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Saturday, July 29, 2017

516 John Wallis

516. John Wallis & 517. Martha ? [England, VA]

Bef. 3/18/1639, John Wallis arrived in VA. (S) C&P, 1934, P121, Patent of William Burdett.
12/1/1678, John mentioned in the will of Thomas Axwell. (S) Lower Norfolk Co. & Norfolk Co. Wills, 1637-1710, P59.
168?, John’s will. (S) See Family notes.
7/15/1691, Judgement contested by Roger Hodges and Thomas Mercer, Executors of John Falke , Deceased for payment of 2 barrels of tar and Indian corn to John Wallis. (S) Norfolk Co. Court Minutes, P233.
Bef. 7/16/1701 John died in Norfolk Co., VA. (S) Will probated.

Family notes:
• John’s will: “… buried at the Disposing of my Wife Martha Wallis … unto my Sonn John Wallis, all the houseing [torn] around, and al the wood Land ground adjoining it to a branch below the fisheing [torn] and Soe to a branch runninge off the Creeke, adjoyning to Edward Davis and right [torn] the Said Davises house. … unto my Sonn William one Necke of land [torn] being point boundeing on the branch adjoyning to the Little house, Point, and my Sonn [torn] the other side … unto my Sonn Thomas, one Necke of Land Called [torn] Necke and So adjoyning to my Sonn Willie So bounding on a branch, where Anthony Lapus [torn] the barr, kill … my Sonn Richard all my Land on the Westerne Side same branch with one hundred and fifty acres of Land, which I bought of Anthony Lopas … these Parcels of Land to my foure Sonns … Neither of them, shall make any Conveyance or Sale, of Either of there parts unles it be [torn] Each other …”
• John probably had brothers Thomas and William. Thomas’ will, Norfolk Co., dated 2/15/1705 names his brother William executor of his estate. [John would not be mentioned since he had already died. This William Wallis died in 1712 in NC leaving a son William.]
• Beaufort Co., NC and Norfolk Co. VA are not very far apart. Family members could easily travel between locations by sea.

Children of John and Martha:

i. John Wallis Jr, born ~1668 in VA.
1704 Rent Roll for Norfolk Co., VA: Jno Wallis, Richard Wallis, Wm Wallis, Thomas Walice.
7/1/1720 John sold land to John Bond ( 256) and wife Elizabeth of the Co. of Bath.
1/9/1749, John named in the will of Abraham Pritchett of Beaufort NC.

ii. Thomas Wallis, born ~1670 in VA.
1/29/1691-2, Thomas witnessed the will of William Hookey. (S) Lower Norfolk Co. & Norfolk Co. Wills, 1637-1710, P136.
1704 Rent Roll for Norfolk Co., VA: Jno Wallis, Richard Wallis, Wm Wallis, Thomas Walice.
~1715, Thomas married Elizabeth Rowntree, born 1691, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth.
1/15/1734, Thomas bought 130 a. on Stopping Creek in Chowan Co., NC.
1743, the commissioners met 6½ miles south of Chickinacomack Inlet. They took a reading of the latitude and drove a cedar stake on the Outer Banks …; the line crossed Hatteras Island 25 feet south of the house where Thomas Wallis lived. (S) The Granville District and Its Land Records; 1993, Mitchell.
1752, Thomas wrote his will. (S) NC State Archives, 028, DB-5/278.
William Wallis, born ?.
12/1/1746, William left “land where he now lives in Perquimans Co; 50 acres from the Jessop purchase” in the will of his maternal grandfather.
He married Martha Whiddon.
William given L5, VA currency in his father’s will.
Jonathan Wallis, born ?.
Jonathan given the plantation in his father’s will.
John Wallis, born ?.
John given 130 acrs in his father’s will.
Judith Wallis, born ?.
Judith given ½ of the land in Beaufort? Co. in her father’s will.
Susanah Wallis, born ?.
Susanah given ½ of the land in Beaufort? Co. in her father’s will.

iii. William Wallis Sr ( 258), born ~1675 in VA.

iv. Richard Wallis, born ~1677 in Va.