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Friday, May 29, 2020

Seigneur Henri ‘le Damoiseau’ de Bourgogne & Dame Sibylla de Barcelona

1512945948. Seigneur Henri ‘le Damoiseau’ de Bourgogne & 1512945949. Dame Sibylla de Barcelona

~1033, ‘Sibylla’ born in Barcelona, Spain, d/o §§Conde Berenguer Ramón ‘el Curvo’ de Barcelona & Condesa Guisle de Ampurias.

~1035, Henri ‘the Gallant’ born in Burgundy, 2nd s/o 1512882502. Robert I of Burgundy & 1512882503. Helie of Samur.

3/1/1043, ‘Robertus … dux et rector inferioris Burgundiæ’ donated property to Saint-Bénigne-de-Dijon, which names ‘Helie uxoris mee … seu filiorum nostrorum Hugonis … atque Heinrici.’

1043-4, ‘Robertus dux Burgundiorum cum uxore mea Helia’ donated ‘terram ... Villare Bichet …’ to Saint-Germain-des-Prés, with the consent of ‘filiorum nostrorum Hugonis et Henrici.’

1048-9, Henri’s father repudiated his mother, who became a nun.

2/2/1053, ‘Robertus dux et duo filii mei Hugo et Henricus’ renounced rights to revenue from land ‘in Gilliaco’ in favour of Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

~1055, Henri married Sibylla.

Aft. 1055, Henri’s mother died.

1059-60, Henry of Burgundy’s older brother Hugues killed in battle.

8/4/1060, Philip I, age 8, succeeded Henry I as King of France.

3/20/1066, Haley’s comet appeard in the sky at its closest point to earth, and was interpreted as an evil omen.

[Undated] ‘Henricus Roberti ducis filius Burgundie’ granted rights in the forest of Saint-Julien to the church of Saint-Etienne de Dijon.

1070-74, Henri died before his father.

7/6/1074, Sibylla died.

(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.

Family notes:

‘Sibylla’ may not be her name, nor is her parentage documented in early chronicles.

Children of Henri and Sibylla:

i. Hughes of Burgundy, born ? in Burgundy.

3/18/1076, Hugues succeeded their grandfather as Hugues I, duke of Burgundy.

2/19/1078, ‘Hugo Burgundionum dux’ made a donation to Cluny, subscribed by ‘Oddonis fratris eius, Rotberti alterius fratris eius.’

10/1079, Hugh abdicated; his brother Odo succeeding. Hugues became a monk at Cluny.

8/29/1093, Hugues died; buried at the Abbaye de Cluny, Chapelle de Sainte-Marie.

(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.

ii. Eudes I of Burgundy (756472974), born 1056-57 in Burgundy.

iii. Robert of Burgundy, born 1059 in Burgundy.

1077, Robert became a clerk at Langres.

1080, Robert became archdeacon at Langres.

1080-3, ‘Odo dux Burgundie’ donated the village of Marcenay to the abbey of Molesme with the consent of ‘omnes eius fratres et sorores Robertus, Henricus, Beatrix, Helia.’

1085, Robert became bishop of Langres.

1087, Eudes, duke of Burgundy, fought the Moors in Spain accompanied by his brothers Robert and Henri.

9/18/1111, Robert died; buried at the Abbaye de Molesmes [near Langres].

iv. Henri of Portugal (189110308), born 1069 in Burgundy.

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