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Friday, June 27, 2014

Sheriff Thomas Gorges Esq. & Agnes Beauchamp

2097252. Sheriff Thomas Gorges Esq. & 2097253. Agnes Beauchamp

~1372, Thomas Gorgis born in England, 3rd s/o 4194504. Theobald de Gorges & 4194505. Agnes de Wyke.

~1375, Agnes born in Lillesdon, Somerset, England, d/o 4194506. John Beauchamp & 4194507. Joan Bridport.

6/21/1377, Richard II succeeded Edward III as King of England.

Aft. 4/1380, Thomas’ father Theobald died, leaving his eldest brother Ralph, a minor, the heir.

1382, Ralph died.

1/3/1383, Commission to Ralph Seymour, Hugh Cheyne, … to arrest and bring before the council Bartholomew, brother and heir of Ralph Gorges, son and heir of Theobald Gorges, knight, tenant in chief, the said Ralph having lately attained his majority, but having died before having livery of his lands, and the marriage of Bartholomew, by reason of his minority, belonging to the king. (S) CPRs.

6/20/1384, Appointment … knights, … John Mautravers, … to re-seize Bartholomew, son and heir of Theobald Gorges, knight, tenant in chief, into the hands of the king, … certain evildoers have abducted him from John de Croft, in whose custody he was by the king’s grant, to restore the said heir … and to arrest and bring the offenders before the king and council. (S) CPRs.

Aft. 1388, Agnes’ father died.

6/1396, IPM of Bartholomew Gorges. Dorset: … Stouremynstre Marchel. … Brudeport … Kentecombe … He died on Wednesday before the Nativity of St John the Baptist last. Thomas Gorges, aged 24 years and more, is his brother and heir male. Somerset: Wroxale. 2/3rds of the manor, … Hants.: Knyghton in the Isle of Wight. The manor … Devon: … Braunton Gorges. The manor … Joan, aged 8 years, Philippa, aged 5 years, and Elizabeth aged a quarter of a year, are his daughters, but Thomas, his brother, aged 24 years and more, is his heir to the tenements aforesaid. (S) CIsPM.

9/28/1396, Order to escheator in the county of Devon … Walter Waleys by a fine of 9/1330 granted to Ralph Gorges (s/o 16778018) 2/3rds of the manor of Braunton Gorges … together with the reversion of the third part thereof which John Pecche and Eleanor, his wife, both now deceased, held as dower of the said Eleanor of the inheritance of the aforesaid Walter, … with remainder in default of such heirs to William son of Theobald Russell (8389008) … to Theobald brother of the said William … Ralph and William died without heirs male of their bodies, and that Theobald (4194504) brother of William entered the premises … took to wife Agnes late the wife of Theobald Gorges, ‘chivaler’ … had issue by her Bartholomew Gorges and Thomas Gorges (2097252), … Bartholomew entered the manor as his son and heir male and died … the 2/3rds and reversion ought to remain to the said Thomas, who is of full age, as brother and heir male of Bartholomew … to take the fealty of the said Thomas. (S) CFRs. [9/28/1396, Similar order to the eacheators of Somerset and Dorset.]

6/6/1397, Appointment of Thomas Berkeley of Berkeley, knight, Peter Courtenay, … and John Moign, knights for the assignment of dower to Elizabeth, late the wife of Bartholomew Gorges, knight, tenant in chief, from his lands in Somerset and Dorset, according to the extent made or if necessary according to another to be made in the presence of Thomas Gorges, brother and heir of Bartholomew. (S) CPRs.

9/18/1397, Commitment to John Seymour of Brydport,—by mainprise of Thomas Gorges of the county of Somerset … (S) CFRs.

1398, Elizabeth, widow of Bartholomew Gorgis, requests that the king order the chancellor to hold an investigation and do right to her concerning the manor of Wraxall. She states that her husband held the manor in chief, but on his death the escheator of Somerset allowed Thomas Gorges to take possession instead of taking it into the king's hands for Bartholomew's daughters. Thomas has despoiled the manor of goods worth £40, and refuses to allow Elizabeth her dower. (S) UKNA.

~1398, Thomas married Agnes.

10/13/1399, Henry IV succeeded Richard II as King of England.

11/15/1400, Thomas’ mother died. (S) CIsPM.

2/16/1401, Order to the escheator in the county of Devon [and Dorset and Somerset], … Agnes (4194505) late the wife of Theobald Gorges held on the day of her death in dower of the inheritance of Thomas Gorges, who is of full age, brother and heir of Bartholomew Gorges the son and heir of Theobald, a third part of the manor of Braunton Gorges, co. Devon, of the king in chief by service of rendering 3 barbed arrows to the king or his heirs when they hunt in the forest of Exmoor, and by fealty, for all services, to cause the said Thomas to have full seisin of the said third part, as the king has taken his fealty due therefor and for other lands and tenements. … (S) CFRs.

6/2/1401, Thomas granted properties in Upper Kingcombe to Robert Veel for life. (S) IPM of Thomas.

5/8/1401, Thomas Gorges petition complaining that the right of presentation to the viacarage of Sturminster Marshall pertained to him. (S) UKNA.

1/7/1403, Thomas granted a quarter of the manor of Sturminster Marshall to Robert Grey … but not the advowson. (S) IPM of Thomas.

11/5/1403, Commitment of the county of Devon to Thomas Gorges, during pleasure, so that he answer at the Exchequer as sheriff. (S) CFRs.

