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Friday, June 13, 2014

Richard Vyvyan & Elizabeth ?

65548. Richard Vyvyan & 65549. Elizabeth ?

~1500, Richard born in Trenowth, Cornwall, England, s/o §§John Vivian.

10/8/1545, Richard’s father buried.

9/23/1549, Richard, wrote his will.

Bef. 1/10/1550, Richard Vyvyan of Trenouth, Saint Colombe Le Over, Cornwall, died. (S) Cornwall Record Office, PROB 11/33/55.

2/24/1581, Elizabeth buried at St. Columb Major, Cornwall.

(S) The Registers of the Parish of St. Columb Major, Cornwall, Arthur Jewers, 1881, P146. (S) The Registers of the Parish of St. Columb Major, Cornwall. (S) Visitations of Cornwall, Vivian, 1887, P533.

Family notes:

·         9/23/1549, Richard’s will: “… I Richard Vyvyan of Trenoweth within the parishe of saint Colombe Le Over … Item I do geve and bequeth to my sonne Richard one hundreth markes of laufull money of Englonde … profite and advauntage of the boye Untill he be of thage of 22 yeres, … in full contentacion of his graundfathers John Vyvyan’s testament and myn … to my doughter Emlyng Fourtie markes of laufull money … when she cometh to laufull age, or at the day of her mariage … to Elizabeth my wife Fourtie poundes of lawfull money … and 40s yerely of my landes and tynne workes withe the thirde parte of all my goodes moveable and unmoveable my Lands Tynwarkes money and plate only excepted otherwise than is aforsaid … every one of my doughters being maried Eight head of shepe … The Rest of all my goodes my debtes funeralles and Legacies paid I give and bequeth to John Vyvyan my sonne, whom I ordeyn and make my hole and sole executour, and he to dispoase the same for the welthe of my soule, as he shall thinke best …” (S) UKNA, PROB/11/33.

·         There are multiple persons named §John Vyvyan contemporary in Cornwall. A John Vyvyan was very prominent in Cornwall in the 1470s; heir and half brother to Richard’s great-great-grandfather Adam Vyvyan.

Children of Richard and Elizabeth:

i. John Vivian (32774), born ~1524 in Trenowth, Cornwall, England. [Heir]

ii. Emiling Vyvyan, born aft. 1530 in Trenowth, Cornwall, England.