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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

King Pepin ‘the Short’ & Queen Bertrada of Laon

9876543210. King Pepin ‘the Short’ & Queen Bertrada of Laon
Pepin (b.714, d.9/24/768)
Bertrada of Laon (b.720, d.7/12/783)
Child of Pepin & Bertrade:
Charlemagne’s [¯] son Pepin’s ancestry; [®] son Louis’ ancestry

Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne of France (b.4/2/748).
768, Charlemagne became co-King of the Franks on the death of his father, with his brother Carloman I.
771, Charlemagne married Empress Hildegard of the Vinzgau (b.757-8, d.783)
771, Charlemagne became King of the Franks on the death of his brother.
774, Charlemagne became King of the Lombards. [Northern Italy.]
12/25/800, Charlemagne crowned Holy Roman Emperor by Pope Leo III.
1/28/814 Charlemagne died, succeeded by his son Louis the Pious; buried in Aachen, Germany.
[¯] King Pepin I of Italy  (b.4/773).

781, ‘Carolman’, a minor, crowned Pepin I of Italy.
791, Pepin attacked the Avars of Pannonia [western Hungary].
7/8/810, Pepin, King of Italy, died at Milan before his father. [Pepin became ill at the siege of Venice.]
[®] Emperor Louis the Pious (b.778, d.6/20/840).
781, Louis made King of Aquitaine
813, Louis co-Emperor with his father.
4/9/817, Louis nearly killed when scaffolding he was walking on in the cathedral at Aachen collapsed.
820, Louis married 2nd Empress Judith d/o Count Welf of Altdorf.
[¯] King Bernard of Italy (b.797 in Vermandois, Picardy – northern France).
810, Bernard crowned King of the Lombards.
~815, Bernard married Queen Cunigunda of Laon.
815, Bernard sent to investigate a conspiracy to murder Pope Leo III.
4/17/818, Bernard, king of Italy, died, buried at Milan. [Killed after attempting to overthrough his paternal uncle,  Emperor Louis the Pious.]
[¯] Comte Pepin II of Vermandois (b.817).
834, Pepin also lord of Senlis, Peronne and Saint Quentin.
840, Pepin supported Lothar I against Louis the Pious [his paternal uncle who killed his father.]
Aft. 850, Pepin died.
[®] Emperor Charles the Bald (b.6/13/823, d.10/6/877)
837, King Louis crowned Charles, age 14, King of Alemannia and Burgundy and named him as his successor.
838, Charles crowned King of Aquitaine on the death of his brother Pepin.
840, On the death of their father war broke out between his sons.
6/25/841, Brothers Charles and ‘Louis the German’ defeated their brother Lothair at the Battle of Fontenoy-en-Puisaye.
843, Chales became King of West Francia.
875, Charles became Emperor after the death of Lothair’s son Emperor Louis II.
8/28/876, Charles’ half-brother Louis the German died.
[®] King Louis the Stammerer (b.11/1/846, d.4/10/879)
866, Louis crowned King of Aquitaine.
10/8/877, Louis King of West Francia.
879, Louis died of an illness while defending against invading Vikings.
[¯] Comte Herbert I of Vermandois (b.848-50, 3rd son).
~878, Herbert I married Ctss Lietgardis ?
877, Herbert I at the court of Emperor Charles II ‘le Chauve.’
886-9, Herbert I, Comte de Soissons.
888-9, Herbert I, Comte de Meaux et de Madrie.
~895, Herbert I arranged the marriage of his son Herbert II to Adele, d/o Robert of Neustria [future King Robert I Capet]. Herbert agreed to give his oldest daughter Beatrix as Robert’s 2nd wife.
896, Herbert I became Comte de Vermandois after killing his brother Comte Raoul in battle.
897, Herbert I reconciled with Eudes, King of France.
900, Herbert I repelled the invasion of Baudoin II, count of Flanders.
902, Herbert I, Comte de Meaux, de Soissons et de Vermandois, in battle with Baudoin II, count of Flanders.
907, Herbert I assassinated by Baldwin II, count of Flanders.
Daughter: [Eldest] §§Beatrix de Vermandois (b.~880) married to §§King Robert I Capet of France.
®®Son: Hugues des Francs (6051528792).
[®] King Charles the Simple (3rd son, b.9/17/879 after his father had died, d.10/7/929 as a prisoner.)

898, Charles became King of West Francia.
911, Charles became King of Lotharingia after the death of the last Carolingian king of East Francia.
8/26/911, Charles a victory over invading Vikings near Chartres, Charles gave up land for a peace treaty.
10/7/919, Charles married 2nd Queen Eadgifu of Wessex (b.~900), d/o King Edward the Elder of England [ggf/o (3025764408)]. (S) The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, Garmonsway, 1972.
6/15/923, Charles defeated and captured at the Battle of Soissons.
923, Charles imprisoned by Comte Herbert II of Vermandois. [His cousin.]
[¯] Comte Herbert II of Vermandois (b.~890, d.2/23/943).
~915, Herbert II married Ctss Adela Capet (b.~895), d/o §§King Robert I Capet of France (b.866, d.6/15/923) & Queen Aelis ?.
922, Herbert II took part in the rebellion against King Charles the Simple [his cousin].
6/15/923, near Soissons, Herbert II defeated and captured King Charles the Simple.
924, Comte Héribert II received Péronne from Raoul, King of France.
927, Comte Héribert II captured Eu, and forged an alliance with Comte Rollo, a Viking. The same year, Comte Héribert II unsuccessful in an attempt to capture Laon. [Rollo f/o William Longsword (6051528768).]

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