in Wales, for 40 deay at this own charges. Robert his son and heir, aged 50 [40] at Christmas last, is his next heir. Rutland: Aswelle. The manor … by service of 1/3 knight’s fee. Heir as above, aged 40. Derby: 7 messuages as part of the town of Derby, at fee farm of £45 yearly. Heir as above, aged 40 and more. (S) CIsPM.

(S) Ashwell, A Hist. of the Co. of Rutland, V2, 1935. (S) Antiquities of Shropshire, Eyton, 1858, P345.

Child of Thomas and Margery:

i. Robert Tuchet (11820928), born 12/25/1275 in England.