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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bond 512 - Bond-Wills

512. James Bond & 513. Susanna Wills

5/1682, Susannah Wills baptized at St. Dominick, Cornwall, daughter of  §Sarah ? [base born]. (S) Cornwall OPC.
6/1682, James born in Cornwall, England, heir & s/o 1024. John Bond & 1025. Dorothy Porter.
6/13/1682, James baptized at St. Stephens by Saltash, Cornwall. (S) Parish register.
1688, The Glorious Revolution – the overthrow of  King James II [a Protestant who converted to Catholicism].
2/13/1689, William II of Orange & Mary II [daughter of James II] succeeded to the English throne, supported by her younger sister Princess Anne [both raised Protestant.]
1694, Queen Mary died.
2/2/1699, James under age when his father wrote his will.
By 6/1700, James came of age.
Bef. 9/1700[01], James’ father died; James named executor of his father’s will.
9/1/1700[01], James Bond, resident of Bodin in Cornwall, married Susanna Wills, resident of Temple, in the parish of Warleggan. 
1701, The “Act of Settlement” ensured Protestant sucession to the throne of England.
3/8/1702, Queen Anne, d/o James II, succeeded to the throne of England on the death of William II.
5/21/1702, James Bond, son of John, of Earth, Cornwall, arm. Wadham Coll., matric.
7/7/1702, “James Bond, son and heir of John B., of Earth, Cornwall, esq., decd.” a student of the Middle Temple. (S) Register of Admissions to the Middle Temple. [1 of the 4 ancient “Inns of Court” for legal education.]
1710, James died.
11/22/1710, James buried at St. Stephens by Saltash.
(S) The Visitations of the County of Cornwall, P41.
Family notes:
·         Unlike his cousins, Thomas Bond of Holwood and Richard Bond of Tresunger, who were identified as possible heirs of Earth Barton, James is not identified as dying without heirs. In 1718 Thomas clearly indicates to his heir and cousin Richard that Richard might someday inherit Earth – which implies an heir to Earth extant at the time, 8 years after James died.
Child of James and Susannah:
i. John Bond ( 256), born 1701 in Cornwall, England.