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Friday, April 24, 2020

Duke Richard I of Normandy & Mistress Gunnora ?

3025764384. Duke Richard I of Normandy & 3025764384. Mistress Gunnora ?
933, Richard ‘the Fearless’, born in Normandy, s/o 6051528768. Comte William Longsword of Normandy. [At his birth, William ordered his infant son be sent immediately to ‘Baiocas ... episcopo Henrico’ for baptism as ‘Richardum.’]
6/19/936, King Louis IV ‘d’Outremen’ succeeded Rudolf as King of the West Franks.
12/17/942, Richard’s father killed.
Aft. 942, King Louis IV marched on Rouen and captured Richard, who was taken to Laon.
942-43, Richard was freed by ‘Osmundus ... consilio cum Yvone patre Willelmi de Belismo’ and taken to ‘Silvanectis’ where ‘Bernardus ... comes’ protected ‘nepotem suum Richardum.’
942-43, ‘Osmundus’, in support of Richard, defeated the army of Otto I, King of Germany, after an attempt to capture Rouen in revenge for the escape of Count Richard.
944, Hugues, Duc des Francs, supported [temporarily] King Louis’ attack on Normandy.
945, Hugues, Duc des Francs, captured King Louis IV and helped Richard regain Rouen.
~948, Emma born in Normandy.
By 954, King Louis granted the land of the Normans to Richard [‘filio ipsius Willelmi, nato de concubina Brittana’]; becoming Richard I ‘Sans Peur’ Comte de Normandie.
9/12/954, King Lothair succeeded King Louis IV as King of the West Franks.
~955, Gunnora born in Normandy.
956, Richard betrothed to Emma, d/o Hugues, Duc des Francs [sister of future King Hugh Capet]. As part of the arrangement, Hugues Duc des Francs nominated comte Richard as guardian of his son Hugues.
6/16/956, Hugues, Duc des Francs died; succeeded by his son Hugh Capet [future king], still a minor.
 [–––Richard & Emma–––]
960 at Rouen, Richard married 1st to Emma.
960-61, Count Richard I accepted in Normandy a party of monks from Ghent which were given the site of Fontanelle where they began a house in honor of Saint-Wandrille.
961, Count Richard and King Lothair at war. King Lothaire captured Evreux.
962, On the river Deppe, Comte Richard, allied with his Viking relatives, defeated the forces of Thibaut II of Blois, who was allied with King Lothair.
By 965, Comte Richard suppressed the rebellion of Rodulf ‘Torta’, who was banished and fled to Paris.
965, Richard and the Vikings re-captured Evreux.
965, Richard ‘the fearless’ made a pact with King Lothair at Gisors; ending 4 years of war in the province.
966, Richard began using the title ‘marchio Normannorum’ [Marquis des Normandy] in the charter by which King Lothair re-established the community of Mont St-Michel. (S) The Normans, Crouch, 2006, P19.
968, Richard I recognized Duke Hugh Capet [his brother-in-law] as his overlord.
968, Duke Hugh and Count Richard restored the lands of the abbey of St-Denis. (S) The Normans, Crouch, 2006, P20.
968, Emma died without surviving children; her effects given to the poor and the monasteries.
[–––Richard & Gunnora–––]
~973, Richard married 2nd Gunnora [his mistress, d/o a forester] with the approval of his barons.
973, The Cathedral of Chartres burned during hostilities between Duke Richard and Thibaut II of Blois. (S) French Cathedrals, Winkles, 1837, P66.
~976, Richard I began the church of Benedictines at Saint Ouen [destroyed by fire in 1136]. (S) Arch. Tour in Normandy, Knight, 1836, P26.
977, Richard’s nemesis, Thibaut II of Blois died.
978, Richard I helped reconcile Arnulf II of Flanders with King Lothair. (S) Friends, Family and Allies, Tanner, 2004, P41.
~979, Richard I installed a community of clergy at Fecamp [a 7th century monastery that had been used as a prison. Richard had recruited Mayeul of Cluny, who declined saying the Normans were ‘barbaric and savage men, who destroy rather than build holy temples.’]
980, King Lothair, without Duke Hugh’s input, made a peace agreement with King Otto II of Germany. Duke Hugh called all his vassals together, including Count Richard, to address the terms of the agreement.
12/7/983, Otto II King of Germany died; leaving a 3-year old as his successor. King Lothair attacked Lotharingia; but Duke Hugh and Count Robert refused to participate.
6/8/986, Louis V ‘the Lazy’ succeeded King Lothair of the West Franks.
987, Dudo of St.-Quentin, a monk from Vermandois, and a visitor to Richard’s court, described him as an old man, tall, thick eyebrows and a long white beard. (S) The Normans, Crouch, 2006, P22.
7/3/987, Hugh [Capet] succeeded Louis V [Carolingian] as King of the West Franks.
988, Dudo of St.-Quentin sent by Albert, the count of Vermandois, to Richard I of Normandy requesting that he intercede on Albert’s behalf with King Hugh Capet. (S) Religion , Text and Society, Burman, 2002, P303.
990, Richard I self-styled himself as ‘count and consul’ in a charter to Fecamp.
3/1/991, Richard agreed to a non-aggression pact with Æthelred II King of England to prevent either side from sheltering Viking marauders. (S) Swein Forkbeard’s Invasions, Howard, 2003, P55. [991, Pope John XV wrote about this reconcilation in a letter.]
Aft. 6/991, Fulk Nerra, with King Hugh of France, Bouchard of Vendome, and Richard, count of Normandy, in capturing Melun and Chateaudun [where the defeated were treated severely].
992, Duke Richard allied with Conan I of Rennes (3025764386).
994, Duke Richard commissioned Dudo of St.-Quentin to write a history of the rulers of Normandy. (S) Medieval Scandinavia, Pulsiano, 1993, P144. [Richard’s illegitimate son Rodulf – ‘Raoul d’Ivry’, is named as ‘the relator of this work.’]
11/20/996, Richard became sick and died at Bayeux; buried at Fecamp.
1024-6, ‘Duke Richard [II]’ donated property to the abbey of Mont Saint-Michel, subscribed by ‘Gonnor matris comitis.’
(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) Fulk Nerra, Bachrach, 1993. (S) Architectural Antiquities of Normandy, Cotman, 1822. (S) Dukes of Normandy, Duncan, 1839. (S) Companion to the Anglo-Norman World, Harper-Bill, 2007. (S) Imaging the Sacred Past, Herrick, 2007.
Children of Richard and Emma:
i. Emma of Normandy, born ~985 in Normandy.
1002, Emma married King Aethelred II of England (3025764408). [See King Aethelred for her life details.]
Children of Richard and Mistress Gunnora:
iii. Richard II of Normandy (1512882192), born ~975 in Normandy.
iv. Maud of Normandy, born ? in Normandy.
1003-4, Maud married to Eudes II, count of Blois, gs/o Thibaut II of Blois [no children.]

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