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Friday, May 29, 2020

Marquis Baldwin IV of Flanders & Marquess Ogive de Luxembourg

1512882196. Marquis Baldwin IV of Flanders & 1512882197. Marquess Ogive de Luxembourg

979, Baldwin born in Flanders, s/o 3025764392. Arnolf II & 3025764393. Rosalie di Ivrea. [Rosalie known in Flanders as ‘Susanna’]

7/3/987, Hugh [Capet] succeeded Louis V [Carolingian] as King of France.

3/30/988, Baldwin’s father died; Baldwin succeeding. Hugues Capet, King of France recognised Baudouin’s claim to all of Flanders, including the part previously taken by King Lothaire.

4/1/988, ‘Baldwinus marchysus cum matre sua Susanna’ [Baldwin’s mother] donated ‘villam Aflingehem … jacentem in pago Tornacinse’ to Saint-Pierre de Gand.

5/988, At the court of King Hugh at Braine-le-Compte, King Hugh Capet championed Baldwin’s succession, which was challenged by his cousin Count Arnulf of Gent.

988, By arrangement of King Hugh, Robert II married Rosalie di Ivrea [Baldwin’s mother]. Rosalie was given Montreuil-sur-Mer by the county of Flanders as her dowry.

988, Baldwin’s mother remarried to Robert II of France [‘rex designatus’ King of France, who later repudiated the marriage. Rosalie then returned to Flanders.]

By 991, Flemings were actively trading [which is known because of the payment of tolls] in London, England. [Flanders would occupy a key position in trading with England throughout the Middle Ages.]

~993, Ogive born in Luxembourg, d/o §§Count Frederic I of Luxembourg (b.965, d.10/6/1019).

993, Arnulf of Gent died; Baldwin assuming control of Gent. [Arnulf’s son Thierry retained Holland.]

By 994, Robert II repudiated Rosalie, who returned to Flanders.

9/994, Baldwin of Flanders was in conflict with Robert II because of his repudiation of his mother; and was allied with Odo I of Blois [who would die the next year] against Fulk Nerra of Anjou.

995, Baldwin was of age and took control of the adminstration of the county.

6/26/995, ‘Susanna regina cum filio suo Baldwino’ donated ‘alodem suum … Atingehem … et in Testereph’ to Saint-Pierre de Gand, for the soul of ‘filie sue Mathildis’.

10/24/996, Robert II, the pious, succeeded as King of France.

11/20/996, Richard II [le Bon/l'Irascible] succeeded as Count of Normandy.

997, Trade by sea increasing, Baldwin erected 2 towers to protect the growing town of Calais. (S) Handbook of Holland, Cook, 1901, P190.

6/7/1002, Henrich II succeeded as King of Germany.

1002, Baldwin made campaigns south of the Schelde against the German-alied towns of Eename, Valenciennes, and Antwerp [trade routes to the North Sea.]

6/1/1003, ‘Susanna regina … cum filio suo Baldwino’ donated ‘alodem suum … in pago Flandrensi … in Holtawa … in Fresnere … in Clemeskirca … in Jatbeka … in Sclefteta’ to Saint-Pierre de Gand.

2/7/1004, Baldwin’s mother died.

1005, Baldwin allied himself with Count Lambert of Hainaut [who had been passed over for a duchy by the King of Germany.]

6/1006, Baudouin and Lambert captured the city of Valenciennes. (S) Cambridge Medieval History, Vs1-5, Bury.

8/1006 at Meuse, King Robert II of France met with King Henry II of Germany and formed an alliance against Counts Baldwin and Lambert.

9/1006, At a stalemate at Valenciennes, a truce called between the waring factions.

7/1007, At the end of the agreed period of the truce, King Heinrich II invaded Flanders and captured Gent; taking many of Baldwin’s nobles hostage.

10/1007, at Aachen, Baldwin submitted to King Henry II as his overlord; getting his hostages returned, promising to protect the royal peace, and agreed to marry a neice of Germany’s Queen Kunigunde, Otgive.

1008, Count Lambert of Hainaut, still in conflict with King Henry, now attacked [unsuccessfully] Baldwin at Cambrai.

