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Friday, April 24, 2020

Comte Odo I of Blois & Ctss Bertha de Bourgogne

943-44, Odo [Eudes I] born in Blois, s/o §§Comte Thibaut II of Blois (b.913, m.943, d.975) & Ctss Luitgardis of Vermandois [Carolingian. See (9876543210).]
9/12/954, King Lothair succeeded King Louis IV as King of the West Franks.
964-5, Bertha  born in Burgundy, d/o §§King Conrad I of Burgundy [Welf, (d.10/19/993)] & Queen Mathilde of France [(b.941), Carolingian, See (9876543210).]
By 962, Odo’s eldest brother Thibaut killed in battle; Odo became the successor [his older brother Hugh became Archbishop of Bourges – died 986.]
975, Odo’s father died.
978, Eudes I, comte de Blois, Chartres, Tours and Meaux. (S) Coinage of the European Continent, V1, Hazlitt, P282.
979, Count Odo of Blois  issued a charter that concluded with the phrase ‘enacted publicly in the city of Tours.’ (S) Lordship in the County of Maine, Barton, 2004, P117.
[–––Odo & Bertha–––]
~980, Odo married Bertha [neice of King Lothair.] (S) Capetians, Bradbury, 2007, P42.
2/977, ‘Odo comes’ signed a charter of Chartres Saint-Père.
10/977, ‘Odoni comitis’ signed a charter relating to Bourgeui.
2/5/978, Property donated to ‘Sancti Petri’ with the consent of … ‘comite Odone.’
By 983, Odo’s maternal uncle Herbert ‘the old’ died. Odo and his cousin Herbert ‘the young’ shared the inheritance of the lands northeast of Paris [the Vermandois.] (S) France in the Making, Dunbabin, 2000, P191.
983, ‘Heriberti Trecassini et Oddonis comitis filii Tedbaldi’ were enemies of ‘Adelbero Remonis archiepiscopus.’
985, ‘Ottonem’ and ‘Heribertum’ made peace with the archbishop.
Aft. 985, Odo’s mother died.
6/8/986, Louis V ‘the Lazy’ succeeded King Lothair of the West Franks.
986, ‘Odo comes’ restored ‘villam ... Culturas’ to Marmoutier, subscribed by ‘Berte comitissæ uxoris eius, majoris filii eius Teutboldi.’ [Odo & Berte – Odo’s father and mother.]
986-7, Odo and Herbert part of the council of the Queen of France.
7/3/987, Hugh [Capet] succeeded Louis V [Carolingian] as King of the West Franks.
989, ‘Odonis comitis [Odo I], Rotberti filii eius [eldest son], Tetbaldi filius eius [2nd son], Odonis alterius filius [Odo II-Eudes], Hugonis vicecomitis Castridunensis, Raherii de Montigniaco’ subscribed the by which ‘Robert Vicomte de Blois’ donated property to the abbey of Evron.
990, Odo and King Hugh Capet made a peace agreement. (S) Fulk Nerra, Bachrach, 1993, P38.
991, King Hugh Capet gave Odo the county of Dreux. (S) Capetians, Bradbury, 2007, P77.
991, Foulques Nerra (1512882176) asked Eudes, Count of Blois, for permission to build a shelter for his hunting dogs on Eudes's land. (S) Road from the Past, Caro, 1996, P158. [Foulques turned the ‘shelter’ into the fortress of Langeais.]
992 at Orsay, Bouchard of Vendôme, and Geoffrey, count of the Gâtinais, engaged and defeated the army of Odo I of Blois.
4-5/993, Odo and Bishop Adalbero of Laon arranged a meeting at Metz with King Hugh of France and his son Robert, intending to take them prisoner [which was unsuccessful because the conspiracy was uncovered by the King].
5/20/994, Odo encamped at Tours.
6/994, Odo began a siege of Langeais, where Fulk was in personal command of the defending forces.
9/994, King Hugh of France supported Fulk’s campaigning by relieving the siege of Langeais by Odo I of Blois, who became ill.
995, Odo began a 2nd siege of Langeais.
[Undated], ‘Odonis comitis filii Theobaldi comitis’ subscribed the charter by which Ragnfred, Bishop of Chartres, donated property to Chartres Saint-Père.
7/4/995, Odo died; buried at the Abbaye de Saint Martin, Marmoutier, Tours.
996, Confirmation by ‘comitissæ Berthæ’ of the donation by ‘Odo comes’ of property for the construction of the abbey of Bourgeuil, with the consent of ‘filiorum suorum Teobaldi.’ [Odo’s elder brother.]
Aft. 10/996, Odo’s mother remarried to her cousin, King Robert II “the pious” of France. [Not approved by the church.]
998, Pope Gregory V called on King Robert to repudiate his wife on grounds of consanguinity.
1001, King Robert refused to divorce Bertha, and the kingdom of France was excommunicated.
9/1001, Queen Bertha formally divorced from King Robert.
8/1003, King Robert designated Bertha’s eldest son Theobald as bishop of Chartres.
1004, ‘Bertæ reginæ, Odonis comitis filii eius’ subscribed the charter of ‘Gislebertus prepositus.’
1005, ‘Odonis comitis, Ermengardis uxoris eius, Bertæ reginæ’ subscribed the charter by which ‘comitem Odonem’ donated property to ‘Sancti Petri.’
1008, Robert, accompanied by his 2nd wife Bertha, travelled to Rome to seek a divorce from Constance and remarriage to Bertha. [Which was denied.]
10/1010, Queen Bertha [Odo’s mother] and Odo accepted an invitation to the the court of Duke William of Aquitaine.
Aft. 5/1012, Bertha died. (S) England Under the Angevin Kings, V1, Norgate, 1887, P155.
(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.
Child of Eudes and Bertha:
i. Eudes II of Blois (1279354120), born 983 in Blois. [3rd son]

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