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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bond 1024 Bond-Porter

1024. John Bond & 1025 Dorothy Porter

9/13/1651, Dorothy baptized at St. Stephens by Saltash, Cornwall, England, d/o 2050. Roger Porter & 2051. Elizabeth Kekewich.
1652, John born in Cornwall, England, s/o 2048. James Bond & 2049. Elizabeth ?. (S) 1699 Will of John.
1652, John was invested with money by his father. (S) 1699 Will of John.
5/7/1668, John Bond, s. James, of Erth, Cornwall, gent. Exeter Coll., matric.
1670, John Bond, aged 17, a student of the Inner Temple. [1 of the 4 ancient “Inns of Court” for legal education.]
2/10/1676, Dorothy named in her father’s will.
7/11/1677, Dorothy’s father died, buried at St. Stephens by Saltash, Cornwall.
1/1/1678, Dorothy’s mother died, buried at St. Stephens by Saltash, Cornwall.
1/21/1679, John Bond, Esq. married Dorothy Porter at S. Mellion. Dorothy was a member of St. Stephens parish. (S) Cornwall OPC.
8/30/1683, Declaration of trust. (i) Jn. Bond of Grays Inn, esq. Wm. Newcombe of Colebrooke, Devon, yeo. (ii) Jas. Tillie of the Midde Temple, gent. (Rec. of assignment of same date by Wm. Coryton and Jn. Bond to Wm. Newcombe. £500 - manor of West Draynes in St. Neot and St. Cleer). Wm. Newcombe only trustee for (ii) to whom he would convey the manor. Witd. Chas. Bidlake, Roger Hopping, Jn. Skinner. (S) UK-A2A, Cornwall Record Office.
9/5/1683, Bargain and Sale. £500 to Sir Jn., Wm. Coryton and Jas. Tillie from (ii). (i) Sir Jn. Coryton of West Newton Ferrars, Bt. Wm. Coryton CY/1075. Jas. Tillie CY/1075. Wm. Pearse CY/1075. (ii) Jn. Bond of Grays Inn, esq. - manor of West Draynes (exception of CY/1079.) Witd. Jn. Lanyon, Rich. Dodson, Nich. Truscott, E. Rutter, Arth. Squier, Rich. Smith, Jn. Clemence. (S) UK-A2A, Cornwall Record Office.
10/2/1683, Conveyance in Fee. (Lease and Release). £500. (i) Jn. Bond. (ii) Jn. Hichans of Bradoc, yeo. - manor of West Dreynes (Corytons Ball, Redhill and Parsons park excepted also Bullands and Vospers ten., ten. in Hilltown, and 2 tens. in Kellowtown.) Witd. Chas. Bidlake, Roger Hoppinge, Jn. Skinner, Wm. Newcombe. (S) UK-A2A, Cornwall Record Office.
1685, Counterpart lease. 1 John Harris and John Bond of Earth, Cornwall, gent and Dorothy his wife 2 Anne Lang, spinster, daughter of the late Thomas Lang of St Stephens by Saltash. Part of a dwelling house at Carkeel, St Stephens by Saltash. Rent: 1s 5d pa. (S) UK-A2A, Cornwall Record Office.
1685, Deed of partition. 1 John Harris and Jane, his wife, John Bond and Dorothy, his wife 2 Heirs of the above Broadmore and Carkeele, Cornwall. (S) UK-A2A, Plymouth and West Devon Record Office.
1686-7, Covenant: 1 John Bond of St Stephens by Saltash, and Dorothy his wife. 2 Thomas Coode of Furzdon, Cornwall, gent. Tenement in Carkeele, St Stephens by Saltash. (S) UK-A2A, Plymouth and West Devon Record Office.
1688, The Glorious Revolution – the overthrow of  King James II [a Protestant who converted to Catholicism].
2/13/1689, William II of Orange & Mary II [daughter of James II] succeeded to the English throne, supported by her younger sister Princess Anne [both raised Protestant.]
3/28/1694, “Dorothy, wife of John Bond, gent.” Died; buried at St. Stephens by Saltash, Cornwall. (S) Parish register.
1694, Queen Mary died; her husband continued to reign [when he dies, Mary’s sister Anne becomes Queen.]
8/13/1696, John’s father buried at St. Stephens. (S) Parish register.
