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Friday, April 24, 2020

Comte Geoffrey d’Anjou & Ctss Adela de Meaux

938-40, Geoffrey [‘Greymantle’ or ‘Greygown’] d’Anjou born s/o §§Comte Foulques II ‘le Bon’ d’Anjou & Ctss Gerberge ?.
~939, Adela born in France, d/o §§Comte Robert de Meaux et de Troyes & Ctss Adelais de Bourgogne (b.914).
11/11/958, Geoffrey’s father died.
9/960, ‘Gausfredi comitis’ subscribed the charter by which Aremburgis donated property to Saint-Florent de Saumur.
~958, Geoffrey married Adela.
6/19/966, ‘Gaufridus … Andecavorum comes’ names ‘patris mei Fulconis, matris quoque meæ Gerbergæ’ in a charter.
967-68, Adela’s father died.
971, Geoffrey helped the viscomital house of le Mans and the lords of Bellême put their relative in the episcopal chair at le Mans.
3/6/974, Adela donated property to Saint-Aubin d’Angers naming ‘seniore meo Gauzfredo comite’; subscribed by ‘Gauzfredi comitis, Fulconis filii eius, Gauzfredi filii eius.’
974, Adela died.
976, Fulk with his father at the court of Duke Hugh Capet at Orleans. 
By 3/979, Geoffrey married 2nd Adelais ?, widow of Lambert, comte de Chalon. [Adelais and Lambert had a son Hugh, count of Chalon. Geoffrey and Adelais had a son Maurice, half-brother to Hugh, and half-brother to Fulk.]
10/18/984, ‘Gauzfredi comitis, Adaleidis comitissa’ subscribed a charter.
985, Fulk with his father at Loches in the Touraine for the dedication of a church to St. Mary.
8/20/985 at Angers, Fulk attended a court of his father.
3/2/986, King Lothair succeeded by his son King louis V.
7/21/987, Count Geoffrey died during a siege of Marcon.
Family notes:
§§Comte Foulques II ‘le Bon’ d’Anjou, s/o §§Comte Foulques I ‘le Roux’ d’Anjou & Ctss Roscille de Loches.
Child of Geoffrey and Adela:
i. Ermengarde of Anjou (3025764387), born ~960 in Anjou.
ii. Fulk III Nerra of Anjou (1512882176), born 970 in Anjou.

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