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Bond 1048626 Gorges-Hankeford

1048626. Sir Theobald Gorges & 1048627. Jane Hankeford

10/13/1399, Henry IV succeeded Richard II as King of England.
11/29/1401, Theobald born in Dorset, England, s/o 2097252. Thomas Gorges & 2097253. Agnes Beauchamp.
1403-04, Theobald’s father died.
4/17/1404, Assignment for the expenses of the household of all issues from all lands late of Thomas Gorges, deceased, tenant in chief, during the minority of his heir [son John], with the marriage of the latter, and so from heir to heir, to be paid to Thomas More, treasurer of the household. (S) CPRs.
~1410, Jane born in Hankford, near Bulkworthy, co. Devon, England, d/o 2097254. Sir William Hankefor& 2097255. Christian ?.
3/20/1413, Henry V succeeded Henry IV as King of England.
1414, Theobald’s older brother John, age 15, died leaving Theobald as the heir.
6/22/1419, IPM of Theobald’s brother John held at Blaneford, Dorset; the age of Theobald stated to be 13 [which was in error, should have been 17 as later determined in 1423.] (S) CPRs.
1419 Theobald’s mother Agnes wrote he will; Theobald receiving “… a gold brooch wrought with an angel, a gold ring with a stone called a diamond, a silver cup and cover wrought with a boss …”.
10/8/1419, Thomas’ mother died holding Wraxall, Somerset in dower, which reverted to Thomas [even though she had remarried.] (S) Feet of Fines for Somerset.
11/2/1419, IPM at Somerset of Agnes, widow of Thomas Norton, esquire: Thomas Beauchamp, knight, … the manor and advowson of Wraxall with the hamlet of Nailsea, member of the manor, in their demesne as of fee, and gave them to Agnes widow of Thomas Gorges, with remainder to their heirs male and his right heirs. She died holding in fee tail and they descend to Theobald Gorges, son and heir of Thomas. They are held of Edward Courtenay, earl of Devon, by knight service, annual value £50. She died 8 Oct. last. Theobald her son and heir is aged 15 years and more.
1/14/1420, At the probate of his mother’s will were “Theobaldus filius Testatr”, Willielmus filius [his brother William], Isabella filia [his sister Isabella], and “Thomas Beauchamp Frat. Textr” [his maternal uncle.] (S) Proceedings of Clifton Antiquarian Club, V4, 1900, P247.
7/14/1421, Grant to William Hankeford, ‘chivaler,’ and Richard Hankeford, esquire, of the marriage of Theobald brother and heir of John Gorges son and heir of Thomas Gorges, tenant in chief of Henry IV, which John died a minor in the king’s keeping, they paying 300 marks in hand at the receipt of the Exchequer. (S) CPRs. [Same date: Commission to William Hankeford … of the keeping of the manor of Branton Gorges, co. Devon, in the king’s hands by the death of Thomas Gorges, … the minority of Theobald … during his minority.]
2/20/1423, Commission … co. Dorset, … to make inquisition into the real age of Theobald brother and heir of John Gorges, son of Thomas Gorges, the said Theobald having complained by petition, addressed to the duke of Gloucester and to the lords of Parliament held at Westminster … the livery of his lands is delayed. (S) CPRs.
12/12/1423, Jane’s father died.
3/8/1423, Theobald’s claim of corrected age was confirmed. (S) UKNA.
5/1/1424, Agreed by the lords of the council with the authority of parliament that the chancellor should send writs to the sheriffs of Hampshire, Devon, Somerset and Dorset ordering them to deliver to Theobald of the lands pertaining to him. (S) UKNA.
6/20/1428, Thibaut given protection to go into service in the French wars along with James Gascoyne of Somerset, and for Richard Hankeford and Roger Champernoun, of Devon, in the retinue of the earl of Salisbury. (S) French Rolls, 6 Henry VI, membrane 5, PRO, C 76/110.
1428, Theobald knighted.
1/1429 at Orleans, France, Retinue of Sir Richard Hankeford, led by Sir Thibault de Gorges, K.B., consisting of 21 men and 86 archers. (S) Bibliotheque Nationale, fr. 25768, no. 339.
11/6/1429, Henry VI succeeded Henry V as King of England.
Theobald married 1st “Joane Hanchford”.
1432, Sir Thibault was elected a Knight of the Shire for Somerset, along with Sir Thomas Beauchamp.
5/20/1435, Pardon, for 8 marks … to John Grevyll, Edward Grevyll, … for acquiring in fee from Theobald Gorges alias Russell in the county of Somerset, ‘chivaler’, and entering without licence, the manor of Braunton Gorges, co. Devon. (S) CPRs.
1439, Dorset. Theobald Gorges, chivaler, sued John Juyne, Kt.,Maurice Bruyn, Kt., and others, for execution of a Fine levied in 4 E. 3, between Walter Waleys, complainant, and Ralph de Gorges, deforciant, of lands and rents in Bi'aunton, near Barnstaple, co.Devon, and the manors of Knyghtteton, Lutton and Bradepole … had been settled on Ralph de Gorges and the heirs male of his body, and failing such on William, son of Theobald Russell, …, and failing such on Theobald, brother of William, and such on John, brother of Theobald, …, and failing such on Richard, brother of John, … (S) Pedigrees from the Plea Rolls.
1447-8, Jane died.
Theobald married 2nd Joane, d/o John Beauchamp of Lillesdon.
1447, Theobald used another seal, his own arms, quartering Russel of Dyrham. [Possibly after succeeding to the Horsington estates.]
2/8/1448, Commission to James de Orman, knight, William Bondvile, knight, … Theobald Gorges, knight, William Stafford, … to make inquisition in Bristol touching all wards, marriages, … therein due and concealed from the king … (S) CPRs.
7/17/1452, Commission of oyer and terminer to John Fortescu, knight … reciting the complaint of Thomas, abbot of the monastery of St. Augustine, Bristol, that Theobald Gorges, knight, Walter Gorges, esquire, … [many others] Maurice Denys, equire, Walter Denys, ‘gentilman’, … broke the abbot’s close and houses at Bristol and assaulted, beat and imprisoned him. (S) CPRs.
6/28/1461, Edward IV succeeded Henry VI as King of England. [The 1st Yorkist King.]
1462, Sir Theobald Gorges in possession of Knighton.
Bef. 8/1470, Theobald, K.B., died; buried at the parish church of Wraxall; succeeded by his grandson Edward, s/o Walter.
(S) History and Antiquities of the County of Somerset, V3, Collinson, 1791, P157. (S) Genealogical and Heraldic History, Burke, 1841, P222.
Children of Theobald and Jane Hankeford:
i. Walter Gorges, born ~1434 in England. [Heir]
Walter married Mary, heir & d/o William Ouldhall.
Walter died in the lifetime of his father.
ii. Elizabeth Gorges (524313), born ~1435 in England.
iii. Jane Gorges, born ~1437 in England.
Jane married John Hatch of Dillon, Devonshire.
Child of Theobald and Joane Beauchamp:
i. Richard Gorges, born 1448 in England.
8/24/1470, IPM of Theobald: Richard, age 22, his mother deceased.