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Monday, December 11, 2017

Clay Cassius MAITLEN & Fannie Mae HUNTLEY - Audie Delmer RYAN & Nancy Ellen COUCH

48. Clay Cassius MAITLEN & 49. Fannie Mae HUNTLEY

6/2/1863, Clay born in Terre Haute, Dunkirk Co., IN; s/o 96. William B Maitlen & 97. Rhoda Ann Garringer.
4/2/1873, Fannie born in IL [Obit says MO.], d/o 98. James H Huntley & 99. Ellen Ferguson. (S) Obit.
7/3/1887, Clay 1st married Martha Ramey, born in Minneapolis, Ottawa Co., KS, d/o M. A. Ramey; they lived in Minneapolis, KS.
1889, Clay participated in the Oklahoma Land Rush.
4/15/1894, Martha died due to complications of childbirth.
5/15/1896, C C Maitlen of Burlington, age 33, married Fannie Huntley, of Burlington, age 22, in Coffey Co., KS. (S) KS Co. Marriages, 1811-1911.
1900, They lived in Wakita, Grant Co., OK. (S) Births of children. [Not found in census.]
1907, Clay participated in the “Big Pasture” land rush in OK.
1910, Clay moved the family to Amarillo, TX.
6/6/1910, Fannie purchased the Red Front Restaurant, 502 First Street, Amarillo, TX.
The family moved to Grandfield, OK.
2/5/1920, (S) 1920 Census, OK, Tillman, Stephens; Clay & “Anne” are farmers, and rent their home. 3 youngest sons live with them. Both can read and write.
4/19/1930, (S) 1930 Census, OK, Tillman, Carr; Clay & Fannie live alone. Fannie indicates her father born in MO, mother in IO.
[Not found in 1940 census.]
2/15/1942, C C Maitlen listed as next of kin in his son Lester’s WWII draft card.
8/30/1945, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Maitlen named in the obituary of their son Lester.
1946, Clay in a picture with his daughter Bertha. (S) Photo.
1947, The family left Granfield, OK and moved to Mineral Wells, TX.
7/3/1949, Clay died in Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto Co., TX; buried in Mineral Wells Cem.
8/5/1959, Fannie died; buried in Mineral Wells, TX.
(S) Family information of descendent Louan Pyron, granddaughter of Elsie Mae Maitlen Cooley.
Children of Clay and Martha:
i. Harry Clay Maitlen, born 3/4/1889 in Minneapolis, Ottawa co., KS.
Harold married Ester L ?, born 1894. [No children.]
2/13/1948, Harold died in Denver, CO; cremated – ashes spread in Rocky Mtns.
ii. Bertha Larene Maitlen, born 3/9/1891 in Minneapolis, Ottawa co., KS.
1908, Bertha married Dan White, born 1886 in MO.
4/23/1910, (S) 1910 Census, OK, Washita Co., Cordell. They live on Temple road and have a 8-month old daughter named Alpha.
4/9/1930, 1930 Census, TX, Eastland Co. Dan is a farmer. They have 2 sons, ages 19 and 8, living with them.
8/13/1955, Bertha died in Fort Worth, Tarrant co., TX; buried in Fort Worth.
iii. Daniel Peter Maitlen, born 4/15/1894 in Minneapolis, Ottawa co., KS.
Daniel died an infant.
Children of Clay and Fannie:
i. Elsie Mae Maitlen, born 6/25/1896 in Burlington, KS.
Elsie married Clyde R. Colley, born 9/1893 in MO.
11/23/1983, Elsie died of a brain tumor; buried in Poe Prairie Cem., Weatherford, TX.
ii. Della Lee Maitlen, born 10/13/1897 in Burlington, KS.
10/26/1900, Della drowned in a barrel of rainwater; buried in Wakita Cem., Wakita, OK.
iii. John David Maitlen, born 1/26/1899 in Wakita, Grant Co., OK.
8/30/1945 in Long Beach, CA, John married Ruth Amelia Litle, 1/8/1906-3/17/1994.
