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Sunday, February 21, 2016

34 Watt-Martin

34. William Watt & 35. Jane Martin

1768, William born in Ireland.
1760-1770, Jane born.
1790, William arrived in SC. (S) SC Naturalization Records.

7/27/1803, Adam Hawthorn to William Watt; sum of $200 for 100 acres on N side of Broad River  on the waters of Broad and Little Rivers bdd all sides vacant at time of original survey granted 13 May 1768. (S) R. 202.

7/17/1807, James Martin, planter, to William Watt; sum of $750 for 150 acres granted to John Winn Junior on 1 Jan 1787, situate on the road leading from Sandy River to Congaree on a branch of Little River; and ALSO all that tract of 165 acres situate on Little River being part of a tract of 300 acres granted to William Trunker on 22 Feb 1771, the said 165 acres conveyed from Joseph Woodward to James Martin on 15 Sep 1800. (S) Fairfield Deed R, 201.

4/16/1804, We Martha Martin senior, widow of John Martin decd, Robert Robinson, Wm Thompson, Howard Robinson, John Martin, Wm Watt, Jas Martin, Robert Martin & Edward Martin junior, heirs of said John Martin to Hugh Hartin; sum of $100 for 100 acres situate in the forks of Broad and Little River on a branch of Broad River called Greggs Branch beginning at the said branch where it intersects Wm Craig’s line thence along Craig’s line SW…. mentions John Robertson’s line ….; being the south ___ part of track of 150 [sic] acres granted to the said John Martin senior decd 3 Dec 1792. s/s … William Watt … /dr/ … Jane (x) Watt w/o Wm Watt … (S) Q50.

4/16/1805, We Martha Martin, Robert Robertson, William Thompson, William Watt, Howard Robertson, John Martin, James Martin, Robert Martin, Edward Martin Junior, heirs at law of John Martin deceased of the District of Fairfield to Augustin Williamson [Williams]; sum of $150 for 250 acres begin part of 350 acres granted to John Martin 3 Dec 1792, situate on Greggs Branch of Broad River, being the part of the 350 acres on the north side of Greggs Branch bounding W on said branch following the meander of the same and William Craigs land & NW on David Thompson, NE on land of John Martins, SW on vacant land at the time of the original survey and S on land laid out to Minor Winn. [Signature “Wm Watt”]. /dr/ … Jane Watt [Wm] who is /s/ Jane (x) Watt. (S) Q36.

4/4/1809, William, having lived in SC for 19 years, became a citizen of the United States.

1810, William Watt lived in Fairfield Distr., SC. 3 males under 10 (Wm, Charles, Thomas), 1 male 10-15 (James), 1 male 16-25 (John), 1 male 26-44 (William). 1 female 10-15 (Margaret), 1 female 16-25 (Martha), 1 female 16-44 (Jane). 2 slaves. (S) 1810 Census. [daughter Jane not in count.] (S) 1810 Census.

1820, William and Jane live in Fairfield Distr., SC. Family; males: 1 10-16 (Thomas), 1 16-18 (Charles), 1 16-25 (William), 1 45+ (William); females: 1 under 26 (Jane), 1 over 45 (Jane). 11 slaves. (S) 1820 Census. [Son John is listed next to him, age 26-45, married.]

1830, William and Jane Watt lived in Fairfield Distr., SC. Family: 1 male 60-69, 1 male 20-29, 1 female 60-69, 1 female 15-19. William owns 18 slaves. (S) 1830 Census.
Jane died.

1840, William S Watt lived in Fairfield Distr., SC. Family: 1 male 70-80 years old, 1 female, 20-30 years old [Jane Thompson.]. William owns 22 slaves, and has 9 persons employed in agriculture. (S) 1840 Census.

7/30/1847, William wrote his will. He owned 51 slaves, leaving 24 to Jane, as well as all of his land of about 600 acres. (S) Southern Slavery and the Law, Morris, 1996, P94. (S) SC Wills and Probate Recds., 1670-1980.

7/15/1850, William and Jane live in Fairfield Distr, SC. William is a planter, 81 years old, born in Ireland. 38-year-old Jane Watt, born in Fairfield Distr., SC, lives with him. (S) 1850 Census.
12/21/1850, Jane died in Fairfield County, SC. [This is Jane “Thompson”, an aunt of Robert Robinson, who could not be the mother of the children.]
7/13/1851, William, age 83, died in Jenkinsville, Fairfield County, SC.
8/29/1851, William’s will probated.