11-12/5/1697, Lease and release (also counterpart release); Consideration: £1200. (1) Jn. Bond of Ereth, esq., s. of Jas. B., decd., Wm. Courtney of St. Erme, gent., and w. Honor, sole heir of Rich. Scawen of Probus, gent., and w. Mary, dau. of Wm. Bond, esq., decd., (2) Anthony Scawen of Probus, gent., bro of Rich. S; (3) Jn. Williams of Carvean, Probus, gent. (1) to (3) Treaghan Pickhan barton and mill, Nankelly, Soren, Fentonberran, Tregagle Wartha in Wollas, all in Probus. (S) UK-A2A, Cornwall Record Office.
1/1/1698-9, Reversionary lease for 99 years or 2 lives (children of (2) Rich. and Anne); cons. £38; rent 4s. 6d; heriot 10s. (1) John Bond of St. Erth esq. (2) Thos. Keene of Menheniot, yeo. 1/6 part of Trewint. (S) UK-A2A, Cornwall Record Office.
2/2/1699, John wrote his will.
1700, John Bond, gent. died.
3/22/1700, “John Bond, gent.” buried at St. Stephens by Saltash, Cornwall. (S) Parish register.
9/25/1701, John’s will proved at Consist. Court, Exeter; his son James the executor.
(S) The Visitations of the County of Cornwall, P41. (S) Visitation of England and Wales (1893-1921), Howard, Joseph Jackson, (21 volumes. London: [Joseph Jackson Howard], 1893-1921), FHL book 942 D23h., vol. 12 p. 134.
Family notes:
·         1704, Copy will: John Bond, Erth in St. Stephens by Saltash; Property in Tavistock, Devon; Northill and Menheriott. Cornwall. Original dated 1700. (S) UK-A2A, Devon Record Office: 1262M/FS/113.
·         2/2/1699. In the name of God Amin. 2nd of February in 1699 according to the … of the church of England I John Bond of Erth within the parish of St Stephens near Saltash in the county of Cornwall … being sick and weak of body but sound and perfect memory … do make and ordaine this my last will and testament … Item I give … unto my two daughters Elizabeth Bond and Ellen Bond all my lands and tenemants within the parish of Cavistorke in the county of Devon and all my lands and tenements within the parish of North Rill in the county of Cornwall … and one … within the parish of Menheniot in … Cornwall … Item I gave … unto my said two daughter a certain bill obligatory and all the mony due … being the sum of 340 pounds … interest … sums of mony my father James bond Esq had invested of mee in the year 1652 … Item I give … two daughters two beds at the farm … house at Erth … Item all the rest of my bills … goods … I give … unto my son James Bond upon condition that he shall pay all my debts … I doe hereby make him sole Executor of this my last will and testament … beloved friend Ffrancis Ryder of Town Thomas within the parish of Newbury in the said county of Devon Gentleman to bee Guardian and trustee for my said three children [mainly of the estate] … beloved friend Adrian Sweet of Modbury in the said county of Devon Gentleman to be guardian [of the children until 21] …
Children of John and Dorothy:
i. Ellen Bond, born 1680 in Cornwall, England.
11/9/1680, Ellen baptized at at St. Stephens by Saltash, Cornwall. (S) Parish register.
Bef. 1686, Ellen died as a child.
ii. James Bond ( 512), born 6/1682 in Cornwall, England. (S) 1699 Will of John Bond.
iii. Elizabeth Bond, born 1683-85 in Cornwall, England.
2/2/1699, Elizabeth, under age, named in the will of her father.
iv. Ellen Bond, born 1868 in Cornwall, England.
9/21/1686, Ellen baptized at at St. Stephens by Saltash, Cornwall. (S) Parish register.

2/2/1699, Ellen, under age, named in the will of her father.