1984, John lived at 243 Vista Del-Mar St., Shell Beach, CA, 93462.
10/30/1994, John died in Pismo Beach, CA. [Just months after Amelia.]
iv. George Cassius Maitlen, born 8/22/1900 in Wakita, Grant Co., OK.
3/24/1927 in Hollister, Tillman co., OK, George married Lillie Bell Jennings.
7/7/1979, George died in Cortez, CO; buried in Aztec Cem.; Aztec, NM.
1984, Lillie lived at 300 S. Beach St., Cortez, CO.
v. Lester Allen Maitlen (24), born 12/12/1902 in Wakita, Grant Co., OK.

50. Audie Delmer RYAN & 51. Nancy Ellen COUCH

4/23/1876, Audie born in Vicksburg, Warren Co., MS; s/o 100. James Madison Ryan & 101. Susan Elizabeth Kyle.
4/16/1877, Nannie born in Van Buren, Crawford Co., AR; d/o 102. Emanuel Couch & 103. Sarah Wilson Bowen.
6/28/1880, (S) 1880 Census, TX, Cooke Co. Audie lives with his parents.
8/20/1895, A D Ryan, age 18, of Durwood, married N E Couch, age 17, of Durwood, in Southern District of Indian Territory [Carter, OK]. (S) OK Co. Marriages, 1894-1896.
6/13/1900, (S) 1900 Census, Indian Territory, Chickasaw Nation; Audy is a farmer; Nannie has had 3 children, 2 still living.
5/3/1910, (S) 1910 Census, OK, Tillman, Stephens; Audy & “Nannir E” are farmers. Children Dennis–Roxey are living with them. Nannir indicates she has lost a child not listed.
2/4/1920, (S) 1920 Census, OK, Tillman, Stephens; Farmers, Audie’s parents born in MS; Nannie’s father born in MO, mother in GA. They own their home free of mortgare. All 9 children are living with them.
8/2/1920, Nannie died in OK; buried in Davidson Cem., Tilman Co., OK.
4/7/1930, (S) 1930 Census, OK, Tillman, Stephens; “A D” and wife “Maud” – born 1884 in TX. Their son “T E” [Tilman] lives with them with his 15-year-old wife; and their son Bernus also lives with them.
4/15/1940, Audie lives with his son Tillman near Donna, Hildago Co., TX.
12/26/1945, Audy died; buried with Nannie in Davidson Cem.. [2 miles north of Davidson, 1/4 mile west.]
Children of Audie and Nannie:
i. James Dennis Ryan, born 5/13/1896 in Colgate, Ind. Terr. (OK)
6/5/1917, James is single, living in Holister, OK where he was born. His closest relative is his father A D Ryan. He is a farmer. He is tall, stout, with dark hair. (S) WWI Draft Reg. Card.
Dennis married Rosa Whitlock.
4/26/1942, James lives at 40 Railroad Ave., Richmond, Contra Costa, CA. Rose is his next of kin. He works for Macdonald & Kahn in Pittsburg, CA. He is 5’ 11” tall and weighs 178 lbs. He has grey eyes and brown hair, with a ruddy complexion. He also has a scar on his lower left leg. (S) WWII Draft Reg. Card.
6/27/1975 Dennis died in Contra Costa, CA. (S) SSDI.
ii. Barney Lee Ryan, born 1/29/1900 in [Ind. Terr.] Mannsville, Johnston Co., OK.
8/11/1921 in Frederick, OK, Barney married Viola May Fawley, 1905-1990.
6/4/1936, Barney died in Loveland, Tillman Co., OK; buried in Davidson Cem.
iii. Inez Beatrice Ryan, born 12/12/1902 in OK.
6/10/1920, Beatrice died.
iv. Lynis Blanch Ryan (25), born 4/20/1905 in Hollister, Tillman Co., OK.
v. Tillman E Ryan, born 5/27/1907 in OK.
1930, Tilman married Arvilla ?, age 15.