[Jane Martin vs. Jane Thompson. The Jane “Martin” that is the mother of the children, and a signatory of early records as a “Martin” daughter, would have been born around 1775. By the 1830 Census, this female was born 1760-1770, the same decade as William. This Jane died by 1840. Vs. Jane “Thompson”, who was known to related family members in a memoir of 1900. They would have known the second wife, born about 1812, and definitely not when William married her having “only a silver dollar”.]

Children of William and Jane:
i. Martha Watt (17), born 9/29/1793 in Fairfield Dist., SC.
ii. John Watt, born 2/2/1794 in Fairfield Dist., SC.
2/2/1819, John married Nancy Anne Kincaid, born 1/11/1797.
7/7/1845, John died; buried in the Old Brick Cem.
7/30/1847, John identified as deceased in his father’s will. Named children are: Nancy, Alexander, William, John, Rebecca, Thomas and Mary.
2/13/1876, Nancy died, buried in the Old Brick Cem.
James Watt, died 9/21/1820, age 6 months and 5 days, buried in the Old Brick Cem.
Jane F. Watt, died 7/8/1837, age 13 years, 1 month and 7 days, buried in the Old Brick Cem.
iii. James Watt, born 1796 in Fairfield Dist., SC.
James married Margaret Bell, the neice of his sister Martha by her brother-in-law James Bell.
(S) 1829 SC Census, Fairfield Co. James Watt has 5 persons in his household.
3/9/1829, For his wife, formerly Margaret Bell, James Watt received money from her father’s estate.
(S) 1850 Census, SC, Fairfield; 3 children, James is a planter.
7/30/1847, James and his brother Thomas appointed executors of their father’s will.
5/9/1851, James died of a fever in SC, buried in the Old Brick Church Cem.
4/6/1861, Margaret died in SC; buried in the Old Brick Church Cem.
Martha J. Watt, died 7/13/1822, age 13 days, buried in the Old Brick Cem.
iv. Margaret Watt, born 1799 in Fairfield Dist., SC.
1795, Margaret born in Fairfield County, SC.
Margaret married Thomas C. Ware.
10/23/1835, Thomas died, age 40, buried in the Old Brick Cem.
7/30/1847, Margaret Ware named in her father’s will.
1876, Margaret died.
vi. William B. Watt, born 9/25/1801 in Fairfield Dist., SC.
William married Nancy W. Martin.
10/25/1844, William died in the explosion of the steamboat Lucy at New Albany, IN. [Youngest son William was born in 1845 after his death.)
7/30/1847, William identified as deceased in his father’s will. Named children are: Elizabeth, Lenore, Mary Jane, Louisa, William (Billie).
Nancy moved to Starkville, MS.
3/6/1852, From Starkville, Oktibbeha County, MS, Nancy B. McDowell writes to her sister Isabelle Wiseman in Texas. “Dear Sister, I received you kind letter … Nancy Watt has lost two Negroes … Her proberty was divided … ”
6/22/1852, Nancy died. (S) 8/3/1852, Susannah Bell wroter a letter to her sister Elizabeth Wiseman in Texas. “Dear Sister, … The same fever that uncle James Watt died with the people are all dying with. Aunt Jane Bell lost both her daughters. … Aunt Nancy Watt and Billie are both dead. …” (Billie died 7/5/1852, age 7.)
Jane M. Watt, died 12/13/1827, age 2 months and 20 days, buried in the Old Brick Cem.
v. Charles M Watt, born 2/21/1804 in Fairfield Dist., SC.
Charles married Henrietta Wyatt Martin.
7/30/1847, Charles named in his father’s will.
5/19/1854, Charles died in Okitbbeha Co., MS.
vii. Jane Watt, born 1805 in Fairfield Dist., SC.
7/30/1847, Jane named in her father’s will.
Jane married David Hamiter.
1854, Jane died.
viii. Thomas Watt, born 1809 in Fairfield Dist., SC.
Thomas married Harriet M. Gandy.
7/30/1847, James and his brother Thomas appointed executors of their father’s will.
1851, Thomas Watt filed papers associated with his father will.