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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Cpl. William Edward DOLLAHITE & Elizabeth Olion STEMM

22. Cpl. William Edward "Eddie" DOLLAHITE: & 23. Elizabeth Olion "Bess" STEMM:.
Ancestry of their child:
Virginia Doris Dollahite, born 10/16/1923 in Stacy, Waponocca, AR.
12/14/1888, William, “Eddie”, born in Memphis, TN; s/o 12. Robert Ervin Dollahite & 13. Roxsie L Smith. (S) WWI Draft Reg & (S) Dollahite Family Bible.
8/14/1887, Elizabeth born in Jackson, Madison Co., TN, d/o 14. William Duncan Stemm & 15. Susan Rebecca Clark. (S) Birth Certificate, TN, D156189.
No.12:(S) 1900 Census. William, n: ”Eddie”, MS, Tallahatchie Co., Harrison.
No.14:(S) 1900 Census. Elizabeth, TN, Madison Co., 3WD, Jackson.
1909, W. E. Dollahite a member of the “Young Men’s Bible Class” of the First Methodist Church of Corinth, MS. (S) Photo of Class.
No.12:(S) 1910 Census. MS, Alcorn Co., Corinth. “Eddy” a bookkeeper; living at 1115 ? St next to Bush St.
No.15:(S) 1910 Census. Elizabeth, TN, Madison Co., Jackson, 4-WD.
 1913, William, a book keeper for Armour & Co., boarding at 415 E Lafayette, Jackson, TN. (S) Jackson TN City Directory.
 1915, Wm E Dollahite, a bookeeper for Nash Beef & Prov Co., boarding at 318 6th Ave., North, Nashville, TN. (S) Nashville TN City Dir.
 1916, William E Dollahite, a clerk, lives at 318 6th Ave., North, Nashville, TN. (S) Nashville TN City Dir.
6/22/1917, William, (S) WWI Draft Reg., Yalobusha Co., Water Valley, MS. He was a traveling salesman for the Morris Pkg. Co. of Memphis, TN. He is described as of medium height, medium build, blue eyes, and light hair.
7/2/1917, Eddie enlisted in WWI, serving in the Army, Battery A, 114th Field Artillery (a volunteer regiment commanded by Col. Luke Lea), Batt A (commanded by Capt. Gordon Browing – later a Gov. of TN).
1917, The unit was in training and headquartered near Nashville, TN. Battery A trained at the Tri-State Fair Grounds in Memphis.
8/5/1917, The National Guard unit was attached to the Federal forces and issued military uniforms.
9/9/1917, The unit moved to Camp Seiver, Greenville, SC; where the 114th was designated a light artillery unit with 3-inch guns.
11/1917, Eddie became a Corporal. (S) Honorable Discharge Papers.
3/15/1918, The unit began live-round training at Cleveland Mills, about 20 miles from Camp Siever.
 5/26/1918, William, a Corporal, with his unit embarked overseas from Long Island, NY on the Karoa, a small British vessel, arriving at Liverpool, England (an 11 day trip.) (S) U.S. Army Transport record.
6/13/1918, The unit arrived at La Havre, France (in Normandy); from which they traveled to Camp Coetquidan, 20 miles south of Rennes; where the 114th became a part of the 55th Brigade, 30th Div.
6/15/1918, Elizabeth lives at 222 Gordon St., Jackson, with her brother Bryan. (S) Bryan’s Draft Reg. Card.
7/1918, The Brigadier General entrusted with rating artillery brigades gave the 55th the highest of any.
8/20/1918, They departed for Toul by train, through Paris, arriving on June 22nd.
8/25/1918, After a 2-day rest, they arrived at Sanzey Woods, 12 km from the German lines near St. Mihiel.
9/12/1918, The Battle of St. Mihiel commenced – the largest assembly of artillery ever up to that time, the units were rotated in and out 2 at a time. (American divisions fired more than 1 million rounds the first day.) The 114th accompanied the infantry division in their advance from Flirey. Around noon, the Germans counter-attacked.
9/13/1918, Batteries A, B, and C engaged at Bouillonville, where Batt. A was ordered to attack the town of Xammes (losing 2 members of the unit – the 1st of the units to sustain losses.)
9/14/1918, All the units pulled back from battle, they had participated in a major victory in their 1st engagement. The unit next moved to Brocourt Wood, travelling in severe conditions at night.
9/22/1918, The unit arrived at Bois de Brocourt in the Argonne sector. They were up against the most formidable part of the German line.
9/25/1918, The Battle of the Meuse-Argonne commenced, would last 47 days, engaging 750k American troops, with 125k casualities. Batt. A advanced from Bois de Brocourt to Avocourt, to Iviory by Oct. 6th. During the advance, Batt. A used some captured German guns because the Germans also left behind the ammunition.
10/11/1918, The unit arrived in the Woevre sector, Batt. A positioned between Les Eparges and Tresauvaux.
10/15/1918, The 114th came under mustard gas attack for the 1st time at the town of Les Eparges.
11/11/1918, The 114th participated in the attack of the American 2nd army. Batt. A was located at Fresnes. Batteries A, B and F took the brunt of the German fire. At 11:00a, all fire ceased with the beginning of the Armistice.
1918, The unit was marched up the Moselle River to Luxemburg, and then on to Le Mans.
1/6/1919, The unit began a march back to the Toul area to rejoin the 30th Div.
1/30/1919, The Brigade was inspected and reviewed by General Pershing and his staff.
3/6/1919, The unit started their return trip home from their camp at Le Mans to St. Nazaire, where they boarded the U. S. S. Finland.