4/15/1940, Tillman E married to Beulah A. Garvinson, born 1912 in OK. Her brother, Leroy, age 15, lives with them. They live near Donna, Hildago Co., TX. (S) 1940 Census.
vi. Roxey M Ryan, f, born 1910 in OK.
vii. William Herman Ryan, born 10/27/1911 in OK.
6/27/1963, William died.
viii. Bernus Bailey Ryan, born 11/26/1913 in OK.
7/1987, Bernus died in Ada, OK. (S) SSDI.
ix. Jessie Velor Ryan, born 3/1919 in OK.
1929, Jessie died in OK.

52. Joseph S DAUGHTERY & 53. Amma Falina DOWDEN
12/4/1856, “Anna”, aka “Amy” born in Orange Co., IN, d/o 106. Thomas Jefferson Dowden & 107. Mary J Birley. [Gravestone indicates 1858, but 1860 census records indicated 1856.]
10/15/1857, Joseph born in Stockton, Greene Co., IN; s/o 104. John Dougherty & 105. Lavinia ?. (S) Joseph’s Death Certificate.
7/11/1860, (S) 1860 Census, IN, Green Co., Stockton. Joseph is living with his mother and siblings.
7/29/1870, (S) 1870 Census, IN, Greene Co., Stockton. Joseph lives with his mother and works on the family farm.
3/16/1879 in Greene Co., IN, Joseph married Amma; marriage performed by JOP D. H. McKeo.
(S) 1880 Census, IN, Greene Co., Stockton. Joseph and Amma, with niece Fanny, age 7.
Bef. 10/23/1883, the family moved to MO.
By 1892, they lived in MO.
Bef. 2/1899, the family moved to the Indian Terr. [OK]
1907, Joseph, age 50, is a boarder in Brown, Seminole Co., OK. [Likely on a job.]
4/30/1910, (S) 1910 Census, OK, Osage Co., Strike Axe; they have been married 32 years; Amma has had 9 children, all still living; 4 children at home. Their son Bland lives next to them.
9/12/1917-18, Amma is listed as the closest relative of her son James. They reside on R405 in Grandfield, Tillman Co., OK. (S) WWI draft card of James.
5/13/1920, Joseph died in Marlow, Stephens Co., OK of heart failure; buried in the Marlow Cem.
1920, Amma and her children gather for a photo. (S) Photo.
5/16/1921 at Grandfield, Amma wrote a letter to her daughter Alice. [See Family notes.]
4/19/1930, (S) 1930 Census, OK, Tillman; Carr; “Ammie”, lives with her son James.
5/1/1930, Amma died; buried in Grandfield, OK. She died at the home of her son A. O. Daugherty in Comanche.
Family notes:
Amma and Joseph were members of the Church of Christ.
Letter of Amma to her daughter Alice: “Dear children i seat to answer youre kind and most welcom leter read a few days ago was sory to hear of you still fealing bad this leavs me fealing beter then i have in a long time well alice otto was up at ower house him and ralph and jim was saning in the creak and somthing cut his ancle we dident no what it was the gash was about 4 inches long he has got blod poisoin in it he may loos his foot he has bin in the hospitle 5 days i hant heard to day yet and Jean got his arm broke playing with other boys was getting along all rite i want to go see them tomarow if i can Alice i had 88 litle chickens and a pole cat got in and cilled 34 one nite that is more of ower good luck Jim has had to go off to work i am staying by miself we live in part of the hous with Claud but Mag wanted to run evry thing and got fooled so she is mad and ses i steal her eggs and has told me i lyed severl times Alice you dont no what i have to put up with if she keeps on i ame to brake her neck ower potatoes looks fine and got fine onions too it is offel dry hear now stuff hant dooing iney good hear wheet is short and oats too the corn looks very well now it was bit off 3 times Alice about going to meating i hant going for i hant got close to go but i am trying to doo the best i can at home hoping to doo beter some day it is a long lain that hant no turn maby owers will turn slim show grace and John was hear sunday grace hant well this somer tiney hant well either i hant bin over thare for a long time Ella is coming over whin school is out i may go home with hear alice is thare going to bee iney bareys out thare this year if thare is pot me a can if i dont get to come come over if you can and sooner than you said if you can well you will get tierd reading this sory riting so i will stop by asking you to answer soon love and best wishes too all from mother to alice one and all by by this is the third leater for me to rite this eavning.”
