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Friday, April 24, 2020

Duke Conan I ‘le Tort’ of Rennes & Duchess Ermengarde of Anjou

~945, Conan born in Brittany, s/o of §§Comte Judicaël de Rennes & Ctss Gerberge de Hunebourg.
~960, Ermengarde born in Brittany, d/o 3025764352. Comte Geoffrey of Anjou & 3025764353. Ctss Adela de Meaux.
By 970, Conan’s father died.
973, Conan I married to Ermengarde [Conan’s 2nd marriage].
988, Conan I of Rennes killed Count Guerech of Nantes [succeeded by his son Alan.]
5/990, Conan I of Rennes seized Nantes, a city of Fulk’s (1512882176, brother of Ermengarde) ally Alan, Count of Nantes, who was killed in the attack. Conan crowned himself Duke of Brittany.
7/28/990, Conan gave the lands of Villamée, Lillele and Passille to Mont Saint-Michel.
992, 992, Duke Richard I of Normandy (3025764384) allied with Conan I of Rennes.
7/27/992, Fulk of Anjou  defeated and killed Conan I of Rennes in open combat at the battle of Conquereuil [about 40 miles north of Nantes]. Conan prepared defenses, digging of pits and filling them with water. Conan also built a rampart across the field, protected on either side by swampy ground. Fulk’s initial attack failed. Fulk called on his reserve forces, [he had a larger army] which won the battle. [Fulk did penance “for the great slaughter of Christians which occurred on the plain”.]
(S) FMG.
Children of Conan and ?:
i. Geoffrey de Bretagne, born ~970 in Brittany
992, Geoffrey succeeded his father.
7/20/1008, Geoffrey died. [Conan I’s parentage confirmed by the Chronico Sancti Michaelis which records the death of his grandson ‘Gaufridus Dux Britanniæ filius Conani filii Juhelli Berengarii’.]
Child: Duke Alain III of Brittany (b.997, d.10/1/1040).
Child of Conan and Ermengarde:
ii. Judith de Bretagne (1512882193), born ~980 in Brittany.

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