Monday, December 19, 2011

G25: 30422032 Boneville-Schetes

30422032. Nicholas de Boneville & 30422033. Hawyse des Schetes

~1260, Nicholas born in England, s/o §William Boneville & Joan ?.

Hawisia born in England, d/o §Robert de Shete. (S) The Antiquary, V37, 1901, P21.

Hawisia 1st married Thomas du Pyn.

8/19/1274 at Westminster abbey, Edward I crowned king of England.

1278-9, Thomas and Hawisia, reserving a third in dower to Hawisia, granted the manor of Dulverton to the queen.

1281, The King and Queen regranted Dulverton to Thomas and Hawisia at a rental of one penny, payable at Easter.

Aft. 7/20/1287, Thomas died.

1/2/1291, Hawisia, widow of Thomas, in a suit with Thos. De Sallay.

1291, Indented Sir Henry de Ralegh to Nicholas de Bonevile. Manor of Wyssecomb for the life of Joan wife of Sir Henry. (S) UKNA.

1292, Nicholas married Hawyse. (S) Greater Medieval Houses, Emery, 2006, P633.

Nicholas, of Shute, by right of his wife.

1294, Nicholas de Bonville, constable of the castle of Taunton. (S) Forests & Deer Parks, Greswell, 1905, P182.

Bef. 2/12/1295, “Nicholas de Bonevill, alias de Bolevil, de Bonevile (Bonville): Devon, Somerset” died. (S) UKNA. [Grant to John Wogan fo the custody, during the minority of the heir of Nicholas de Bonevill, … (S) CPRs.]

8/15/1295, Order to cause Hawisia, late the wife of Nicholas de Bonevill, who held by knight service of John, son of John de Bello Campo, … the manor of Dulverton … (S) CCRs.

8/16/1295, Order to cause dower to be assigned to Hawisia, late the wife of Nicholas de Bonevill, … as she has taken oath before the king that she will not marry without his licence. (S) CCRs. [Hawisia held the manor of Shete, co. Devon, by heirship, in free socage, of Thomas de Sandford.]

1/14/1300, Lic. for Wm. de Lughteburgh, for his services in Gascony, Wales, and Scotland, to marry Hawysia, late the wife of Thomas du Pyn. (S) CPRs.

Hawisia married 3rd William de Lughteburgh.

10/16/1306, The king granted William and Hawisia his wife, for the life of Hawisia, a Thursday market at Dulverton.

Bef. 1331, Hawisia died. IPM of Hawisia Pyn: … held two parts of the manor of Dulverton by concession, … the third part in her own demesne … Nicholas de Bolevyle her next heir, aged 30 and more.

(S) Strife of the Roses and Days of the Tudors in the West, Rogers, 2003, P40. (S) Proceedings, Somerset, Vs27-29, 1882, P71. (S) Kinghts of Edward I, Moor, 1931, P69.

Family notes:

·         1256-7, Grimbald Pancefot, claimant ; Brice Le Deneys, tenent ; … manor of Stoke juxta Ivelcestre … Nicholas de Bonevile put in his claim. (S) Somerset Record Society, V6, 1892, P268.

·         1264, IPM of Nicholas de Bonevill. Mandate … co. Somerset … William de Bonevil, knight, is his next her, and of full age. (S) CIsPM.

·         2/4/1265, The king has taken the homage of William de Boneville, son and heir of Nicholas de Boneville, who died some time ago, for all lands and tenements which his father held from the king in chief, and he has rendered those lands and tenements to him. Order to the escheator in Somerset … (S) FRsHIII.

Child of Nicholas and Hawyse:

i. Nicholas Bonville (15211016), born 1293 in England.