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Friday, May 4, 2012

Lord Hugh Fichet of Somerset

60844656. Lord Hugh Fichet

~1250, Hugh born in England, s/o §Robert Fichet.

1272, Hugh succeeded his father at Spaxton.

1285, Hugh held a knight’s fee at Spaxton.

12/10/1291, To the sheriff of Somerset. Order to cause a coroner for that county to be elected in place of Hugh Fychet, lately elected, who is insufficiently qualified. (S) CCRs.

1303, Hugh held a knight’s fee at Spaxton.

Bef. 1314, Hugh died.

(S) Spaxton: Manors and Other Estates, A History of the County of Somerset, V6, 1992.

Family notes:

·         By 1166, A ‘Hugh Fichet’ married to Aubrey de Conteville held Stringston [living in 1201]. (S) History and Antiquities of Somerset, V1, Collinson, 1791, P243. Another [or the same] ‘Hugh Fichet’ had a [step] daughter Emma Neville, d/o Basilea, and heiress to the Enmore Estates, who married Sir Baldwin Malet. (S) G.E.G. Malet, 1939, “The Genealogist”. [Some genealogies have Baldwin Malet as a son of Hugh who changed his name; for which there are several documents supporting this position.]

·         1166, Robert Fichet held Spaxton of Philip de Columbers by service of a knight’s fee.

·         1176, Hugh Fichet in the pipe rolls of Dorset.

·         1198-1202, Novel disseisin whether Hugh Fichet unjustly and without judgment has disseized Ingeleis daughter of Jordan of her free tenement in Merriott within the assize. The jurors say that Hugh has so disseized her. (S) Pleas Before the King or His Justices, Stenton, 1952, P192.

·         1202, Hugh Fichet is a tenent in Merige. (S) Pedes Finium, V1, 1892, P18.

·         1227, Hugh Fichet held Spaxton.

·         9/1234,  A certain Edith of Leicester died suddenly in Wood Street and was carried thence to the house of Hugh Fychet, before she was viewed by the chamberlain and sheriffs, nor did they hold any inquest to discover who moved her. (S) The London Eyre of 1244, Chew, 1970, P38.

·         1245, Agreement between Hugh Fychet, lord of Spaxton, and Joceline de L. Newelin, rector of Chardelynche Church; allowing Hugh to enclose his park, for which Hugh gives one acre in Spaxton manor. (S) Forest and Deer Parks in Somerset, Greswell, 1905, P255.

·         6/28/1260, Hugh Fichet gives half a mark for taking an assize before Henry of Bratton. Order to the sheriff of Somerset. (S) FRsHIII.

·         10/3/1262, Hugh Fichet, lately deceased, held one knight’s fee in Spaxton from Phillip de Columbariis, deceased, … Robert Fichet is the son and heir of the aforesaid Hugh and is of full age, the king has taken fealty from the abovesaid Robert … having accepted security from Robert for rendering 100s. … to have full seisin of that fee. Witness Phillip Basset, justiciar of England. (S) FRsHIII.

·         Robert s/o Hugh.

Child of Hugh and ?:

i. John Fychet (30422328), born ~1280 in England.