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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Manor of Charlton Adam in Somerset

(S) BHO, Parishes: Charlton Adam, (S) UK National Archives
13th century William son of Adam held one fee in Charlton Adam. Thomas de Perham received lands in Charlton Adam from William son of Adam and his sons totalling 120 a. of arable and 15 a. of meadow.
11/14/1242, Agreement for composition. ... The prior and convent have conceded tithes of the parish of kingesdon and John de Valle parson of Kingesdon and his successors will pay to the prior and convent 9s. rent at Cherleton of William son of Adam under penalty of ½ mark. (S) UKNA.
1249, Thomas de Perham is shown holding lands in Charlton from the heirs of the Mandevilles.
1249, William had been succeeded by his son William.
1249, Isabel, widow of William son of Adam, claimed dower in 3 virgates there held by Thomas de Perham.
Aft. 1249, Isabel, widow of William son of Adam, married Ralph de la Purie.
1254 Thomas de Perham exchanged a carucate in Charlton Adam for a carucate in Charlton Mackrell with Thomas son of John de Perham, possibly his nephew.
1258 William Fitz Adam sold his manor of Charlton Adam to Bruton priory for 120 marks and a life interest in Brewham manor.
1279-80, Quitclaim in frankalmoign. ... Isabella wife of William son of Adam ... Isabella before Salomon de Roffa, ..., justices itinerant at Som[er]ton in Somerset brought a writ of right against the Prior of Briwton and Margery wife of William son of William son of Adam concerning 3 messuages.
By 1286 Isabel died. The second fee in Charlton Adam was divided between John de Perham, who held ¾ of a fee, and Humphrey de Kail, who held the remaining ¼ fee.
1286, Thomas de Perham had been succeeded by John de Perham (I), who granted 4s. rent from 3 virgates in the manor to Bruton priory. He was also stated to hold 2 virgates from Robert son and heir of Robert de Netherton, who held from the priory.
5/2/1299, Quitclaim with warranty. Isabella de Pleybury who was wife of Ralph de la Purie to Prior and convent of Briuton. (S) UKNA.
By 1302, John de Perham (I) died. His widow Joan brought an action for dower against the Staunton family about patronage of the Chapel of the Holy Gost at Charlton.
Bef. 11/18/1327, John de Perham (II) died. Robert de Netherton assigned to the priory his claim to overlordship of the Perham property, and the priory granted dower in the lands to John(I)'s widow, Joan de Perham. John held 160 a. of arable and 24 a. of meadow in Charlton Adam from Bruton priory, and other lands in Charlton Mackrell from John de Lorty. (S) UKNA.
12/2/1328, Agreement. Between the Prior of Bruton and William de Poulet. That William has done homage and fealty to the Prior for the land and tenements which he holds of the Prior in Cherleton Adam and Cherleton Makerel, and upon this the Prior grants common for 14 cattle and 40 sheep in Cherleton Adam and Cherleton Makerel according to the writings of "Willam le fitz Adam de Cherleton" and "Adam le fitz Willam fitz et heir Willam le fitz Adam de Ch'leton" and "Willam le fitz Willam fitz Adam de Ch'leton" made of them to Thomase wife of William de Poulet, and if the number of cattle and sheep exceeds 14 and 40 the Prior may enpark the animals. (S) UKNA.
By 1332, John de Perham's son and heir John (III) was dead, his heir being his sister Thomasia, wife of William Paulet.
6/23/1340, Feoffment with warranty. John de Popham to ... Richard de Coker ... appurtenances in Cherlton Adam and Cherlton Makerel in the hundred of Somerton ... between the land of the Prior and Convent of Bruton and the land of William de Paulet, ... (S) UKNA.
1346. Humphrey de Kail and William Paulet jointly held ¼ fee in Charlton Adam.
1348, Humphrey de Kail presented to Chapel of the Holy Gost at Charlton.
6/1348, The Plague reached Dorset, and had spread across England by the end of 1349.
1348, Humphrey de Kail died, succeeded by William Kail.
1348, William Kail died, succeeded by John Kail, a minor.
1349, William Paulet (I) presented twice to the Chapel of the Holy Gost at Charlton.
1349-53, William Paulet (II), grandson of William (I) died before his father, and was succeeded by his son Nicholas Paulet, then a minor. The custody of his son's lands had been granted by William Paulet to Thomas and Nicholas de Panes (brothers to Sir Robert, prior of Bruton and the Convent there.)
1353, Nicholas Panes presenting as guardian of Nicholas Paulet.
1/18/1358, Thomas de Panes and Nicholas de Panes ... Actions real and personal which they had against the Prior and Convent by reason of the custody of the lands and tenements which were of William Poulet in Ch'leton Ada' and Makerel and which may fall to the Prior and Convent by reason of the minority of Nicholas son and heir of William. (S) UKNA.
1358, Thomas and Nicholas de Panes conveyed custody of the lands to Bruton priory, who granted the wardship to Sir John FitzPayn and Peter de Wenyete.
1362, Sir John Beauchamp of Lillesdon presenting during minority of Nicholas Paulet.
1383-84, John succeeded by Thomas Kail.
1394-95, Thomas was succeeded by his sister Idoney, wife of John Paulet, who had 2 sons John and Thomas.
1401, The Crown presented at Charlton as guardian of the heir of Idony.
1403, The Crown presented at Charlton as guardian of the heir of Idony.
1412, Nichols Paulet living, the lands united with those held by the Kail and Paulet families.
1413, Both John and Thomas Paulet died.