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G25: 30421290 Wyteneye

30421290. Sir Eustace de Wyteneye

Eustace born in England s/o §Eustace de Witeney, s/o Sir Robert de Whitney, s/o Thurstin de Wigemore.

8/19/1274 at Westminster abbey, Edward I crowned king of England.

1277, Eustacius de Whytene presented John de Chaundos to the church of Pencombe.

1280, Eustace de Wytteneye gave a deed to the monastery of St. Peter, confirming deeds of his ancestors.

1281, Eustachius de Wyteney, Lord of Pencumbe, Little Cowarne and Wyteney [in the Marches of Wales].

1284, Eustace de Whyteneye granted free warren in lands in Pencumbe, co. Hereford.

1284, Dispute between the Abbess of Elstow and Eustace de Whitney concerning right of presentation to Whitney. (S) Archaeologial Cambrensis, 1896, P92.

7/8/1297, Eustace summoned to wars beyond seas.

1299, Eustace a tenant of the manor of Huntingdon.

3/12/1301, Eustace summoned in the war with the Scots.

(S) Genealogical and Personal Memoirs, V3, Cutter, 1908, P1398.

Children of Eustace and ?:

i. Maud de Whitney (15210645), born ~1280 in England.

ii. Eustace de Whitney, born ? in England.

6/5/1301, Eustace married Elizabeth, d/o Alexander de Freville & Joan Marmion. [Witnesses: Sir
Robert de Chaundos, the lady Joan de Friville, mother of the lady, and John de Stan', parson of Rippel'.] (S) Episcopal Registers, Diocese of Worcester, 1902, P542.

1306, Eustace knighted.

1313, 1352, Eustace a member of parliament for Herefordshire.

1345, 1349, Eustace presented to Whitney.

Bef. 1361, Eustace, lord of Penconbe, died. (S) UKNA.