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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Lord Peter Coryton Esq. & Joan Tregassan

32826. Lord Peter Coryton Esq. & 32827. Joan Tregassan

1493, Peter born in Coryton, Cornwall, England, s/o 65652. Sir Richard Coriton &65653. Elizabeth Reney.

~1495, Jane born in St. Erme, Cornwall, England, d/o 65654. John Tregassan & 65655. Joan Coke.

6/24/1509, Henry VIII succeeded Henry VII as King of England.

1515-18, Peter married Joan [aka Jane].

1515-18, Plaintiffs: Peter Coryton. Defendants: Thomas Vevyan, alias Trevynowe, and Luke Vevyan. Subject: Detention of deeds relating to land in Trenkeke. Cornwall. (S) UKNA, C 1/401/32.

6/3/1523, Peter’s father died; Peter age 30 and more. (S) Collection of Decrees, V2, Wood, 1798, P546.

1523-1545, Plaintiff: Peter Coriton Defendant: Richard Bullar Place Or Subject: 2 closes called Tolvannes in Landrake, parcel of late monastery of St. Germans. Riotous & forcible entries. removal of beasts, against injunction of Ct of Augm., etc. County: Cornwall. (S) UKNA, STAC 2/10.

1523-45, Plaintiff: Peter Coryton Defendant: Peter Taperell, Robert Taperell, and others Place Or Subject: Two parts of a tin works called Olyver Hylle or Holles Hylle County: Cornwall. (S) UKNA, STAC 2/19/58.

1524-25, Joan’s father died.

4/28/1530, Debtor: William Gibbes, esquire, and Thomas Gibbes, esquire, his son and heir apparent [of Devon]. Creditor: Peter Coryton of Cornwall, esquire. Amount: ? £15 of legal English money. … Sent by: Robert Buller, Mayor of the Staple of Exeter; John Blakaller, and John Wolcote, merchant, Constables. (S) UKNA, C 241/282/1.

1532-38, Plaintiffs: Peter Coryton, esquire, son and heir of Richard Coryton. Defendants: Edward Bryant, alias Crocker. Subject: Detention of deeds relating to messuages and land in Lostwithiel. Cornwall. (S) UKNA, C 1/758/44.

1532-38, Plaintiffs: John Copleston of Yealmpton, co. Devon. Defendants: Peter Coryton. Subject: Lands in Tremarthan (?). Cornwall. (S) UKNA, C 1/754/49.

1533-38, Plaintiffs: Richard Langefford. Defendants: Peter Coryton, heir of Richard Coryton. Subject: Messuages and land in ... Devon. (S) UKNA, C 1/839/7.

1533-38, Plaintiffs: Thomas, son and heir of William Gybbys. Defendants: Peter Coryton, esquire. Subject: Action on a statute staple for complainant's marriage to defendant's daughter. Cornwall. (S) UKNA, C 1/809/11.

4/27/1537, Quitclaim …, to Peter Coryton, esq. s. and hr. of Rich. Coryton, esq. decd, his right in manors of Bodulgat, Trevya, Ventenwonwyth, Newhall, Tresullett, Trevarlythe, Trescarlek, Trewynt, Crowen, Crowemore, Pennansquynforda, Peleworgan, Fowy More, Deleowell, Deleopolyn, Deleowbell, Sent Genys, Lamelyn, Dorsett, Trenowyth, Bodmin, Camelford, Trecorne, Hamett and Downant … (S) UKNA.

1538-44, Plaintiffs: Paschawe Carn, alias Treheir, of the borough of Helston. Defendants: John Cothe. Subject: Land held of the manor of Trevarthian (in Newlyn East) of the demise of Peter Ceryton (Coryngton) and Joan his wife, daughter and heir of John Tregasowe, esquire. Cornwall. (S) UKNA, C 1/965/2-3.

1540-41, Marriage settlement, grant, lands in St Neot. Parties: 1) Peter Coryton, esquire and Joan his wife, daughter and heir of John Tregasowe, esquire deceased to 2) Robert Coryton their third son. Grant (chyrograph) of lands etc in Bosmalgan and Tredenyck in parish of St Nyott … Witnessed …, John Trelawney, Walter Code, esquires. (S) Cornwall Council, CY/1556.

