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Thursday, July 27, 2017

156 Henry Smith

156. Henry Smith [NC]

6/9/1715, Henry granted 870 acres on N. side of Pamlico River and E. side of Broad Creek at the mouth, joining the sd. Creek, and the river. (S) NC PB2, P394.
4/5/1720, Henry granted 310 acres joining a pocoson. (S) NC PB2, P309.
3/30/1721, Henry granted 310 acres in Bath Co., joining a pocoson. (S) NC PB2, P297.
8/24/1748, Henry wrote his will: Heirs: David, Sarah, Nanney, Henry, John, Elizabeth, Olive, Samuel, Mary, David Smith is appointed Executor. Witnesses: ____ Garrold, Charles Smith, John Hardee. (S) Secretary of State Papers Wills SS 877.

Children of Henry and ?:

i. David Smith ( 78), born 6/8/1735 in Bath Co., NC.

ii. Cassandra “Sarah” Smith, born ~1736 in Beaufort Co., NC.
Cassandra married Issac Hardee, s/o John ( 158), and brother of David’s wife.

iii. Nanney Smith, born ?.

iv. Henry Smith, born ?.

v. John Smith, born ?.

vi. Elizabeth Smith, born ?.

vii. Olive Smith, born ?.

viii. Samuel Smith, born ?.

ix. Mary Smith, born ?.
[It is possible, but not probable, that this Mary is the wife of John King.]