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Friday, May 29, 2020

Duke Richard II of Normandy & Duchess Judith de Bretagne & Duchess Papia of Envermeu

1512882192. Duke Richard II of Normandy & 1512882193. Duchess Judith de Bretagne & 1279328323. Duchess Papia of Envermeu.

~975, Richard ‘the Good’ born in Normandy, s/o 3025764384. Richard I of Normandy & 3025764384. Gunnora ?.

3/19/978, Aethelred the Unready became King of England.

~980, Judith born in Brittany, d/o 3025764386. Conan I of Rennes & 3025764387. Ermengarde d’Anjou.

7/3/987, Hugh [Capet] succeeded Louis V [Carolingian] as King of France.

6/27/992, Judith’s father died.

10/24/996, Robert II, the pious, succeeded as King of France.

11/20/996, Richard II ‘the Good’ [le Bon/l'Irascible] succeeded as Count of Normandy. [Richard began his reign by suppressing a peasant revolt.]

 [–––Richard & Judith–––]

~997, Richard married Judith at Mont Saint-Michel.

998, Richard established in his castle at St. Sauveur, with the sanction of Hugh, bishop of Coutnces, a collegiate church of 4 prebends. (S) Architectural Antiquities of Normandy, Cotman, 1822, P13.

999, The Danes assist Richard, count of Normandy, against King Robert of France. (S) Abridgement of the History of England, Thoyras, 1747, P53.

1000, Richard the Good allowed the Viking fleet to winter in Normandy before invading England.

1001, Richard II brought William of Dijon to the abbey of the Holy Trinity at Fecamp as the abbot. (S) Monastic Revivial, Potts, 1997, P28.

1001, Mont St. Michel destroyed by fire.

1002, Count Richard married his sister Emma to Aethelred, King of England.

1002, A peace agreement between King Robert and Count Richard.

4/1003, King Robert of France, supported by Richard, count of Normandy, invaded Burgundy, vying with Otto-William [step-son of Duke Henry]. They laid siege to Auxerre [unsuccessfully] into the summer.

1003, Richard concluded an alliance with King Swein of Denmark. (S) Historium Anglorum, Henricus, 1996, P345.

1004, Richard attended the ceremony at the cathedral of Rouen when [St.] Olaf [future King of Norway], was baptised. (S) Normandy, Home, 1905, P238.

1004, Count Odo II of Blois allied with his brother-in-law Richard, count of Normandy in a coordinated attack on Fulk in Anjou from west and east. [The campaign never occurred, apparently because of King Robert of France.]


~1005, Papia born in France.

1005, Richard’s daughter Maud, married to Odo II of Blois, died childless. Richard wanter her dower, half the county of Dreux, returned; which Odo refused, bringing the two of them to war.

1105-06, Odo II of Blois  and Count Richard ‘the fearless’ in sustained hostilities.

1006, A charter of Richard, count of Normandy, to Fecamp. (S) Monastic Revival, Potts, 1997, P139.

1006-1026, Duke Richard II styled himself as ‘count’ in 9 charters.

6/1006, Baldwin IV of Flanders defeated the forces of King Robert and Count Richard at Valenciennes. (S) Cambridge Medieval History, Vs1-5, Bury.

9/1007, King Robert of France, Odo, count of Blois’s step-father, imposed a settlement between Odo and Richard, count of Normandy.

1008, The Benedictine abbey of Bernay, diocese of Lisieux, found by Judith of Brittany, wife of Richard of Normandy, on her dower lands. (S) Religious Life in Normandy, Hicks, 2007, P166.

1009, King Ethelred of England sent messengers to Richard, count of the Normands, to seek his advice and assisstance. (S) Historium Anglorum, Henricus, 1996, P345.

4/1012, An agreement between the abbots of Jumi├Ęges and Bougeuil concerning an exchange of land in Poitou subscribed by ‘Richardus … filius Ricardi principi magni … Judith …, filius eius Richardus et … mater Richardi comitis Gunnor, uxor comitis Richardi’.

1013, Queen Emma, with her children, sent to the court of her brother, Richard II, after the invasion of England by Svend King of Denmark.

1013, Richard defeated the forces of Odo II at Tillieres. Roger of Tosny and his father Raoul held the castle at Tillieres for Richard.

1013-14, Odo II in conflict with Richard, count of Normandy, over dower lands of his first wife Mathilda; which Richard had confiscated. (S) Monastic Revival, Potts, 1997, P66. [Duke Richard used Viking mercenaries in the war.]