1540-41, Grant by Peter Coryton, esq. and Joan his wife, dtr. and hr. of Jn. Tregasowe, esq. decd. to Jn. Coryton their second s. - the manor of Warlegan … Grant ratified by Rich. Coryton of Tregasowe, s. and hr. of Peter and Joan Coryton. Witd. …, Jn. Trelavny, Walt. Code, esquires, … (S) UKNA.

5/20/1544,  Plaintiff: Peter Coriton, or Coryngton, Joan his wife, & John their son. Defendant: Richard Bullar, John Alyn, and others. Place Or Subject: 2 closes called Tolvannes in Landrake, parcel of late monastery of St. Germans. Forcible entry. (S) UKNA, STAC, 2/10.

1544-45, John Menwynnek of St. Germans, esquire to Peter Coryton, esquire, and others,feoffees to uses: Grant, indented, of all his manors, messuages, etc., in Kevyoke and Trevella, and all his messuages, etc., in Treguff, Tregonek, and other places in Cornwall, and in Bratton, North Lew, and Beaworthy, co. Devon: Corn. Devon. (S) UKNA, E 210/10098.

7/7/1545, Peter Coryngton wrote his first will. Peter, disliking his son Richard, conveyed the manor of Warleggan and lands in Tregasso to his son Richard for life in fee, then to be given to Richard’s son Peter.

1/28/1547, Edward VI succeeded Henry VIII as King of England.

10/1/1551, Leases for 3 lives by Peter Coryton of West Newton Ferrys, esq. and his wife Joan daughter and heir of Jn. Tregasow, esq. decd., lands in Tregythyck Crabb' … (S) UKNA.

3/1552, Peter wrote his will: “In the name of god Amen :  in the month of Marche in the sixte yere of the Reigne of our soveraigne lorde Edwarde the Sixte [1552/3] by the grace of god Kinge of England Fraunce and Irelande defendor of the faithe and of the churche of England and Irelande in the earth the supreme head Peter Coryton of the Countie of Cornewall Esquier being of good mynde and parfytt remembrance made and declaryd his testament and Laste Will in maner and forme folowing / First he gave and bequeathed his soule to Almightie god, and his bodye to be buried where yt shall please god Item he dyd give and bequeathe to Joane his wief the Manor of West Newton with the Appurten[a]nc[es]. Also his leases and Joysceme[n]t[es] / Also the Corne comyng and renewing yerely oute of his manor or ferme of Trecorne / also his tymber work[es] with all other his goodes and Cattall[es] / and with suche legacies and bequest[es] also as he before had given unto her in his testament made and declared upon the dysposic[i]on of his landes for the maynten[a]nce of his howse, and to K[e]pe his Children to gethers untill they be maried Whiche Joane his wief he dyd name and make his sole Executrix In the presence and before dyvers p[er]sons viz[it] [namely] John Keste clerke John Baseley John Lory John Slacy Peter Coryton and dyvers others.”

3/24/1552, Peter of West Newton in St. Mellion died.

1552, Will of Peter Coryton of Cornwall in probate. (S) UKNA, PROB 11/35/354.


Aft. 1552, Jane attempted to settle the manor of Warleggan and lands in Tregasso on 2nd son John.

1553-58, Plaintiff: Jane Coryton. Defendant: Richard Coryton. Place Or Subject: Goods of Peter Coryton, deceased (interrogatories, depositions, &c.) County: Cornwall. (S) UKNA, STAC 4/10/93.

7/19/1553, Mary I, sister of Edward VI, became Queen of England. [Bloody Mary.]

~1558, Jane died.

(S) Visitations of the County of Cornwall, 1887, Vivian, P95, P101. (S) Genealogical and Heraldic History, Burke, P233.

Family notes:

·         Joan is named in the IPM of her grandson Peter Coryton.

