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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Walter Coode Esq. & Edith Coryton

16412. Walter Coode Esq. & 16413. Edith Coryton

1513, Walter born in Morval, Cornwall, England, s/o 32824. Richard Coode & 32825. Thomasina Glyn.

1514, Walter’s mother died; his father remarried.

~1525, Edith born in Newton Ferrers, Cornwall, England, d/o 32826. Peter Coryton & 32827. Joan Tregassan.

6/4/1523, Walter’s father died.

1523-29, Plaintiffs: Walter, son and heir of Richard Code. Defendants: John Bonde, John Helston, and William and John Eustas. Subject: Detention of deeds relating to a messuage and lands at Lancranten in St Keyne. Cornwall. (S) UKNA, C 1/480/18.

1523-29, Plaintiffs: Walter, son and heir of Richard Code and of Thomasen, his wife, daughter and coheir of John Glyn of Morval. Defendants: William Godolghan and Margaret, his wife, Richard Kendale and John Viveon. Subject: Detention of deeds relating to messuages and land in Clyes, Tredeneck, Bodmin, Bodiniell, Tremadocke, Bossent next Penquite, Lancrenton, Blerike, and Rame, and rent in Lantonia in Liskeard and St Neot. Cornwall. (S) UKNA, C 1/480/19.

1538-44, Plaintiffs: Walter Coode, gentleman, son and heir of Richard Coode and of Tomasyn his wife. Defendants: William Goodedolfyn, knight, and John Vevyan, esquire, sons-in-law of John Glyn, deceased, and Richard Kendell, esquire. Subject: Messuages and land in Bodmin, Bodiniel (in Bodmin), Tremadoc (in St Neots), St Neots, Warleggon, Padstow, Crugmer (in Padstow), Penquite by Bosent, Bosent (in St Pinnock), Lancrenton, Carowez, Torr, Blarrick (in St Antony and Sheviock), Rame, Markwell (in St Erney) and Fuyche. Cornwall. (S) UKNA, C 1/966/67-68.

1538-44, Plaintiffs: Walter, son and heir of Richard Coode. Defendants: John Jele. Subject: Manor and wood of Marytavy. Devon. (S) UKNA, C 1/968/30.

1540-41, Marriage settlement, grant, lands in St Neot. Parties: 1) Peter Coryton, esquire and Joan his wife, daughter and heir of John Tregasowe, esquire deceased to 2) Robert Coryton their third son. Grant … Ratification of charter by Richard Coryton of Tregasowe, son and heir of Peter and Joan. … Witnessed …, John Trelawney, Walter Code, esquires. (S) Cornwall Council, CY/1556.

1540-41, Grant by Peter Coryton, esq. and Joan his wife, dtr. and hr. of Jn. Tregasowe, esq. decd. to Jn. Coryton their second s. - the manor of Warlegan … Grant ratified by Rich. Coryton of Tregasowe, s. and hr. of Peter and Joan Coryton. Witd. …, Jn. Trelavny, Walt. Code, esquires, … (S) UKNA.

7/7/1545, Edith’s father Peter, in his will, granted certain lands in Cornwall to Walter Coode, John Trevelyan, and Robert Bekett; who were to hold them in trust for 21 years after his death and to pay £100 out of the issues of these lands to his youngest son William.

1/28/1547, Edward VI, age 9, succeeded his father Henry VIII as King of England.

3/24/1551, Edith’s father died.

7/10/1553, Lady Jane Grey became the [disputed] Queen of England [for 9 days.]

7/19/1553, Mary I, sister of Edward VI, became Queen of England. [Bloody Mary!]

1553-55, Plaintiffs: Thomas and William Coryton. Defendants: Richard Coryton and Walter Code and others, feoffees to uses. Subject: Legacy of Peter Coryton, father of the said Thomas, William and Richard payable out of the manors of Yolande, Trencreek (in Blisland, or Tencreek in Liskeard), Penfrane (in St Pinnock), St Pinnock, Bodwen (in Helland), Helland and Lamellyn (in Liskeard). Cornwali. (S) UKNA, C 1/1338/44-48.

1558-79, Plaintiffs: Walter Coode . Defendants: William Whyte, Thomas Whyte and others. Subject: property in Gidleigh, Devon . Document type: [pleadings]. (S) UKNA, C 3/33/66.

12/9/1580, Walter Code died.

5/28/1590, Edith’s son and heir John died.

7/31/1591, Edith buried at Morval; her grandson William Coode, s/o John her heir.

(S) Visitations of the County of Cornwall, 1887, Vivian, P95, P101. (S) 1620 Visitations of the County of Cornwall, P48. (S) Historical Survery of the County of Cornwall, Gilbert, V2, Pt1, P73.

Children of Walter and Edith:

i. Margaret Coode, born ~1542 in Morval, Cornwall, England.

Margaret married William Prideaux of Cornwall.

ii. Anne Coode, baptized 1544 in Morval, Cornwall, England.

iii. John Coode (8206), born 1546 in Morval, Cornwall, England. [Heir]

iv. Jane Coode, born ? in Morval, Cornwall, England.

Jane married William Leigh of Quethiock.

v. Philip Coode, baptized 1550 in Morval, Cornwall, England.

vi. Gilbert Coode, baptized 1552 in Morval, Cornwall, England.

vii. Elizabeth Coode, born ? in Morval, Cornwall, England.

Elizabeth married William Knapman of Devon.

viii. Thomasine Coode, born ? in Morval, Cornwall, England.

Thomasine married John Bennock.