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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Chief Burgess Philip Mayowe Esq.

16414. Chief Burgess Philip Mayowe Esq.

~1525, Philip born in Lowe, Cornwall, England, s/o §Philip Mayow & Margaret Smith.

Philip married a daughter of ? Webb of Tavistock, Devon.

1/28/1547, Edward VI, age 9, succeeded his father Henry VIII as King of England.

7/10/1553, Lady Jane Grey became the [disputed] Queen of England [for 9 days.]

7/19/1553, Mary I, sister of Edward VI, became Queen of England.

Aft. 1557, Margaret, widow of John Dingle v Philip Mayow esquire and Thomas Saller or Salter. Deeds, fraudulent ejectment etc. Tenement called Westhendre, parcel of the manor of Bray in the parish of Morval. This cause seems to have concerned the tithes of this tenement. The manor, the custom of which is recited, is stated in the answer to have been conveyed by [-] Dingle to Philip Mayow, grandfather of defendant. (S) UKNA, C 2/Eliz/D8/20.

1558-79, Plaintiffs: Diggory Blighe. Defendants: Philip Mayowe. Subject: property in Eastlow [East Looe], Cornwall. (S) UKNA, C 3/8/79.

2/27/1580, Philip settled lands on his daughter-in-law Joane for life in leiu of dower.

2/27/1587, Parties: 1) Philip Mayowe of Looe, gentleman 2) John Coode of Morval and John Rashleigh of Fowey, esquires, Stephen Medhoppe, rector of St Martin by Looe. Manors of Trenode and Bray, and all his houses, land etc in St Martin by Looe, Morval, Tregastick, Trenode, Bray, Polgover, St Germans, Trebrowne, East Looe, Lanteglos by Fowey, Trerede, (damaged), Rouffelles, Polruan, Fowey, Tallonde, Lamayne Island, St Columb Minor. (S) Cornwal Council, WM/376.

6/14/1587, 9 Chief Burgesses appointed by Queen Elizabeth’s charter to East Looe: Walter Conner, … Philip Mayo, Thomas Collin … (S) Sketches of the Boroughs of East and West Looe, Thomas Bond, 1822, P2.

8/24/1590, Philip died.

(S) The 1530 Visitations of the County of Cornwall, 315.

Children of Philip and ?:

i. Philip Mayow, born ~1550 in Looe, Cornwall, England.

Philip married Joane, d/o John Rashley of Foye.

Bef. 5/28/1590, Philip died before his father.

ii. Margery Mayow (8207), born ~1555 in Looe, Cornwall, England.