·         1593 [or later]: Bill of complaint of Peter Coryton, West Newton, esq. to the Queen. (Had exhibited in Chancery in previous Michaelmas Term bill of complaint against John Coryton and Mary, his wyfe and Peter Trevisa and John Trevisa, his son. Tenor of this was that cplt.'s g.f. Peter Coryton, West Newton, esq., decd., and his wife Jane about 50 years previously seised of manor of Warleggan and lands in Tregasso (St. Erme), Nasmera alias Nasmerrowe (Probus, modern form = Nancemerrow). G.f. Peter Coryton had 2 sons, Rich. Coryton (Complt's father) and John Coryton, G.f. disliked Rich. Coryton but wanted properties to go to complainant. Therefore conveyed premises to Rich. Coryton for term of his life, redr. in fee to complt. P. Coryton and his heirs. Grandfather Peter Coryton died about 40 years ago. Grandmother Jane tried to frustrate this and to settle inheritence on John Coryton - conveyed to him and hrs. male premises with redr. in default to Peter Coryton. G.m. Jane died 35 years previously, then P. Coryton's father Richard 27 years previously. Property by g.f.'s (Pears = Peter) settlement should have gone to complainant. Complt.'s uncle John Coryton entered premises by pretended conveyance of g.m. Jane. Jn. Coryton and promised nephew P. C. premises after his life if he (John) died without issue. P. C. paid J. C. £40 etc. for this. J. C. Conveyed lands to Walter Code, esq; Peter Coryton, clerk; Peter Trevisa, Humfry Cottle and John Pomery in trust for J.C. for life then person(s) to whom J. C. leased for 1-3 lives, in default of which to go to nephew Peter Coryton and his heirs. Tregassow in St. Erme and Nancemerrow in Probus conveyed to trustees for use of John Coryton and Mary, his wife for life, (in recompense of dower and jointure) and their heirs then to use of person(s), to whom lease was made by J. C. for 1-3 lives. If John and Mary had no issue to nephew Peter Coryton and heirs. John Coryton then a very old man, confined to his bed, and no issue. J. C. and his wife, M. C., Peter Trevisa and John Trevisa, his son made a confederacy to convey premises to John Trevisa. Answer of J. C. and Co. was that J. C. for dower and jointure of his wife made conveyance to W. Code and ors. and limited uses including use to nephew P.C. not for any sums of money but for love and kind regard of J. C. to nephew P. C. who did not pay £40 etc. (Half a sheet missing here). J. C. by deed of 17 July 1593 conveyed Tregassowe, Nancemerrow, Chinawith, Stancotts, Leliske to John Trevisa and his heirs. Residue of premises to John Trevisa to use of Mary Coryton J. C.'s wife. This did not happen acc. to complt. P. C. P. C. had been seised of Boswiddle (Ladock) for past 7 or 8 years. J. C. and Mary C. and John Trevisa with 13 or 14 persons entered Boswiddle on previous 20th day of August with guns, pikes, staves, swords and bucklers etc., expelled P. C. and overthrew hedges and fences (rest of page missing - torn away). (S) Cornwall Record Office, CY/7191.

Children of Peter and Jane:

i. Richard Coryton, born~1515 in West Newton, Cornwall, England. [Heir]

Richard married Anne, d/o 32824. Richard Coode & 32825. Thomasina Glyn.

1564, Richard murdered. [Suspicion rested on his son Peter who married Joan or Jane Wrey, but he did not do it, although Richard was opposed to the marriage. Nearly a century later John Coryton of Probus, the grandson of Peter Coryton’s brother, tried to claim the Coryton inheritance without success (CY/7043).]

ii. John Coryton, born~1523 in West Newton, Cornwall, England. [2nd son]

iii. Edith Coryton (16413), born ~1525 in West Newton, Ferrers, Cornwall, England.

iv. William Coryton, born by 1531 in West Newton, Cornwall, England.

7/7/1545, Peter, in his will, granted certain lands in Cornwall to Walter Coode, John Trevelyan, and Robert Becket; who were to hold them in trust for 21 years after his death and to pay £100 out of the issues of these lands to his youngest son William, at that time an apprentice in London.

1551, William Coryton discovered that the 3 men had allowed his eldest brother to appropriate the lands in their trust, and in order to get his legacy he was forced to start an action in Chancery.

1554, 1557, William elected Mayor of Liskeard.

11/10/1558, John Corbet, who had been arrested for debt, received a writ of privilege as a servant of ‘William Corryngton, gentleman, burgess for Liskeard’.

1563, William chosen to represent Liskeard in the final settlement between his fellow townsmen and the burgesses of Bodmin.

v. Elizabeth Coryton, born ? in West Newton, Cornwall, England.

Elizabeth married John Trevelyn, esq.

vi. Mary Coryton, born ? in West Newton, Cornwall, England.

Mary married Oliver Carminow, esq., s/o John Carminow & Margaret Tredinnick.

vii. Robert Coryton, born ? in West Newton, Cornwall, England.