Children of Joseph and Amma:
i. Claud Daugherty, born 4/14/1880 in Terre Haute, Vigo Co., IN.
 Claud married Maggie Hanna, born 1882, died 1964.
 8/23/1958, Claud died in Tillman, OK, buried in Grandfield Memorial cemetery.
ii. Mary Frances Daugherty, born 6/2/1881 in Terre Haute, Vigo Co., IN.
 Mary married James Benjamin Crossland, born 11/7/1875, died 9/19/1967.
12/17/1972, Mary died in Tillman, OK.
iii. Cora Alice Daugherty, born 10/23/1883 in MO.
Cora married Lester Maynard Roark.
2/24/1948, Cora died in Artesia, NM.
 iv. Walter C. Daugherty, born 1/11/1886 in MO.
 Walter married Tina ?, born 11/6/1889, died 5/14/1974.
3/12/1944, Walter died in Tillman, OK.
v. Grace Daugherty, born 7/7/1887 in MO.
Grace married John Wadkins.
vi. John William Daugherty, born 11/7/1890 in MO.
 4/23/1911, John married Ora Davis, born 1893.
 1963, Ora died in Comanche.
 1970, John died.
vii. Bland Daughety, born 1891 in MO.
Bland married Mag ?. [4 children in 1930 census.]
viii. Louella “Ella” Daugherty, born 12/13/1892 in Cedar Gap, Wright, MO.
 Louella married Albert Wallace Posey, born 1889, died 1929.
 1/20/1984, Ella Posey of Norman, OK, identified as a surviving sister of her brother James. (S) Obit.
11/27/1986, Louella died in Norman, Cleveland Co., OK.
ix. Beulah Daugherty, born 7/9/1895 in MO.
Buelah married Clarence James.
 1/20/1984, Beaulah Jame of St. Louis, MO, identified as a surviving sister of her brother James. (S) Obit.
11/20/1987, Beulah died in Florissant, St Louis Co., MO.
x. James Oscar Daugherty (26), born 2/27/1899 in Wagoner, OK.

54. William M CALLICOTT & 55. Laura Louella ?
11/1857, William born in Callaway Co., MO, s/o 108. William Calicots & 109. Elizabeth Ann Callaway.
1876, Wm M Calicott lives in Township 46, Range 8, of Calloway Co., MO, age 18-21. 1876 Calloway Co. Census.
6/1878, Laura born in AR.
1895, William married Laura.
 6/9/1900, the family lives in Hillsboro, Bosque Co., TX; William a section hand with the RR; Laura has had 3 children, all living. (S) 1900 Census, and obituary of daughter Della.
1905, the family moved to Santa Anna, TX. (S) Obit. of daughter Vivian.
 1909, the family moved to Grandfield, OK. (S) Obit. of daughter Della.
5/9/1910, (S) 1910 Census, OK, Tillman Co., Karr; Wm is a farmer; Laura has had 7 children, all living; they have been married 15 years; William’s parent born in MO; Laura’s parents born in TN.
 5/23/1913, William consented to the wedding of his daughter Della. (S) Application for marriage license.
 2/21/1917, Laura died; buried in Grandfield Memorial Cemetery. (S) Gravestone.
 1/15/1920, living in Karr, Tillman Co., OK; William M Calicutt, a widower, has 9 children at home. (S) 1920 Census.
10/20/1920, William died in OK; buried with Laura.
Children of William and Laura:
 i. Della Leah Callicott, born 11/27/1895 in Hillsboro, TX. (S) Obit.
 5/23/1913, Della married Macie Lee “Bud” West, born 1892, died 10/1941. (S) Obit.
