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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Lester Allen MAITLEN & Lynis Blanch RYAN - James Oscar DAUGHTERY & Vivian Ogethel CALLICOTT

24. Lester Allen MAITLEN: & 25. Lynis Blanch RYAN:

12/12/1902, Lester born in Wakita, Grant co., OK, s/o 48. Clay Cassius Maitlen & 49. Fannie Mae Huntley.
4/20/1905, Lynis born in Hollister, Tillman Co., OK, d/o 50. Audie Delmer Ryan & 51. Nancy Ellen Couch.
(S) 1910 Census, Blanch lives with her parent.
(S) 1920 Census; Lester lives with his parents.
(S) 1920 Census; Blanch lives with her parents.
2/11/1924, Lester married Blanch in Tillman Co., OK. (S) OK Co. Marriages, 1890-1995, MR No. 6, P95.
1926, Lester in a photo with his first born son. (S) Photo.
4/14/1930, (S) 1930 Census, OK, Tillman Co., Stephens; Lester & Blanch rent their home and are farmers. Son Harold is 4 & 11/12. Lester indicates his parents were born in IO, Blanch’s born in MS.
1935, Lester and family live in Tillman Co., OK. (S) 1940 Census.
1937, Lester, Blanch, and Harold visited “Aunt Bertha” who lived west of Southbend, TX. (S) Photo.
4/15/1940, Lester ‘Mattin’, wife Blach L., and son Harold D live in Tillman Co., OK. They rent their home for $5 a month. Lester completed 7 years of school. Blanch completed 1 year of high school. Harold has completed 8th grade. Lester is a farmer. They live next to James and Vivian Daugherty. (S) 1940 Census.
2/15/1942, Lester, a farmer, registered for the WWII draft. Light complexion, blue eyes, blonde hair, height 5’ 7’’. Next of kin C C Maitlin.
2/10/1944, Harold Dee Maitlen, a farmer of Tillman, OK, weight 140, complexion dark, eyes gray, hair brown, 5’ 7” tall, next of kin Lester Maitlen, registered in the WWII draft.
4/11/1945, Blanche signed the marriage license consenting to her son Harold marrying Dorothy Daugherty. (S) OK County Marriages.
The family moved to Wichita Falls, TX.
8/29/1945, Lester died of spinal meningitis in Wichita Falls, Witchita Co., TX; buried in Ryan plot, Davidson, Tillman co., OK. (S) Obit.
1957, Lennys married 2nd Herman David Hauptli, born 2/22/1901; died 9/23/1985. (S) Obit.
7/5/1963, Lennys died in an auto accident in Holbrook, AR; buried in Mineral Wells, TX; buried in Woodlawn Park cemetery with David.
Children of Lester and Lynis:
i. Lester Clay Maitlen, born 4/7/1924 in Grandfield, Tillman Co., OK.
11/24/1926, Lester died; buried in the Ryan plot, Davidson, Tillman Co., OK.
ii. Harold Dee Maitlen (12), born 2/10/1926, in Grandfield, Tillman Co., OK.
iii. Dorothy Marie Maitlen, born 1/21/1945 in Wichita Falls, Witchita Co., TX.
4/1965, Dorothy married Dwight Henry Spencer.
2/1976, Dorothy and Dwight divorced.
1/5/1980, Dorothy married Yvan Dennis Gagne, born 5/3/1946 in Canada.

26. James Oscar DAUGHTERY: & 27. Vivian Ogethel CALLICOTT:.
2/27/1899, James born in Indian City, Payne Co., OK; s/o 52. Joseph S Daugherty & 53. Amma Falina Dowden. [Other records indicate Wagoner TWP, OK – which may be another name for the same place.]
1/21/1902, Vivian born in Hillsboro, Hill Co., TX; d/o 54. William Callicott & 55. Laura L. McKuen.
4/30/1910, (S) 1910 Census, OK, Osage Co., Strike Axe; James lives with his parents.
9/12/1917-18, James filled out a WWI draft registration card. His full name is given and is signed. His birth date is given. He is a farmer on R405 in Grandfield, Tillman Co., OK. His mother is his nearest relative, and he lives with her. He has blue eyes and brown hair.
4/16/1922 in Comanche Co., OK, James married Vivian.
 1923, They live in Duncan, OK. (S) Birth of James Jr.
 1924, the family moved southwest of Grandfield. (S) Obit. of Vivian.
4/19/1930, (S) 1930 Census, OK, Tillman, Carr; James’ parents born in IN, Vivian’s father in MO, mother in AR. Annie, mother of James, lives with them – her parents born in IN.
1935, James and family live in Carr Township, Tillman Co., OK. (S) 1940 Census.
4/15/1940, Jim O ‘Dorty’, wife Vivan O., sons James J., daughters Dorthy M and Trecyl J., and son Jerry W. live in Carr Township, Tillman Co., OK. They rent their house for $5 a month. Jim completed 5th grade; Vivan 8th. Jim is a farmer. They live next to Lester and Blanch Maitlen. (S) 1940 Census.
 4/11/1945, Harold Married married Dorothy Daugherty in Cotton County, OK. Both are age 19, and residents of Grandfield. His mother Blanche signed, consenting to the marriage. Her mother Vivian signed, also consenting. A Church of the Nazarene minister performed the ceremony. (S) OK County Marriages.
 1946, they moved to the Ahpeatone community. (S) Obit. of Vivian.
1964, They moved to Walters, OK. (S) Obit. of Vivian.
 1972, Vivian, “Mrs Jim Daugherty” of Walters, OK, named a survivor of her sister Della West. (S) Obit.
1974, Vivian named a survivor of her brother Walter living in Walters, OK.
 1/20/1984, James died in a nursing home in Walters, Cotton Co., OK. (S) SSDI.
 3/18/1984, Vivian died in Walters, Cotton Co., OK. (S) SSDI. (S) Gravestone.
Family notes:
Some genealogical records have James’ middle name as “Osker”.
Children of James and Vivian:
 i. James Oscar Daugherty Jr., born 3/29/1923 in Duncan, OK.
 1941 James graduated from Granfield High School.
 5/2/1942 in Walters, OK, James married M. Lois Gebhart, born 5/29/1922, died 9/3/1987. (S) Lois’ Obit.
 10/19/1994, James died in his home in Grandfield, Tillman Co., OK. (S) SSDI. (S) Obit.
ii. Dorothy Mae Daugherty (13), born 12/15/1925 in Grandfield, Tillman Co., OK.
iii. Trecyl June Daugherty, born 9/30/1930 in Grandfield, Tillman Co., OK.
5/13/1948, both Trecyl and Marvin are shown in a picture of the The Lawton Constitution newspaper visiting a hospitalized classmate before their high school graduation.
6/17/1948, Trecyl married Marvin Scherler.
10/21/1994, Trecyl Scherler of Walters, OK named as a surviving sister of her brother James. (S) Obit.
iv. Jerry Wayne Daugherty, born 2/24/1936 in Grandfield, Tillman Co., OK.
1953, Jerry graduated from Apeahtone School.
6/19/1959, Jerry married Elizabeth Ann Booer in Frederick.
10/21/1994, Jerry of Temple, OK named as a surviving brother of his brother James. (S) Obit.
11/29/2010, Jerry died in Lawton, OK. (S) Obit.