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Friday, July 21, 2017

William Calicots & Elizabeth Ann Callaway

44. William Calicots & 45. Elizabeth Ann Callaway

4/1820, William born in Rocky Mountain, Franklin Co., VA.
5/27/1827, Elizabeth born in MO.
1/27/1842, William married Elizabeth in Calloway Co., MO. (S) Callaway Co. MO Marriages.
6/6/1860, Wm, age “45”, and Elizabeth, age 33, live in Calloway Co., MO. Wm is a farmer. They have 5 children. Eldest child, John B, has the occupation of “Serving”. All of the children were born in MO. Wm has real estate valued at $300, and a personal estate of $100. (S) 1860 Census.
Aft. 1863, Elizabeth died.
6/8/1880, Wm Calicote, age 60, born in VA, and daughter Rebecca C Calicote, age 17, born in MO., live in Auxvasse, Callaway Co., Mo. Wm is a farmer. Rebecca keeps the house. (S) 1880 Census.
6/1/1900, William, father-in-law, born April 1820, lives with his daughter Rebecca’s family in Auxvasse Township (west part), Callaway Co., MO. (S) 1900 Census.
12/24/1900, William died.
(S) IGI.
Children of William and Elizabeth:
i. John B Calicots, born 1844 in MO.
ii. Laura A Calicots, born 2/4/1846 in MO.
1/18/1867, Laura married William Estes, born 5/26/1844 in MO.
6/28/1900, Laura A and William live in Auxvasse Township (west part), Callaway Co., MO. They have 1 son and 3 daughters. Her brother Thomas lives with them. (S) 1900 Census.
3/21/1917, Laura died in Reform, Callaway Co., MO.
iii. Thomas Calicots, born 7/1847 in MO.
6/28/1900, Thomas lives with his sister Laura. (S) 1900 Census.
iv. Giles H Calicots, born 1/1852 in MO.
1877, Giles married Georgia C ?, born 11/1854 in MO.
6/21/1900, they live in St Aubert Township, Callaway Co., MO. They have 2 sons and 3 daughters. (S) 1900 Census.
v. William (Billy) M Calicots (22), born 11/1857 in MO.
vi. Rebecca Cecily Callicoat, born 2/1863 in VA.
1883, Rebecca married Robert H Wood, born 10/1850 in MO.
6/1/1900, in Auxvasse Township (west part), Callaway Co., MO, Robert and Rebecca have sons: Ora S, born 9/1883, Gordon H, born 10/1885, Edgar R, born 12/1887, and daughter Martha E, born 3/1891. All children born in MO. The 3 boys are in school. Rebecca gives her birth place as VA. (S) 1900 Census.