 1/3/1920, Della and Maciel live in Alfalfa, Tillman Co., OK. They have a “daughter” Leota, actually her little sister, who is 3 years 5 months old. (S) 1920 Census.
 1972, Della died. (S) Obit. [Family named in obituary: sisters Vivian of Walters, OK and Jessie of TX; brothers W. D.,  W. B., and E. O. of Lawton, OK; Perry of Denver, CO; and A. J. of CA.]
 ii. William Demion Callicott, born 12/24/1897 in TX.
 Demion married Hilda R. ?, born 8/15/1901 in IL, died 5/3/1979.
(S) 1930 Census, OK, Tillman, Alfalfa. Demion’s younger brother Emmet lives with him.
 3/18/1984, W. D. a surviving brother of his sister Vivian. (S) Obit.
 4/8/1985, William died in Lawton, Comanche Co., OK.
 iii. Jessie Callicott, f, born 2/1900 in Hillsboro, TX.
 Jessie married Norb Zimmerman. (S) Obit of sister Della.
 1974 Jessie Zimmerman of Burkburnett, TX, named as a survivor of her brother Walter. (S) Obit.
 3/18/1984, Jessie a surviving sister of her sister Vivian. (S) Obit.
1994, They lived in Burkburnett, TX. (S) Obit of her brother Walter.
iv. Vivian Ogethel Callicott (27), born 1/21/1902 in TX.
v. Walter Burton “Boots” Callicott, born 7/3/1903 in Hillsboro, TX.
 1925, Walter moved to Comanche Co., OK. (S) Obit.
 2/24/1929 at Duncan, Walter married Thelma Simmons, born 1906 in TX, died 2/25/2008. (S) Gravestone.
(S) 1930 Census, OK, Comanche, Quanah.
 7/29/1974, Walter died in Questo N.M. of a heart attack while on a trip; buried in Lawton, Comanche Co., OK. [Family named in obit: Jessie, Vivian, W. D., Perry, A. J., and E. O.]
 vi. Woody O Callicott, born 1/24/1906 in Hillsboro, TX.
 Woody married Fannie ?, born 1906, died 1969.
 ~1940, Walter moved from Granfield OK, to Sulpher, OK.
 1/17/1955, Woody died.
 vii. Thomas L. Callicott, born 10/17/1908 in TX.
(S) 1930 Census, Thomas and younger brother A J room with Charles H Martain.
3/10/1942, Thomas enlisted Fort Sill, OK.
WWII, Thomas served in the military as a PFC, 31st Field Artillery, Battilion, 7th Infantry Division. (S) U. S. Veterans Affairs.
 12/3/1943, Thomas died; buried in National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, HI. (S) Gravestone.
viii. Perry C Callicott, born 11/28/1910 in TX.
Perry married Marie ?.
1974, Perry lived in Denver, Co. (S) Obit of brother Walter.
 5/24/1981, Perry died in Graford, Palo Pinto Co., TX; buried in Pickwick McAdams cemetery.
ix. A J Callicott, m, born 9/1912 in TX.
 1972, A J lived in CA. (S) Obit of sister Della.
1974, A J lived in CA. (S) Obit of brother Walter.
x. Emmet O Callicott, born 2/5/1914 in TX.
 3/18/1984, W. D. a surviving brother of his sister Vivian. (S) Obit.
9/21/1991, Emmet died in OK. (S) SSDI.
 xi. Leota Mae Callicott, born 7/28/1916 in TX. (S) U.S. Public Records.
1/3/1920, Leota is living with her oldest sister in Alfalfa, TX. (S) 1920 Census.
4/15/1930, Leota “Callicot”, age 13, and listed as “sister” to Della, lives with them in Carr Township, OK. (S) 1930 Census.
11/23/1934, “Leots M” Callicott married Lynn B Williams in Tillman, OK. (S) Application for marriage license.
3/18/1984, Leota Williams a surviving sister of her sister Vivian. (S) Obit.
7/13/2001, Leota lives in Oklaunion, Comanche Co., TX.
10/8/2002, Leota died in Oklaunion.