9/1013, [St.] Olav of Norway helps Duke Richard subjugate Brittany.

2/2/1014, Svend ‘Forkbeard’, King of Denmark, who had captured England and caused Richard’s sister Emma to flee to Normandy, died. [1015, Olaf elected King of Norway.]

1014, Richard II, hosted Vikings under the leadership of  [St.] Olaf Helgi  and Lacman at the Christian capital of Rouen.

1015, Richard became ‘Duke of Normandy’.

1015, Richard II., Duke of Normandy, made a grant of the town of Caen by charter to his son-in-law Reynault. (S) Normandy, Scudamore, 1906, P98.

1015, Richard made his half-brother William, count of Eu.

11/30/1016, Cnut became King of Denmark and all of England.

6/16/1017, ‘Judita comitissa’ died. (S) FMG.


1017-8, King Olaf Helgi wintered in Normandy.

1018, An Irish-Danish combined fleet raided Aquitaine, capturing the Countess of Limoges. The Countess was released by the intervention of Duke Richard of Normandy. (S) Viking Pirates, Hudson, 2005, P68.

7/1018, Richard married his sister Emma to King Cnut.

Richard betrothed to [did not marry] 2nd Estrid Svendsdatter, d/o King Cnut of Denmark and England. [Richard quickly repudiated Estrid.]

1019, King Robert of France demanded assisstance from Richard, duke of Normandy, in laying siege to Melun. Richard made and arrangement with some of the inhabitants by which the gates were opened at a specific hour to let him enter as a conqueror. (S) Dukes of Normandy, Duncan, 1839, P57. [They assaulted Melun from both sides.]

1022, Richard began a new structure at Mont St. Michel [which had been destroyed by fire in 1001]. (S) Arch. Tour of Normandy, Knight, 1841, P156.

1022, Odo II’s succession to Champagne was called into question by King Robert. King Robert submitted his quarrel with Odo  to Duke Richard II of Normandy, who summoned both parties to his court [with little success.] (S) Cambridge History of Medieval Political Thought, Burns, 1991, P181.

1023, Duke Richard built the chapel of Our Lady of Grace [at Honfleur – one of the most ancient maritime chapels in Normandy] on a steep his southwest of the town. (S) Mary in Our Life, Santoro, 2011, P192.

By 1024, Duke Richard allowed exiled Roger of Tosny and his father Raoul to return to Normandy.

1024, ‘Ricardus princeps et dux Normannorum, filius Ricardi seniroris’  made donations to Saint-Wandrille.

[––Richard & Papia––]

By 1025, Richard married 2nd Papia ?.

1024, ‘Osbernus et Anfredus fratres’ made donations to Saint-Wandrille subscribed by ‘Riccardi principis Normannorum, Papie comitisse’

1025-6, Duke Richard [II] donated property to the abbey of Mont Saint-Michel, subscribed by ‘Papie uxoris comitis.’

1025-6, Richard, duke of Normandy, intervened on behalf of his son-in-law Renaud de Bourgogne, who had been imprisoned by Hugues de Chalon, by sending troops to devastate Chalon and procure his release.

1025-6, Duke Richard confirmed gifts of his great-grandfather Rollo to Saint-Ouen, Rouen.

1026, As part of Richard the Good’s dying bequest, he gave 100 pounds of gold for the rebuilding of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, and financed a pilgrimage of 700 persons.

8/23/1026, Richard died; buried at Fecamp; his son succeeding as Richard III, duke of Normandy; son Robert succeeded as count of Heimois.

(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.

Children of Richard and Judith:

i. Richard III of Normandy, born ~998 in Normandy.

1/1026, Richard married Adela Capet (756441099).

8/6/1027, Richard died of poisoning.

Son: Nicholas, who became the Abbot of Fecamp.

ii. Robert I of Normandy (756441096), born 6/22/1000 in Normandy.

iii. Adelais de Normandie (1521882497), born ~1005 in Normandy.

Child of Richard and Papia:

i. Alice of Normandy (639664161), born by 1026 in Normandy.

Alice married married §§Viscount Radulfe of Bayeux. Robert of Torigny names ‘… et Aeliz uxorem Ranulfi vicecomitis de Baiocis’ as the children of ‘Ricardo segundo duce Normannum filio primi Ricardil’ (S) FMG.

Son: Viscount Radulfe of Bayeux (319832080) (b.~1045).

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