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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Holy Roman Emperor Henry III & Empress Agnes of Poitou

10/28/1017, Henry born in Germany, s/o §§Holy Roman Emperor Conrad II of Worms (d.1039) & Empress Gisela of Swabia (d.1043).
9/4/1024 at Kamba, Henry’s father elected King of Germany.
1026, Henry made Duke of Bavaria by his father. [Not officially recognized until 7/24/1027.]
2/1027, Henry’s father elected Holy Roman Emperor, and designated Henry as his heir.
4/10/27, Henry in Rome for his father’s coronation.
2/1028, Henry made Duke of Swabia. [The charter identified Henry and the only son.]
4/1028, At the initiative of his father, Henry crowned co-ruler of Germany at Aachen.
~1028, Agnes born in Poitou, d/o 6051529338. William V of Aquitaine & 6051529339. Agnes of Burgundy.
4/6/1029, Bishop Egilbert of Freising replaced deceased Bishop Bruno of Augsburg as Henry’s tutor.
1031, Henry left in Bavaria by his father negotiated and signed a peace treaty with King Stephen I in Hungary.
7/1033, Henry knighted, no longer needing a tutor.
5/18/1035, Henry’s marriage to Gunhilda of Denmark arranged.
1038, Henry called to Italy in support of his father. On the return trip, Gundhilda died of an illness.
1038, Henry made King of Burgundy.
6/4/1039, Henry’s father died. Henry went on a tour of his domains.
8/13/1-39, Henry’s forces ambushed in the Bohemian forest, suffering heavy losses at the Battle of Brudek.
8/15/1040, Henry conducted a successful campaign into Bohemia.
12/1041, Henry spent Christmas at Strasbourg.
9/1042, Henry began negotiations to wed Agnes.
1043, Henry’s mother died.
10/1043, Henry initiated a “Day of Pardon.”
[––Henry & Agnes––]
1043, Henry married Agnes.
7/6/1044, Henry successfully invaded Hungary.
1045, Henry wintered at Speyer while planning an expedition to Lorraine against Godfrey of Upper Lorraine, which was successful.
1046, Henry ended a schism with Pope Clement II.
12/20/1046, Henry held court at Sutri [near Rome.]
12/25/1046, Henry and Agnes crowned Emperor and Empress at Rome.
5/1047, Henry was in Verona, Italy, after which he returned to Germany.
1047-48, Henry had to deal with insurrections in Germany.
1051-52, Henry suffered defeats in Hungary.
10/5/1056, Henry died of an illness at Bodfeld; Agnes becoming Regent to her son.
1057, Empress Agnes took full control of her son on the departure of Pope Victor II, who had come when Henry IV became seriously ill.
1060, Agnes, acting for Henry, sent troops to Hungary in support of Andrew I. [Andrew was defeated and fled to Germany.]
4/1062, The Archbishop of Cologne kidnapped Henry and became the Regent.
1065, Henry IV came of age to make policy decisions.
5/1065, Henry’s mother Agnes returned to her homeland of Poitou. [She would make trips back on various occasions.]
12/14/1077, Agnes died.
Child of Henry and Agnes:
i. Henry IV Hohenstaufen (1512882334), born 11/11/1050 in Gostar, Saxony.

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