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Friday, May 29, 2020

Duke Godfrey III of Upper Lorraine & Duchess Doda-Uda ?

1512883450. Duke Godfrey III of Upper Lorraine & 1512883451. Duchess Doda-Uda ?

By 1020, Godfroi born in Lotharingia, s/o 3025766900. Duke Gozelon I of Upper and Lower Lorraine.

~1020, Doda-Uda born.

4/14/1028, Henry III succeeded as King of Germany.

7/20/1031, Henry I succeeded as King of France.

~1038, Godfrey married Doda-Uda.

By 1040, ‘Adelaydis comitissa uxor quondam … Ludouici comitis’ donated property to Verdun Saint-Vanne subscribed by ‘dux Gozelo et eius filius Godefridus.’

1040, Godfrey’s father appointed him Comte de Verdun.

4/19/1044, Godfrey III succeeded his father as Godefroi II ‘le Barby’, duke of Upper Lotharingia. [Godfrey’s younger brother Gothelo appointed Duke of Lower Lotharingia.]

9/1044, Godfrey, who had rebelled at the partitioning of Lorraine; dispossed of Upper Lorraine and Verdun by King Henry III of Germany.

7/1045, In rebellion, Godrey captured and imprisoned at Schloß Giebichstein [near Halle] with his eldest son by Emperor Henry III. [Godfrey’s eldest son died in prison as a retained hostage.]

1046, King Henry III appointed Frédéric de Luxembourg to succeed Godfrey’s younger brother Gothelo [deceased] as Duke of Lower Lotharingia.

6/1046, Godfrey released by King Henry III and returned Upper Lorraine and Verdun.

10/1046, Godefrio of Upper Lorraine and Baldwin V of Flanders attacked and burned the German royal palace at Nijmegen.

10/25/1046, Godefrio and Baldwin V attacked the town of Verdun.

12/25/1046, Henry III, King of Germany, succeeded as Holy Roman Emperor.

1047, Emperor Henry again dispossed Godfrey of Upper Lorraine; awarding it to Adalbert Graf von Metz.

11/11/1048, Godfrey killed his successor in Upper Lorraine, Adalbert Graf von Metz, in battle.

6/29/1049, Pope Leo IX excommunicated Godfrey and ordered him to surrender.

1049, Godfrey conceded to the Pope’s demands. [Theoderic, Bishop of Verdun, returned the county of Verdun to Godefroi II after he had done penance for his actions. Godfrey was not restored to Upper Lorraine.]

1051, Godefroi, exiled by King Henry III, moved to Italy.

6-7/1054, Godefroi married 2nd Beatrix of Upper Lotharingia, widow of Bonifazio, Marchese of Tuscany [and a distant cousin descended from the dukes of Upper Lorraine.]

1054, Godfrey captured in battle Frederick of Luxembourg, duke of Lower Lorraine.

1055, King Henry III led an expedition into Tuscany, causing Godfrey to flee to Lotharingia. [King Henry captured Beatrix and her daughter Matilda.]

1055, Godfrey  with Baldwin V besieged Antwerp.

6/1056, Godfrey, through Pope Victor II, came to peace with King Henry III [and got back Beatrix and Matilda, who would marry his son Godfrey.]

1056, Godfrey, Count of Tusculum.

10/5/1056, Emperor Henry III, King of Germany, died; succeeded by his son King Henry IV of Germany, age 6.

8/3/1057, Godfrey’s brother Frederick succeeded as Pope Stephen IX.

1057, Godfrey, in Tuscany, enfeoffed with the duchy of Spoleto by Pope Stephen IX, his brother.

3/29/1058, Godfrey’s brother, Pope Stephen IX, died of an illness.

1/24/1059, Godfrey’s favorite, Pope Nicholas II succeeded his brother.

1065, King Henry IV of Germany recalled Godrey as duke of Lower Lorraine after the death of Frederick of Luxembourg.

1065-6, ‘Dux et marchio Godefridus … uxoris mee Beatricis’ confirmed the rights of the church of Verdun Saint-Vanne granted by ‘patre meo Gozelone.’

In Italy, Godefrey blocked the advance on Rome of Robert ‘Guiscard’, Duke of Apulia.

1069, Godefrey, ill, retired to Verdun.

12/24/1069, Godfrey died; buried at Verdun Cathedral.

(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) Les Enfances Godefroi, Mickel, 1999.

Children of Godfrey and Doda:

i. Ida of Lotharingia (756441725), born 1038-43 in Lorraine.

ii. Godfrey ‘the Hunchback’, born ? in Lorraine.

Godfrey married Matilda, d/o Boniface III of Tuscany.

1071, Godfrey and Matilda separated over the ‘investiture controversy.’

1073, Godfrey returned to Lorraine without Matilda.

1074, Godfrey supported King Henry IV in battle with the Saxons.

1075, Godfrey supported King Henry IV of Germany against Magnus, duke of Saxony.

1/24/1076 at Worms, Godfrey a signatory of the deposing of the Pope.

1076, Godfrey supported Dirk V of Holland against Robert le Frisian of Flanders.

2/27/1076 at Vlaardingen, Godfrey assassinated; his designated heir his nephew Godfrey, s/o his sister Ida.

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