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Sunday, November 5, 2017

John Robert CAUSBIE & Myrtle Mae BUTLER - Joseph A MAILLOUX: & Blanch LACOMBE

28. John Robert CAUSBIE: & 29. Myrtle Mae BUTLER:.

J Robert Causbie, born 2am, 7/23/1920 in Kauffman Co., TX.
11/9/1869, John born in Lewisburg, Marshall Co., TN; s/o 56. Washington J Causbie & 57. Rhoda Ellen Russell.
8/22/1870, John an infant with his family  in Farmington, Marshall Co., TN.
8/31/1876, Myrtle born in Saylor Township, Polk Co., IO; d/o 58. Samuel Langston Butler & 59. Cynthia Evelyn Smith.
(S) 1880 Census, TN, Marshall Co. John, with other siblings, is dispersed to other families after the death of his mother, living with the family of Robert Eusley, listed as “no kin”.
12/25/1893, John married Myrtle in Dallas, TX.
1896–97, they lived in AR. (S) Birth of son Jimmie.
6/2/1900, (S) 1900 Census, TX, Kauffman Co. Myrtle has had 3 children, all still living. parents born in TN. [Myrtle’s father born in Unknown; mother in MO.] John is a farmer.
4/20/1910, (S) 1910 Census, TX, Kauffman Co., South Elmo. Myrtle has had 7 children, all still living. John’s parents born in TN. John is a farmer.
1/15/1920, (S) 1920 Census, TX, Kauffman Co., College Mound. J.R. and Myrtle rent their home. John’s parents born in TN. Both can read and write. John is a farmer.
7/23/1920, John, age 51, and Myrtle, age 44, live in Terrell, Kaufman Co., TX. John’s trade is farming, Myrtle is a house wife. (S) Birth certificate of son J. R. Causbie. [Certificate also gives address as R. #4, Weatherford, TX.]
12/1937, The family moved near Weatherford, Parker Co.
1935, John R and Myrtle M live in Elmo, Kaufman Co., TX. (S) 1940 Census.
4/20/1940, John R and Myrtle M live on Route 4 in Parker Co., TX. Their son J Robert lives with them. Both John and Myrtle completed 5th grade. They rent their home for $15 a month. John farms a ‘stock farm.’ They live next to their son William Chester. (S) 1940 Census.
6/11/1943, John filed an affidavit of birth of his son J. R. (S) Copy of affidavit.
12/1956, Grandaughters Linda and Marian Maitlen visited them. (S) Photo.
5/17/1967, Myrtle died in Weatherford, Parker Co., TX.
6/29/1970, John died, age 100, in Weatherford, Parker Co., TX.
Children of John and Myrtle:
i. James Marion Causbie, born 4/1895 in Sharp Co., AR.
James married Margaret T. Ritchey.
12/19/1986, James died in Weatherford, TX.
ii. Ora Bell Causbie, born 12/16/1896 in Sharp Co., AR.
Ora married Obe Dempsey Jacobs.
5/29/1983, Ora died in Parker Co., TX.
iii. Dorothy Adelaide Causbie, born 2/20/1899 in Kauffman Co., TX.
Dorothy married James Leland.
Dorothy married Clayton Nelson.
Dorothy married James Dyer.
12/25/1976, Dorothy died in Parker Co., TX.
iv. John Leonard Causbie, born 1902 in Kauffman Co., TX.
John married Mary Lucinney Smith.
9/9/1963, Leonard died in Parker Co., TX.
v. Jewel Mae Causbie, born 1/30/1904 in Kauffman Co., TX.
Jewel married Roy Ester Sneed.
Jewel married William Edward Norrell.
9/13/1978, Jewel died in Parker Co., TX..
vi. Ona Mary Causbie, born 5/31/1906 in Kauffman Co., TX.
Ona married Oscar H Harper.
5/18/2004, Ona died in Cleburne, Johnson Co., TX.
vii. Samuel Benjamin Causbie, born 5/6/1909 in Kauffman Co., TX.
Samuel married Paula Ruth Rice.
3/11/2001, Samuel died in Parker Co., TX.
viii. William Chester Causbie, born 7/18/1911 in Kauffman Co., TX.
William married Mary Hazel Pirtle.
1935, William and Mary live in Elmo, Kaufman Co., TX. (S) 1940 Census.
4/20/1940, William lives next to his parents on Route 4 in Parker Co., TX. They have 2 daughters, Billie Frances, age 7, and Bobbie Leigh, age 6. Both William and Hazel completed 2 years of high school. (S) 1940 Census.
4/13/1981, William died in Parker Co., TX.
ix. Allie Evalyn Causbie, born 5/4/1916 in Kauffman Co., TX.
Allie married Fred Gus Werner.
x. J Robert Causbie (14), born 2am, 7/23/1920 in Kauffman Co., TX.

