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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Duke Hugues Capet des Francs & Duchess Hedwig of Germany

6051528792. Duke Hugues Capet des Francs & 6051528793. Duchess Hedwig of Germany
~897, Hugues born in France, s/o §§King Robert I Capet des Francs (b.866) & Queen Beatrix de Vermandois (b.~880).
914, Hugues recognized as the heir to his father’s lands.
[–––Hugues & Judith–––]
914, Hugues married Judith, d/o Robert, comte du Maine & Rothilde [Carolingian.]
~915, Hedwig born in Germany, d/o §§King Heinrich I of Germany & Queen Mathilde Immedinger. [Sister of Otto I, King of the east Franks.]
922, ‘Rotbertus’ sent ‘filium suum Hugonem’ with an army of Franks ‘in regnum Lotharii ... propter Capraemontum Gislberti castrum’ where he relieved the siege led by King Charles III.
6/15/923 at Soissons [20 mi. WNW of Reims], Hugues with his father in battle against Charles III. Hugues and Herbert II of Vermandois went on the win the battle. [Charles III was later captured and imprisoned by Herbert. Charles’ son, Louis, escaped overseas to England.]
7/13/923, Hugues declined the succession to the kingdom of France; Raoul, duke of Burgundy [married to his sister Emma], being elected King.
923, Hugues chose a life in the clergy, becoming the Abbot of Saint-Marint. [From which it is believed he became called ‘Capet’ for the hood worn by lay abbots.]
924, The Vikings and Normans made a series of raids on west France, attacking Hugues at Blois and Angers.
924-5, Hugh and King Raoul attacked the invading Vikings-Normans at Nantes. (S) History of the Vikings, Kendrick, 2004, P224.
925, Hugh the Great negotiated a [short-lived] truce with the Normans which excluded the lands of Adalulf of Boulogne, Arnulf of Flanders, Raoul de Gouy, and Helgaud of Ponthieu: ‘Hugo, filius Rotberti, pactum securitatis accepit a Nordmannis, …’ [All named persons had fought with King Raoul against the Normans.]
926, ‘l´abbé Hugues’ granted ‘la ville de Mons … dans le pays de Melun’ to ‘la reine Emma sa sœur, fille du roi Robert.’
926, Hugh the Great sent an embassy led by Adalulf of Boulogne to negotiate a marriage with the sister of Adalulf’s cousin, King Athelstan of Wessex.
[–––Hugues & Eadhild–––]
926, Hughes married Eadhild, d/o Edward I ‘the Elder’, King of Wessex & Ælfleda ?. [Hugues sent gifts to King Æthelstan including spices, jewels, horses, 3 holy relics, and a gold crown.]
927, Hugh the Great attacked the Vikings in Brittany. After 5 weeks, the Vikings agreed to a truce, giving hostages, and being allowed to remain in control of Nantes. (S) History of the Vikings, Kendrick, 2004, P224.
929, King Charles III died a prisoner.
930, Count Hugh I of Maine witnessed a charter of dux Hugh the Great. (S) Lordship in the County of Maine, Barton, 2004, P82.
3/26/931, ‘Hugo rector Abbatiæ sancti Martini’ names ‘genitoris nostri Rotberti quondam regis ac genitricis nostræ domnæ Beatricis.’
931, Hugh supported King Raoul against Hebert de Vermandois, burning his fortress of Chateau-Thierry. [Herbert being Hugh’s brother-in-law.]
934, Hugues’ sister Queen Emma died. (S) Collected Historical Works, Palgrave, 1919, P77.
935, Hugues a participant in the defensive treaty between Burgundy, France and Germany against the Hungarians. [The Hungarians from east Asia had advanced as far as Toulouse, and threatened Burgundy.]
1/15/936, On the death of King Raoul, Hugues once more declined succession. Hugues negotiated the return from England of the Carolingian Prince Louis [his wife’s nephew], son of King Charles III. [Hugues was count of Paris; lord of Neustria; held the counties of Paris, Etampes, Tours, Angers, Poitiers and Orleans; and was the ‘pagi’ of Blois, Chartres and Chateaudun; overlord of Normandy, Vendome, Dreux, Meulan and Beauvais; and held lands in Berry and Maine.]
6/19/936, Louis d’Outremer [‘from overseas’] crowned King Louis IV of the west Franks. [The same year the coronation of Otto I King of the east Franks.]
7/936, Hugues and King Louis [age 16] attacked Hugh the Black at Langres, and forced him to cede the counties of Langres, Troyes and Sens.
