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Friday, April 24, 2020

Treasurer William de Breteuil & Lady Adeline de Montfort

2555189250. Treasurer William de Breteuil & 2555189251. Lady Adeline de Montfort
~1040, William born in Normandy, s/o 1272928378. William fitz Osbern & 1272928379. Adeliza de Tony.
~1045, Adeline born in Normandy, d/o §§Seigneur Hugh de Montfort-sur-Risle.
1060, ‘Guillelmus filius Osberti and Guillelmus filius Guillelmi filiii Osberti’ witnessed the charter by which William, duke of Normandy, granted Brenerias to the abbey of Bayeux.
[––William & Adeline––]
~1063, William married Adeline.
3/20/1066, Haley’s comet appeard in the sky at its closest point to earth, and was interpreted as an evil omen.
10/25/1066, William the Conqueror crowned King of England.
1068, ‘Willelmus comes filius Osberni dapiferi [steward of the king]’ made donations to Sainte-Trinite de Rouen, confirmed by his son William of Breteuil.
2/22/1071, William’s father killed at the battle of Cassel.
1072, William succeeded to the lands in France; his younger brother Robert [becoming earl of Hereford] inherited the lands in England.
1075, Roger, earl of Hereford [William’s brother], conspired with his brother-in-law Raoul de GaĆ«l, Earl of Norfolk against King William. [Roger forfeited his lands in England and was imprisoned for the rest of his life.]
1077, William of Breteuil [among many others] listed in both of the abbey of Bec’s ‘pancarte’; one issued by King William of England, the other by King Philip of France. (S) Battle Conference, 1998, P182.
1078, Robert, s/o King William, rebelled claiming the duchy of Normandy as the gift of his father. Robert was supported by Robert of Belesme, William of Breteuil, Roger of Bienfaite, and Robert Mowbray. (S) Constitutional History of England, V1, Stubbs, 1889, P319.
1080, ‘Guillelmus de Bretolio filius Guillelmi comitis’ donated revenue to the monks of Saint-Evroult.
1081-2 at Breteuil, King William of England betrothed his daughter Adela to Stephen-Henri of Blois. (S) Aristocratic Women in Medieval France, Evergates, 2011, P14.
1087, Eustace III of Boulogne and his father, as well as Robert, Count of meulan, witnessed a grant to Bec by William of Breteuil [granting freedom of toll and customs.] (S) Norman Institutions, Haskins, 1918, P68.
9/26/1087, William Rufus crowned King of England; succeeding William the Conqueror. His elder brother Robert became Duke of Normandy.
1088-89, Robert, count of Meulan, claimed the Norman frontier castle of Ivry-la-Bataille in right of his father. The castle was held by William of Breteuil.
1089, ‘Ascelinus cognomento Goellus’ captured ‘arcem Ibreii’ from ‘Guillelmo Bretoliensi domino suo’ and surrendered it to Duke Robert fo Normandy, who resold it back to Guillaume de Breteuil for ‘MD libras’, triggering a lengthy war.
1089, ‘Willelmus de Bretoil’ witnessed the charter by which Robert III, Duke of Normandy, confirmed the restoration of the monastery of Saint-Vigor near Bayeux.
2/1090, William of Breteuil defeated by the forces of Roger de Toeni and Ascelin Gouel in which William and many other nobles were taken captive.
6/1090, Ascelin released William of Breteuil for a ransom of 3000 livres, and the agreements that Ascelin would marry his daughter, and Roger de Tony, his cousin, would be named his heir, and he had to give the castle of Yvery to Ascelin.
11/1090, William of Breteuil aided Duke Robert in suppressing a rebellion in the city of Rouen.
2/1091, Ascelin Gouel found an ally in Richard de Montfort after his brother Amaury de Montfort was killed by forces of  William of Breteuil. (S) Robert Curthose, Aird, 2011, P130.
1091, William of Breteuil fortified the monastery of St. Mary, near Yvery. [Roger de Tony and many other nobles had left on crusade.]
7/1091, Ascelin Gouel captured the fortified monastery of St. Mary.
1091-92, Ralph de Tony sought the help of his northern allies Stephen of Aumale and Gerard of Gournay. Ralph captured his nephew William of Breteuil, s/o his sister Adeliza.
1091-2, William paid a ransom of £3000-Norman, and forfeit of his inheritance to Ralph de Tony’s oldest son Roger [who would die leaving his younger brother Ralph as his heir].
1092, Robert of Belleme arranged a [short-lived] peace agreement between William de Bretevil and Ascelin Gouel. (S) Sussex County Mag., V11, 1937, P709.
1093-94, William of Breteuil and Ascelin Gouel continued to wage war.
1094, William of Breteuil paid 700 livres to King Philip of France for his aid against Ascelin Gouel. [William also supported by the clergy.]
1095, William of Breteuil commanded a great force that besieged Ascelin Gouel at Breherval. Robert de Belesme (756472972) was another commander of the siege forces. (S) Peerage of England, Collins, 1812, P325.
1095, After a 2-month siege, a peace agreement restored the castle of Yvery to William of Bretevil [which Ascelin would eventually get in right of his wife]; Ascelin kept the castle of Breherval.
1097, Duke Robert of Normandy [possible heir to English crown, and older brother of Henry Beauclerc] left on the 1st crusade to the holy lands with many knights and nobles.
8/2/1100, Henry Beauclerc [King Henry I] possibly complicit in the death of his brother King William II on a hunting trip in New Forest. Willima de Breteuil a member of the hunting party. (S) The Normans, Crouch, 2006, P154. [Henry’s brother William had been a very unpopular king. Henry left his body with servants and rode overnight to London.]
8/1100 in London, Before the coronation of King Henry, William of Breteuil, treasurer, had said that they should wait for the return of Duke Robert, Henry’s older brother, to do homage [4/1091, Henry, besieged at Mont-Saint-Michel by his brothers, had agreed to not be in succession in England or Normandy – though he would ultimately conquer both.] Henry drew his sword and silenced William.  [William was not at the coronation on the 5th.]
8/5/1100, Henry I crowned King of England.
1/12/1102, William died; buried at the monastery of Lire, Normandy.
(S) Peerage of England, Collins, 1812, P323ff. (S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.
Child of William and Adeline:
i. Isabella de Breteuil (1277594625), born ~1065 in Normandy.
Child of William and ?:
i. Eustace de Pacy, born ? in Normandy. [Natural son]
1103, Eustace married Juliane, natural d/o King Henry I of England.
2/1119, Juliane, d/o King Henry, married to Eustace de Breteuil of Pacy, attempted to kill her father with a crossbow during the assault of the castle of Breteuil. [King Henry had allowed her hostaged daughters to be blinded.]
1119, Juliane’s full-brother interceeded on her behalf with King Henry. Eustace allowed to keep Pacy.
1130, ‘Eustach de Britolio’ in Wiltshire.
2/1136, Eustace died; Juliane became a nun at Fontrevraud.

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