30. Joseph A MAILLOUX: & 31. Blanch LACOMBE:.

2/1/1890, Blanch born in St. Raymond, Portneuf, Quebec, Canada; d/o 62. Georges Lacombe & 63. Georgianna Dutil.
7/1/1890, Joseph born in St. Armand Station, Quebec, Canada; s/o 60. Aubin Mailloux & 61. Melvina Kirouaque.
4/10/1891, Joseph, 9 months old, listed with his parents in the Canadian Census in Quebec.
4/24/1891, Blanche, age 2, listed with her parents in the Canadian Census in Quebec.
1895, Joseph immigrated with his family to the US.
6/4/1900, (S) 1900 Census, MA, Bristol co., Fall River; Joseph , attending school, lives with his family in Fall River.
4/26/1910, Joseph lives with his brother Ernest and his mother Melvina in Fall River. Joseph is a “doffer” in a cotton mill.
2/19/1912 in Fall River, Joseph married Blanche.
6/5/1917, Joseph completed a WWI draft card. He is described as short with grey eyes and dark-brown hair.
1923, 1924, 1925, “Joseph (Blanche) opr h 84 E Main” (S) Fall River City Directory.
1927, “Joseph A (Blanche) laborer h 77 Palmer” (S) Fall River City Directory.
4/8/1930, (S) 1930 Census, MA, Bristol Co., Fall River City. They lived at 242 Washington St. where they rented their home for $19 a month. French was spoken in the home, although they both spoke English. Joseph was a “trimmer” on a coal barge.
1935, Joseph and family live in Fall River, Bristol Co., MA. (S) 1940 Census.
1939, Blanche reported earnings of $252.
4/11/1940, Joseph and Blanche live at 446 William St., Fall River, Bristol Co., MA. Their sons George and Edgar, and daughters Doris, Theresa, and Jean live with them. They rent their home for $12 a month. Both Joseph and Blanche completed 4 years of school. Joseph operates a machine in a textile mill. Blanche is a rag picker in a rag mill.
4/26/1942, Joseph completed his WWII draft card. He is 5 ft, 6.5 inches, blue eyes, dark complexion, black hair, and wears glasses. They live at 446 William St. in Fall River. He gives his birth date as 7/1/1891; born in St. Armand, Quebec, Canada. His wife is Blanche. He works for the Lamport Man. Co. on Anawan St.
1944, “Jos A (Blanche) opr Luther h 446 William” (S) Fall River City Directory.
1946, “Jos A h 446 William” (S) Fall River City Directory.
1953, “Mailloux, Blanche Mrs r 190 Grove” (S) Bridgeport CT City Directory.
1954, 1957, 1958, “Mailloux, Blanche L Mrs emp Hillside Home r 29 Laurel Ct” (S) Bridgeport CT City Directory.
1959, “Mailloux, Blanche L Mrs emp 540 Bond r 29 Laurel Ct” (S) Bridgeport CT City Directory.
1965, “Mailloux – Joseph (Blanche) ret h 2888 Fairfield av” (S) Bridgeport CT City Directory.
8/1970, Joseph died in Bridgeport, Fairfield Co., CT; buried in St. Michael’s Cem. (S) SSDI
2/1975, Blanche died in Bridgeport, Fairfield Co., CT; buried with Joseph. (S) SSDI.
Children of Joseph and Blanche:
i. George Mailloux, born 1913 in Fall River, MA.
George married a widow, Mims Rogers. [1 son.]
ii. Edna Mailloux, born 1917 in Fall River, MA.
4/9/1935, Edna married Albert Grella.
iii. Edgar A Mailloux, born 4/9/1919 in Fall River, MA.
Edgar married Margaret Saucier.
1940, Edgar worked as a laborer for the W.P.A. [earing $288 in 1939.]
They lived at 189 Hamlet in Fall River.
7/22/1973, Edgar died in Fall River. (S) SSDI.
iv. Mary Doris Lorraine Mailloux (15), born 11/29/1924 in Fall River, MA.
v. Theresa Mailloux, born 6/14/1927 in Fall River, MA.
Theresa married Robert “Bob” Norton.
vi. Jeanne Mailloux, born 7/27/1929 in Fall River, MA.
Jeanne married George Pasternoster.