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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lord William Grenville Esq. & Philippa Bonvile

1048624. Lord William Grenville Esq. & 1048625. Philippa Bonvile

~1375, William de Greynvill born in Devon, England, s/o 2097248. Sir Theobald Greynvill & 2097249. Margaret Courtenay.

6/21/1377, Richard II succeeded Edward III as King of England.

7/26/1381, John de Grenvile [older half-brother of William] presented Robert Braybroke [later Bishop of London] to the rectory of Bideford. [William must have been much younger than John.]

9/8/1381, John de Grenvile, son and heir of Sir Theobald de Grenvile, deceased, presented Thomas Cary to Kilkhampton.

1/15/1392, The Earl of Devonshire and William Grenville, sheriff of Devonshire, ordered to appear before the King. (S) Select Cases Before the King’s Council, V36, 1918, Pg-ci.

~1392, Philippa born in Chuton, Somerset, England, d/o 3802754. Sir John Bonville & 3802755. Elizabeth Fitz Roger.

5/12/1396, Bishop Stafford granted an indulgence to all penitents who would assist “ad constructionem seu reparacionem longi pontis de Bydeford”, i.e., help repair and replace the bridge at Bideford; which William’s grandfather Theobald had been stated as “an especial furtherer and great benefactor” of the bridge.

10/21/1396, Philippa’s father, age 26, died. Her mother remarried.

10/13/1399, Henry IV succeeded Richard II as King of England.

1402, at Kilkhampton, William Graynville, son of Sir Theobald, sets forth that whereas his brother, Sir John Greynville, Kt., and Margaret his wife held the manor and borough of Bideford in the county of Devon, … the said William Greynvill ratifies and confirms them to the said Sir John. Sealed “Sygillum Willimi Greynvill.” [William, heir to his mother, who was from the powerful Courtenay family.]

[––William & Thomasia––]

By 1403, William 1st married Thomasine, d/o John Cole. [No children.]

1404, Thomasine named in an indenture at Bideford.

1410, Thomasine named in deed at Bideford.

1410-11, William’s brother John died without heirs; William succeeding.

11/1412, William de Greynvill, Lord of Kilkhampton, surrendered to Ralph de Berncote … Estrabernecote and Westrabernecote … saving to himself the suits to his own court and suit to his mill.

3/20/1413, Henry V succeeded Henry IV as King of England.

10/5/1413, A Licence to celebrate Divine Service in Domestick Chapels or Oratories was granted to William Greynevyle and Thomasia his wife, for their manors in the parish of Kilkhampton. (S) Register of Edmund Stafford, 1395-1419, P275.

1415, William, brother and heir of Sir John Greynvill, Kt., confirms the charter which John Arundell and Margaret his wife had granted to Richard Godman. Sealed: “Sigillum Willimi de Greynvill armigeri.”

8/31/1422, Henry VI (an infant) succeeded Henry V as King of England.

11/7/1424, Wm. Graynefeld, esq., granted lands to James Chuddeleigh, Wm. Chuddeleigh, and Hugh Stucle, esqs.

4/22/1425, To William Graynevyle and Thomasia his wife, for divine service in their presence in any suitable place in the diocese. (S) Register of Edmund Lacy, Bishop pf Exeter, 1420-1455, P118.

5/5/1427, Thomasine named in a deed.

[––William & Philippa––]

William married 2nd Philippa.

1428, Willemus Greynfeld tenet di. f. m. in Bydeford, quod Johannes Ralegh quondam tenuit ibidem. (S) Inquisitions and Assessments, Maskelyne, 1899, P496.

1428, Willemus Grenfeld tenet quartam partem un. f. m. in Kilkamplond, quam idem comes Gloucestrie quondam tenuit, et subsidium inde  - xx. d. (S) Inquisitions and Assessments, Maskelyne, 1899, P237.

1434, William de Greynevill and Thomasine his wife, and John Cole agreed that Thomasine had certain lands and tenements in Yllecombe and Hodesland, in the manor of Kilkhampton, of Sir John de Greynville, Kt., deceased, brother of William, whose heir he is, by knight’s service and doing suits to his courts and mills.

12/30/1437, at Stowe, William, Lord of Kilkhampton, surrendered to William Bond a furlong of land … and suits to his two courts at Kilkhampton.

7/20/1446 at Stowe, William Grenville is mentioned in a deed with Philippa his wife, to Thomas Barnecote.

11/7/1447, William granted lands to Hugh Stucle, esq. and others. [Philippa half-sister to Hugh Stucle.]

1448, Thomas Greynvyle, son and heir to William Greynvile, Esquire, with Anne his wife, grants to Richard Ashrigge a tenement in Bideford, doing suit at ‘our’ courts [William is still alive.]

William died.


Philippa married 2nd John de Almescombe, esq..

1450-51, John de Almescombe and Philippa his wife, late the wife of William de Graynvil, received a grant from John de Copleston … lands in Wildhays and Guakmore.

5/9/1455, Thomas Bodrugan late of Bodrugan, co. Cornwall, esquire, for not appearing before the justices of the Bench to answer John Almyscombe and Philippa his wife, late the wife of William Greynevyle, esquire, touching a trespass. Devon. (S) CPRs.

3/1458, John and Philippa, Lady of the Manor of Bideford, presented Lewis Pollard to the church of Bideford, Devon.

1461, John and his wife, Philippe, settled 23 messuages, 1 mill, and various lands in Kilkhampton, Cornwall, together with the advowson of the church of Kilkhampton, Cornwall, on themselves and the heirs of their bodies, with successive remainders to John Grenville and William Grenville.

1464, John and his wife, Philippe, settled the manor and advowson of the church of Kilkhampton, Cornwall and the manor and advowson of the church of Bideford, Devon on themselves and the heirs of their bodies, with reversion to the right heirs of Philippe.

(S) Hist. of the Granville Family, Granville, 1895, P55ff. (S) Rpts. & Trans., Devonshire, V16, 1884, P684.

Family notes:

·         Arms of William Greynefield, impaled with those of Bonvile were in Kilkhampton Church, on a hatchment of stucco.

Children of William and Philippa:

i. Sir Thomas Grenville (524312), born ~1430 in Devon, England.

ii. Margaret Grenville, born ? in Devon, England.

Margaret married John Thorne of Thorne.

iii. Ellena Grenville, born ? in Devon, England.

Ellena married William Yoe of Heanton Satchville, co. Devon.

[Arms of Yeo with Granvile quartering existed in Petrockstowe Church.]