2/8/1404, Thomas Gorges, Sheriff, replies that he has imprisoned John Parkeman in Exeter prison [Devon]. (S) UKNA.

4/15/1404, Thomas died, seized of the manor of Wraxall, Somerset. (S) CPRs.


4/20/1404, Writ for IPM of Thomas Gorges. Hampshire: He held the manor of Knighton in the Isle of Wight …  by knight service, annual value £20. … He died on 15 April last. John his son and heir was aged 6 years on 22 Nov. 1403. Devon: … the manor of Braunton Gorges … From it he granted a rent of 20 marks to Elizabeth, widow of his brother Bartholomew, whose heir he was, in dower for life. In return for this she released to him all the rights and claims she had in his lands throughout England. Dorset: … Sturminster Marshall, ... Upper Kingcombe, 1 messuage … Bridport … Somerset: … manor of Wraxhall with its members of Flax Bourton and Nailsea … on condition that they should re-enfeoff him, Agnes his wife, who is still alive, and his heirs male, … (S) CIsPM.

7/6/1406, Commitment … of the keeping of all the lands late of Thomas Gorges, tenant in chief of the king, in Sturmynstre Marchall, co. Dorset, which are in the king's hands by the death of the said Thomas and by reason of the minority of John his son and heir … (S) CFRs.

By 11/1406, Agnes, widow of Thomas Gorges of Wraxall, married 2nd Thomas Norton ‘junior.’ (S) Feet of Fines for Somerset.

5/27/1407, To the sheriffs of London. Writ of supersedeas in favour of Thomas Norton and Agnes his wife, administratrix of Thomas Gorges deceased intestate. (S) CCRs.

3/20/1413, Henry V succeeded Henry IV as King of England.

1413-19, Thomas Norton died.

1419, Agnes Gorges, sister of Sir Thomas Beauchamp, relict of Thomas Norton, and Thomas Gorges, Esquires, wrote her will; buried in the Church of Saint Werburgh, Bristol. (S) Proceedings of Clifton Antiquarian Club, V4, 1900, P242.

10/8/1419, Agnes died holding Wraxall in dower, which reverted to her son Theobald. [Preserved at the Wraxall Rectory.]

10/12/1419, Order to the escheator in the counties of Dorset and Somerset; to take into the king's hand and keep safely until further orders all the lands in his bailwick whereof Agnes late the wife of Thomas Norton, esquire, who held of the king in chief, was seised in her demesne as of fee on the day of her death ; and to make inquisition touching her lands and heir. (S) CFRs.

11/2/1419, IPM at Somerset of Agnes, widow of Thomas Norton, esquire: Thomas Beauchamp, knight, … the manor and advowson of Wraxall with the hamlet of Nailsea, member of the manor, in their demesne as of fee, and gave them to Agnes widow of Thomas Gorges, with remainder to their heirs male and his right heirs. She died holding in fee tail and they descend to Theobald Gorges, son and heir of Thomas. They are held of Edward Courtenay, earl of Devon, by knight service, annual value £50. She died 8 Oct. last. Theobald her son and heir is aged 15 years and more. [Agnes’ land holdings were committed to Thomas Beauchamp, ‘chivaler’, during the minority of her son Theobald. (S) CFRs, 12/1/1419.]

(S) Hist. & Antiq’s of the Co. of Somerset, V3, Collinson, 1791, P157. (S) Collections for a Parochial History of Wraxall, Master, 1900, P13.

Family notes:

·         Will of Agnes: In the Name of God Amen. On the twentieth day of the month of August 1419. I, Agnes late the wife of Thomas Gorges, in my pure widowhood being of sound mind and good memory, make my will in this manner, … to be buried in the Church of Saint Werburgh Bristol. … Also I bequeath in aid of the repair of one window in the Chancel of the Church of All Saints Wraxall in the Co. of Somerset, … one aisle called the Northyle in the church of All Sains Wraxall … souls of Thomas Gorges, & Thomas Norton my husbands … to my son Theobald a gold brooch wrought with an angel, a gold ring with a stone called a diamond, a silver cup and cover wrought with a boss, on this condition that the aforesaid Theobald should be a friend and helper to my executors in fulfilling my last wish ; … my executors may have control of the aforesaid bequests … to … Theobald, until he be married. … to my son William a gold brooch … a gold ring … William be married, or shall come of full age … my daughter Isabella, for her marriage to some man of suffciency and honour xv marks of silver, one pair of beads of gold, a brooch of gold, a gold chain … all my pearls … for hoods … six veils … until the aforesaid Isabella shall be honourably married, … to Thomas Beauchamp Kinght my brother … a silver cup … to Henry Spercherley ten marks of silver … to Marion Blak c shillings in silver … to Richard Herbard … William Birde … John Chambers … Alice Cumyngs … William Hunte … [multiple other churches mention at the beginning of her will.]

Children of Thomas and Agnes:

i. John Gorges, born 1399 in Dorset, England.

John married to Florence ?. (S) 2/16/1417, CCRs.

8/4/1408, Ward and marriage of John Gorges, son and heir of Thomas Gorges … by reason of the nonage of the said John, … (S) CCRs.

1414, John died. (S) 6/22/1419, IPM of John held at Blaneford, Dorset. (S) CPRs.

ii. Theobald Gorges (1048626), born 11/29/1401 in Dorset, England.

iii. William Gorges, born ? in Dorset, England.

iv. Isabella Gorges, born ? in Dorset, England.