7/25/936, Royal charter subscribed by Hugues, ‘dux francorum/Duc des Francs,’ identified by the king as ‘notre second dans tous nos royaumes.’
12/25/936, Royal charter subscribed by Hugues, ‘dux francorum/Duc des Francs.’
[–––Hugues & Hedwig–––]
5/9/937, Hughes married Hedwig.
9/14/1137, ‘Hugues abbé de Saint-Martin’ donated ‘son alleu de Lach y… dans le comté de Meaux’, inherited from ‘comte Aledramnus’, to Tours Saint-Martin which names ‘sa femme Havis.’
938, Flodoard refers to ‘sororem Othonis regis Transfhenensis, filiam Heinrici’ as the wife of ‘Hugo princeps, filius Roberti’, without naming her, recording their marriage.
938, Hugues lost Laon to King Louis IV.
9/939, Hugh the Great entered into a compact with Otto I of the east Franks, Herbert of Vermandois, William Longsword of Normandy, and Arnulf of Flanders against King Louis IV. (S) Cambridge Medieval History, V3, Bury.
940, Hugues Capet and Herbert II of Vermandois captured Reims.
941, Hugues defeated King Louis IV in battle, who took refuge in Vienne.
942, William Longsword, duke of Normandy, assassinated; succeeded by a minor. [William s/o Rollo the Viking.]
942, Hugues Capet, Herbert II of Vermandois and Otto I allied [temporarily] against Louis IV. [Then another sister of Hedwig and Otto, Gerberga, married King Louis IV.]
942-3, Otto I instrumental in bringing peace between Hugh Capet and King Louis IV.
943, Herbert II of Vermandois died [succeeded by a minor.]
943, King Louis gave suzerainty of all of French Burgundy to Hugh the Great [making Hugh the Black his vassal.]
944, Hugues, Duc des Francs, supported [temporarily] King Louis’ attack on Normandy [having been offered Bayeux if it was captured.] King Louis then negotiated with the Normans a deal that would not gain Hughes the town of Bayeux.
945, King Louis and Herluin of Ponthieu attacked the forces of Hugh and Herbert le Vieux, count of Omois, at Reims.
945, Hugues, Duc des Francs, [possibly] involved in the capture King Louis IV by the Normans at Rouen; and helped Richard I of Normandy regain Rouen.
945, Hugues rescued King Louis, but had Theobald of Chartres hold him captive.
7/946, Hugues released King Louis who ceded him Laon.
946, King Louis recaptured Reims from Hugh.
947, Hugues summoned to a church council at Verdun but did not attend. [All the bishops attending were from opponent alliances.]
947-8, Hugues Capet [unsuccessfully] besieged Reims.
947, Hugues summoned to a church council at Mouzon but did not attend.
948, Hugues excommunicated for failing to attend the councils.
949, King Louis recaptured Laon from Hugh.
950, Hugues besieged Amiens.
950, Hugues made peace with the church and submitted to King Louis IV as his overlord. Hugues got Laon, except the citadel; and Louis got Reims.
952, Hugh the Black died; his Burgundy lands given to Count Giselbert.
953, Hugues renewed his submission to King Louis IV as his overlord.
9/12/954, King Lothair succeeded King Louis IV as King of the West Franks.
4/956, Duc Hugues, also lord of Aquitaine, succeeded Duke Giselbert as Duke of Burgundy.
956, Hugh arranged for Richard I of Normandy, betrothed to his daughter Emma, to be the guardian of his son Hugh Capet.
6/16/956, Hugues ‘the Great’ died; buried église de l'Abbaye royale de Saint-Denis.
958, ‘rex [Hugh] et mater sua et Ugo filius Ugonis et mater sua’ attended a hearing ‘apud Marziacum vicum iuxta Nevernis … contra Guillelmum comitem Aquitaniæ post missa sancti Martini.’
(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) The Capetians, Bradbury, 2007. (S) Families, Friends and Allies, Tanner, 2004.
Family notes:
920, Robert of Neustria with Gilbert of Lorraine defeated Charles III ‘the Simple’ in battle.
922, Robert of Neustria defeated Charles III ‘the Simple’ in battle.
6/29/922, Robert of of Neustria elected §§King Robert I of France.
Child of Hugues and Hedwig:
i. Beatrix of France, born ? in France.
954, Beatrix married Duke Frederic I of Upper Lotharingia.
7/978, Frederick died.
1003, Beatrix died.
ii. Hugh Capet (3025764396), born 940 in France.

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