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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sir William Bourdon & Agnes le Angevine

Sir William Bourdon & Agnes le Angevine

Agnes born in England, d/o Eva le Angevine [possibly the wife of Robert de Braibroc].

William married Agnes after she had become a nun.

1202, William Brudun amerced for “tumult”. (S) Starrs and Jewish Charters, V2, 1930, P181. [Possibly at an assize involving William and his wife: “Quam terram Willelmus Burdun et Agnes uxor eius tenent.”.]

1203, William Burdun and his wife Agnes sought a judgement on their claim to some land. (S) Hubert Walter, 1968, Young, P110.

1206-7, William Burdun and Agnes his wife passed by fine to Robert de Braibroc certain lands in Desborough.

1207, Geoffrey le Angevin claimed against William Burdun and Agnes his wife ½ carucate in Desborough.

1210-12, William Burdun holding 1 fee of the honor of Peverel.

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

1225-30, William Brudun and Agnes his wife patrons of the living of Desborough, Northamptonshire. (S) Starrs and Jewish Charters, V2, 1930.

10/5/1229, Northamptonshire. William Burdun of the fee of Peverel in Northamptonshire, who holds 1½ knights’ fees, 5 m. for scutage and fine of passage. (S) FRsHIII.

1230, Hugh de Mortimer and Agnes his wife, Agatha and Isabel, sisters of the same Agnes, arraigned an assize of novel disseisin agains William Burdon and Agnes his wife touching 7 virgates in Desborough.

8/31/1233, William Burdun has made fine by 5 m. for the summons made to go into Ireland, since he remained in Wales. (S) FRshIII.

11/9/1233,  Order to William Burdun to cause the 5 m. by which he made fine with the king for the knights which he ought to have found the king in his army of Wales last past, and for which the king spared him in this army which he has now caused to be summoned for the war that Earl R. Marshal moves in the parts of Wales, to be rendered to the king without delay …, (S) FRsHIII.

1235-36, William Burdon held of the honor of Peverel 1.5 fees in Desborough.

Bef. 1241, Grant of James le Breet to Stephen de Segrave … co. Warwick … Witnesses … William Burdun. (S) Desc. Cat. of the Charters and Muniments, Fitzhardinge, 1892, P86.

1242-43, William Burdon held of the honor of Peverel 1.5 fees in Desborough.

Agnes died.

Bef. 2/18/1247, William Burdun died seised of 1 carucate in Desborough with a hall, of the inheritance of Agnes Angevine, sometime his wife, of 1.5 fee. (S) Henry III, GBPRO, 1904, P26.

(S) Honors and Knights’ Fees, Farrer, 1923, P224.

Family notes:

·         Agnes le Angevine related to Agatha, wife of Adam de Cokefeld. 1219, Agatha de Cokefeld held land in Nuthall of the honor of Peverel worth 23s a year. 1219, Agatha de Nutehale, late the wife of Adam de Cokefeld, held ½ fee in Nuthall.

Children of William and Agnes:

i. Alice de Burdon, born ? in England.

Alice married Nicholas de Riston.

1251, Alice died.

ii. Ivetta de Bourdon, born ~1200 in England.

Bef. 1247, Juetta married Simon de Drayton; who did homage for her inheritance. (S) Calendarium Genealogicum, 1865, P23.

By 1273, Ivetta died; her heir of Desborough her son William de Drayton.