3/22/1919, The 114th arrived back from France at Newport News, VA where the units picture was taken (Eddie is on the bottom row, 4th from the right.)
4/7/1919, Eddied discharged from the Army at  Fort Oglethorpe, GA. He was given $101.82 separation pay and transportation to Memphis, TN.
1/5/1920, (S) 1920 Census, TN, Madison Co., Jackson, 4-WD. Elizabeth is living with her sister Virginia’s family – mother and father were deceased, William was still in the Army. Elizabeth was a stenographer for a wholesale house. Her brother Wilson also lives with Virginia.
6/8/1921, Wednesday, at 6 PM, Jackson, TN at Elizabeth’s home of 222 Gordon St., William married Elizabeth. (S) Stemm Family Bible & (S) Dollahite Family Bible. Marriage performed by Rev. Blackmon.
1921-22, William moved to Arizona because of his tuberculosis.
12/25/1922, Roxy’s son “Eddie” sent her a Christmas card addressed to: “Mrs R. E. Dollahite, 277 Maryland Ave., Memphis, TN, from Prescott, AZ. (S) Original letter.
1923, William a bookkeeper. (S) Birth certificate of daughter Virginia3. [Daughter Virginia born in Stacy, AR, across the river from Memphis.]
 8/21/1923, William admitted to the Johnson City, Mountain Branch, of the U. S. National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers. His disability is listed as “Tuberculosis pulmonary, chronic.” He is 5’ 9”, fair complexion, blue eyes, brown hair, can read and write, Protestant, resident of TN, married to Elizabeth Dollahite of Memphis. (S) Original admission record.
 3/8/1925, William discharged from the soldier’s home.
6/23/1925, living in Whipple, Yavapai Co., AZ, William wrote his will.
1/27/1926 at 11:35 on a Wednesday, William died in Memphis, TN, Burial: Brown’s Cem. in Madison Co. (S) Death Certificate & (S) Dollahite Family Bible. At the time of his death they were living at 277 Maryland St., Memphis, TN. His certificate is marked “NON RESIDENT”. He had been in a hospital for 7 days prior to his death. His parents are named on the certificate. Elizabeth provided the information. He died of “Chronic & pulmonary tuberculosis”. Place of burial was designated as Jackson, TN by “Hinton & Son”.
9/30/1927, Elizabeth and daughter attended the wedding of Edward’s little sister Alice (12viii) in Water Valley, MS. (S) Wedding Announcement.
4/9/1930, Elizabeth living in TN, Madison Co., Jackson, 4-WD. Elizabeth a stenographer for an insurance company. (S) 1930 Census.
4/1/1935, Elizabeth lives with her sister in Jackson, Madison Co., TN. (S) 1940 Census.
 1937, “Eliz S Dollahite”, widow of “W E”, “solr & colr” Caldwell McKinnie & Hicks, lives at 433 Lexington, phone 360. (S) Jackson City Dir.
1939, Elizabeth earned $1200 in her job. (S) 1940 Census.
4/16/1940, Elizabeth, a widow, and daughter Virginia live with her widowed sister and her family in Jackson, Madison Co., TN.  Elizabeth is a stenographer for an insurance company. Elizabeth completed 9th grade. (S) 1940 Census.
6/26/1942, Elizabeth issued a “delayed” birth certificate on affitdavits of Annie Clark (wife of Harvey, No. 30iv), Mattie W. Potts, B Grayson, and a certified copy of the Family Bible Record.
5/1944, Elizabeth traveled with her daughter Virginia to Rapid City, SD for her wedding.
 1947, 1954, “Eliz S Dollahite”, widow of “W E”, works in the office of Caldwell & Hicks, lives at 433 Lexington, phone 7-1702. (S) Jackson City Dir.
 1950, “Eliz S Dollahite”, secretary of Caldwell & Hicks, lives at 433 Lexington, phone 7-1702. (S) Jackson City Dir.
 1954, “Eliz S Dollahite”, widow of “W E”, office secretary of Caldwell & Hicks, lives at 433 Lexington, phone 7-1702. (S) Jackson City Dir.
 1960, “Eliz S Dollahite”, widow of “W E”, secretary of Caldwell & Hicks, lives at 122 Walnut, phone 7-8424. (S) Jackson City Dir.
Elizabeth retired from working at Caldwell and Hicks Insurance Agency. She served as a President of the American Legion Auxiliary. She was a member of the First United Methodist Church.
2/13/1960, Elizabeth lived at 122 Walnut, Jackson, TN. (S) Letter from her granddaughter Virgina Bell.
7/7/1972, Elizabeth died at Froman’s Nursing Home in Jackson, Madison Co., TN. Burial: Brown’s Cem. Her 3 Diffee nephews were pallbearers. (S) Dollahite Family Bible.  (S) Jackson Sun Obituary.
Family notes:
William’s will abstract: To wife, Elizabeth Stemm Dollahite entire estate, including property in Prescott, AZ; an exception to same, $1000 to be placed in First National Bank, Jackson, for his daughter, Virginia Doris Dollahite until she reached the age of 18 years and 6 months and then to be hers. Wife to serve as executrix without making bond as such.
Martha Dollahite, born ~1926 in TN. This person is not known to exist – yet she appears in the 1930 Census as a daughter. She would be the right age for a child born about the time William died. No records have been found of her outside of the census record, and she is not remembered by daughter Virginia or her cousin Dorothy Diffee Rogers.
Child of William and Elizabeth:
i. Virginia Doris Dollahite (11), born 10/16/1923 in Stacy, Waponocca, Crittenden Co., AR.
Children: [4 living.]