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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Richard Coriton Esq. & Elizabeth Reney

65652. Richard Coriton Esq. & 65653. Elizabeth Reney

~1465, Richard born in West Newton, Cornwall, England, s/o §§John Coryton & §§Katherine Stafford.

~1475, Elizabeth born in Egglesford, Devon, England, d/o §§John Reyney.

7/6/1483, Richard III succeeded Edward IV as King of England. [Usurping never-crowned 12-year-old Edward V.]

10/30/1485, Henry VII succeeded Richard III as King of England, becoming the first monarch of the House of Tudor.

7/5/1490, Grant by Richard Coryton, to Elizabeth, late the wife of Ralph Bray, of the 'halvyndele' of all the tinworks in the 'Fusparke' in the parish of Syn Clere, 'as thay ben bondid & markid,' formerly belonging to the said Ralph, the administration of whose goods has been bought by the grantor; … : [ Cornw. ] (S) UKNA, E 210/796.

By 1492, Richard married Elizabeth.

1504-15, Plaintiffs: Nicholas Asshton. Defendants: Richard Coryton and Elizabeth, his wife. Subject: Detention of deeds relating to the manor of Callington. Cornwall. (S) UKNA, C 1/276/27.

1504-15, Plaintiffs: William, son and heir of Nicholas Assheton. Defendants: Richard Coryton. Subject: Detention of deeds relating to the manor of Callington and to other lands there. Cornwall. (S) UKNA, C 1/277/67.

6/24/1509, Henry VIII succeeded Henry VII as King of England.

1509-23, Plaintiff: Hugh Boscawen and William Hickes. Defendant: Richard Coryton, … Place Or Subject: Forcible entry and seizure of cattle at Tregyrrick Crabbe, driving away cattle, &c. County: Cornwall. (S) UKNA, STAC 2/5.

1515-18, Plaintiffs: Richard Coryton, gentleman, son of John Coryton. Defendants: Henry ..., priest, and John Harold, of South Molton, feoffees to uses. Subject: Refusal to convey land late of the said John Coryton, and detention of deeds. Cornwall. (S) UKNA, C 1/393/3.

1518-23, Plaintiffs: Richard Coryton, esquire. Defendants: John Benalva. Subject: Detention of deeds relating to a messuage and land in Treskelly. Cornwall. (S) UKNA, C 1/486/58.

1518-23, Plaintiffs: Richard Coryton, son of John Coryton of Liskeard, gentleman. Defendants: Harry Tracy, parson of Trent, … Subject: The manors of Trencreuke and West Newton, and lands, rents, and services there and in Yollond, Lamelyn, Hellond, Roselond, and Penfrayne. Cornwall, Devon. (S) UKNA, C 1/493/11.

6/3/1523, Richard died; Elizabeth surviving.

(S) Visitations of the County of Cornwall, 1887, Vivian, P95, P101.

Family notes:

·         Isolda, daughter and heiress of John de Ferrers, carried West Newton Ferrers in 1314 by her marriage to Jeffery Coryton of Coryton (Lifton Hundred) in Devon. Jeffery's great grandson Edward Coryton, married Joan Bodulgate c. 1435 and thereby the family acquired the manor of Bodulgate in Boconnoc and eventually (CY/1058) the manor of Hammett, Dannett and Trecorne in Quethiock and St. Ive parishes. (S) Cornwall Record Office, CY/1555.

·         §§John Coryton, s/o §§Edward Coryton & §§Joan Bodulgate; d/o §§Stephen Bodelgate of Tremerake, Cornwall.

Children of Richard and Elizabeth:

i. Peter Coryton (32826), born 1493 in Coryton, Cornwall, England.

ii. Richard Coryton, born ~1495 in Coryton, Cornwall, England.

Richard lived in Devon.