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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sir Theobald Greynvill & Margaret Courtenay

2097248. Sir Theobald Greynvill & 2097249. Margaret Courtenay

~1345, Theobald de Grenvill born in Devon, England, s/o 4194496. Theobald Grenvile & 4194497. Joyce de Beaumont.

~1350, Margaret born in Devon, England, younger d/o 7605232. Earl Hugh de Courtenay & 7605233. Margaret de Bohun. [There is significant evidence supporting Margaret as a young daughter of the Earl.]

Aft. 1362, Theobald’s father died.

1/20/1368, Indenture made between John de Cheverston, Knt, on one part and John de Ferers, Knt, John Daumarle, Knt, and Richard de Greynevyle … Wits. William Botreaux, … John Dyneham, … Theobald de Greynevyle, Thomas Chambernoun, Adam Cole, all Knights. (S) UKNA.

6/21/1377, Richard II succeeded Edward III as King of England.

5/23/1376, Order to deliver in dower to Elizabeth who was wife of Edward le Despenser knight … the moiety of one knight's fee in Bideforde now held by Theobald de Greneville at £20, one knight's fee in Kilkampton now held by the said Theobald at £40 … (S) CCRs.

9/1377 at Brideford, Theobald de Grenvill grants to Robert Langdon, Agnes his wife, and John their son, 2 burgages in Bidiford, and suit to his court of Bidiford. [Seal: ‘SIGILLUM THEOB. DE GRENEVIL MIL.’] (S) Rpts. & Trans., Devonshire, V16, 1884, P684.

1379-80, John de Stowe, son and heir of Walter de Stowe, grants to Sir Theobald de Grenvill and his heirs &c. two messuages in Stowe, in his manor of Kilkhampton. Sealed: “arms of Granville, quartering a crescent and circumscribed SIGIL THEOBALDI DE GRENVILE, MILITIS.” (S) Rpts. & Trans., Devonshire, V16, 1884, P684.

5/1381, Charter of the manor of Northmolton co. Devon, with knight's fees … Witnesses: William de Botreaux, Theobald de Grenevyle, John Beamount knights, … (S) CCRs.

Bef. 7/26/1381, Theobald died.

(S) History of the Granville Family, Granville, 1895, P54ff.

Children of Theobald and Margaret:

i. John Grenefield, born ~1370 in Devon, England.

John married Margaret, d/o Sir John Burghersh.

7/26/1381, John de Grenvile presented Robert Braybroke [later Bishop of London] to the rectory of Bideford. [Likely performed in his name by whoever held his minority.]

9/8/1381, John de Grenvile, son and heir of Sir Theobald de Grenvile, deceased, presented Thomas Cary to Kilkhampton.

8/30/1386, John de Grenvile licensed a chapel in his manor at Stowe.

1392, John knighted. [likely at age 21.]

1402, at Kilkhampton, William Graynville, son of Sir Theobald, sets forth that whereas his brother, Sir John Greynville, Kt., and Margaret his wife held the manor and borough of Bideford in the county of Devon, … the said William Greynvill ratifies and confirms them to the said Sir John. Sealed “Sygillum Willimi Greynvill.”

1410-11, John died without heirs; William succeeding.

ii. William Greynefild (1048624), born ~1375 in Devon, England.