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Bond 65648 Coode-Fulford

65648. Walter Coode & 65649. Elizabeth Fulford

~1430, Walter born in Cornwall, England, heir & s/o §Richard Coode & 131297. Alice Durnford.
11/6/1429, Henry VI succeeded Henry V as King of England.
~1430, Elizabeth born in Cornwall, England, d/o §Sir Humphrey Fulford.
3/1450, Inquisition taken before John Arundell, … by virture of the attached commission to them and to William Bonevile of Chewton Mendip, knight, … to enquire concerning the capture of a certain galler. Tauro, Corn. 11/26/1449, John Cornowe, … and many other evildoers … took the ship [a barge called Le Markerell, owned by Henry, duke of Exeter] … good and merchandise worth 10,000 marks to the port of Fowey … carried off the cargo and divided it as follows: To … As soon as it came to their knowledge, Hugh Courtenay, John Trevylyan and Nicholas Carynowe delivered as the said goods and merchandise to Thomas Bodulgate, one of the commissioners … As rewards: … Walter Code, by the mariners, 33 yards of woollen cloth musterdevillers and a whole piece of say … not receivers, abettors, … of those who took the galley … (S) Cal. of Inq.’s, Knighton, 1897, P133.
1456, Walter Coode presented to St. Mary Tavy.
5/14/1461, Commission to Thomas Clemens, Thomas Trefry, Walter Code, … and the sheriff of Cornwall, to cause restitution … (S) CPRs.
6/28/1461, Edward IV succeeded Henry VI as King of England. [1st Yorkist King, after King Henry VI captured at the Battle of Northampton.]
10/3/1470, Henry VI restored to the crown of England.
3/1/1471, Walter died.
(S) Visitations of the County of Cornwall, 1887, Vivian, P94.
Family notes:
131297. Alice Durnford, d/o 262594. John Durnford & 262595. Joan Cokeyne.
§Richard Coode, presented to Gidley in 1420, s/o Richard Coode, M.P. for Liskeard in 1354.
1362-63, Grant by Joan, late the wife of Robert de Treyer the elder, widow, to Henry Frund, vicar of the church of Liskyrd, … in the town and manor of Liskyrd, with the rents and services of all her free tenants there; with remainder to Robert son of Robert Crochard the elder, of Treyer, and his heirs by his wife Thomasia, daughter of Richard Code, …: [Cornw.] UKNA, E 210/1004.
1375-76, Henry Frund, Vicar of Liskear, and Thomas Bosky Wying, chaplain to Richard Code and Joan his wife: Quitclaim of messuages and land in Liskeard (Cornw.) (S) UKNA, E 210/6597.
Children of Walter and Elizabeth:
i. Richard Coode (32824), born 1451 in Morval, Cornwall, England.