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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Lord John Glyn Esq. & Katherine Fulford

65650. Lord John Glyn Esq. & 65651. Katherine Fulford

1449, John born in Morval, Cornwall, England, s/o 131300. John Glyn & 131301. Jane ?.

~1465, Katherine born in Cornwall, England.

6/28/1461, Edward IV succeeded Henry VI as King of England. [The 1st Yorkist King.]

1462-72, John made a loan to the crown of £584. (S) Recipt of the Exchequer, Steel, 1954, P343.

8/29/1472, John’s father murdered; John age 23.

1/1473-4, Proceedings taken by John Mark of Liskeurd against John Glyn, late of London, junr., gent., executor of the will of John Glyn, late of Morval, to recover a debt of 10 marks. (S) De Banco Rolls.

6/4/1473, Debtor: Robert Wyloughby of Bere Ferrers in Devon, knight, and John Glyn of Morval in [West Hundred] Cornwall, gentleman. Creditor: Thomas Buttokside of London, gentleman, and Robert Harding, citizen and goldsmith of London. Amount: 40m. (S) UKNA, C 241/254/139.

1475-80, Plaintiffs: John Glyn, of Morval, gentleman. Defendants: John Fortescu, esquire, late sheriff of Cornwall. Subject: Action of debt brought by the said Fortescu on an obligation, which was given for securing the arrest of Thomas Clemens, …, who robbed complainant, and of Thomas Flete, …, attainted in Parliament for the murder of John Glyn, complainant's father. Cornwall. (S) UKNA, C 1/59/107.

10/6/1476, Thomas Trethewy claimed that on this date John Glynne and his servants broke into the house of Pencors, Pluck and Hick at Morval and Penarthtown surmising that they had stolen wool of his. (S) UKNA, SC 8/345/E1343.

1476-77, John Glyn of Morval, son and heir of John Glyn late of Morval, gent., deceased, sued for a debt by Thomas Trevarthian. (S) De Banco Rolls.

9/17/1478, John Glynn with 34 men arrayed in manner of war came to Looe market to murder the petitioner [Thomas Trethewy], and there beat [Robert] Salisbury his servant and departed towards Trethewy’s house saying they will burn him in his own house, but he was rescued by his neighbours of Looe who came in boats. (S) UKNA, SC 8/345/E1345.

[––John & Katherine––]

By 1481, John married Katherine.

7/6/1483, Richard III succeeded Edward IV as King of England. [Usurping never-crowned 12-year-old Edward V.]

8/22/1485, Richard III defeated by King Henry VII at the Battle of Bosworth.

10/30/1485, Henry VII succeeded Richard III as King of England, becoming the first monarch of the House of Tudor.

10/29/1492, Debtor: Thomas Pennarth, gentleman, of Pennarth next to Morval in [West Hundred] Cornwall. Creditor: John Glyn, the son and heir, and administrator of John Glyn, gentleman. Amount: £100. (S) UKNA, C 131/248/5.

10/1/1493, Richard Vivian, Sheriff, replies that he delivered to John Glyn the younger, the messuages, lands, etc. in the writ. [of 1492]. (S) UKNA, , C 131/248/5.

1504-1512, Plaintiffs: John Glyn, gentleman. Defendants: Richard Stote, draper, of London. Subject: Detention of a statute staple securing defendant against a bond for the wardship and marriage of John Reskymmer, given to Henry VII on behalf of complainant and Michael Vyvyan, and now discharged. Cornwall. (S) UKNA, C 1/312/28.

1504-15, Plaintiffs: John Glyn. Defendants: Richard Code. Subject: Detention of deeds relating to a messuage and land in Nether Wringworthy, Carkarrek, and Kyrla. Cornwall. (S) UKNA, C 1/313/49.

10/11/1507, Quitclaim, Penbugle, Bodmin. Parties: 1) William Vaghan 2) John Glyn [not this John] and his wife Isabelle, daughter of Ralph Arundell, esquire. …. Witnesses: John Arundell, knight of Lanharn, John Glyn, esquire of Morval, … (S) Cornwall Council, AD1117/4.

7/12/1508, Pardon to … Richard Code of Morvall (32824),esquire, … John Glynne of Morval (65650), esquire, … John Tregasowe (65654) of Leskerd, esquire, … Thomas Corryngton (131074) of Hey, ‘gentilman’, … tinners, bounders or possessors of tin-works in co. Cornwall. (S) CPRs.

6/24/1509, Henry VIII succeeded Henry VII as King of England.

10/11/1511, John Glyn, by charter, enfeoffed Richard Code and Thomasina his wife in 3 closes of land in Clyse and diverse other lands, to hold to the said Richard and Thomasina and the heirs of their bodies. [On the same date he granted lands to William Fulford, John Glyn of Lanhydrock, and others, to hold to the use of himself for life.]

5/3/1512, John Glyn of Morval died.


Katherine married 2nd Ralph Prye.

7/19/1525, Katherine died.

(S) Visitations of the County of Cornwall, 1887, Vivian, P178.

Children of John and Katherine:

i. Thomasina Glyn (32825), born 1482 in Morval, Cornwall, England.

ii. Elizabeth Glyn, born 1484 in Morval, Cornwall, England.

Elizabeth married Edmund Kendall.

5/3/1512, Elizabeth age 28 at the death of her father.

Elizabeth married 2nd Gilbert Beckett.

iii. Margaret Glyn, born 1489 in Morval, Cornwall, England.

Elizabeth married William Godolphin.

5/3/1512, Margaret age 23 at the death of her father.