 [–––Baldwin & Otgive–––]

1012, Baldwin married Ogive.

1012, Baldwin, in alliance with the German King, installed a new bishop of Cambrai, and enfeoffed him with the islands of Zeeland.

1013, Count Lambert of Hainaut attacked [unsuccesssfully] Baldwin at Valenciennes. [Baldwin and Lambert remained in conflict until Lambert’s death in 1015.]

1013-18, Count Baldwin brought abbot Richard to Saint-Amand. (S) Art of Reform in 11th Century Flanders, Reilly, 2006, P97.

4/26/1014, Heinrich II, King of Germany, succeeded Otto III as Holy Roman Emperor.

1014, Emperor Henry II gave the isles of Zealand [Zeeuws Vlaanderen] as a fief to Baldwin, earl of Flanders. [Starting 400 years of conflict.] (S) Flanders, Vries, 2007, P256.

1015, Baldwin enfeoffed the bishop of Cambrai with Valenciennes.

1016, King Robert II of France [likely due to Baldwin’s rise in prominence] appointed Baldwin’s illegitimate uncle Azelin as Bishop of Paris. [Robert, soon after deposed Azelin, who sought refuge with Baldwin.]

11/30/1016, Cnut became King of Denmark and all of England.

12/25/1016, Edward ‘the Confessor’ of England [a young man at the time] spent Christmas in Ghent at the invitation of Baldwin. (S) Norwegian Invasion of England, DeVries, 2003, P90.

1019, Baldwin, on the death of Arnulf II of Ternois, besieged and captured the town of Saint-Omer.

1020, Emperor Heinrich II of Germany, supported by King Robert II of France, invaded Flanders and laid siege to Saint-Omer and attacked Ghent. In the settlement Baldwin kept Saint-Omer and Saint-Bertin.

1021, Baldwin ‘the Bearded’ of Flanders named Roderic, a monk of Saint-Vaast, to the abbacy of Saint-Bertin. (S) Creating the Monastic Past, Uge, 2005, P34.

1022, Baldwin invited Jacob the Jew, with 30 other Jews, to the banks of the river Arras. (S) Jews In Medieval Normandy, Golb, 1998, P5.

1022, Baldwin entrusted Abbot Roderic with the restoration of the community of Bergues-Saint-Winnoc.

1023, Eustace of Boulogne and Count Baldwin IV resolved a conflict between Bishop of Cambrai and the castellan of Lens.

1024, Baldwin collaborated with Gerard of Cambrai on the ‘peace of Douai’. (S) Ysengrimus, Nivardus, 1987, P101.

9/8/1024, Conrad II succeeded as King of Germany.

1025-26, Regional conflict involved King Robert of France, Baldwin of Flanders, Odo of Champagne, the dukes of Upper and Lower Lorraine, and Conrad ‘the younger’ and Ernest of Suabia.

3/26/1027, Conrad II succeeded as Holy Roman Emperor.

1027, Baldwin hosted King Canut when he travelled through Flanders on a trip to Rome. (S) Encomium Emmae Reginae, Campbell, 1998, P35.

1027-8, Count Baudouin arranged the betrothal of his son to the French king’s daughter to help restore good relations.

1028, Baldwin’s son rebelled against his father. Count Baudouin was forced to take refuge in Normandy.

1029, Baldwin ‘the Bearded’ of Flanders restored a nunnery at Denain. (S) Women’s Monasticism, Venarde, 1999, P44.

1029Baldwin gave Richard the abbacies of Saint-Peter and Saint-Bavo at Ghent. (S) Creating the Monastic Past, Uge, 2005, P8.

By 1030, Countess Ogiva wrote to Abbot Othelbold of Saint-Bavo in Gent requesting information on St. Bavo. (S) Writing Medieval Biography, Bates, 2006, P112.

3/9/1030, Ogive died; buried at St Peter, Gent.


1030, Baldwin and his son reconciled and joint rule was arranged through a truce.

Baldwin married 2nd Eleanor of Normandy, d/o Richard II, duke of Normandy.

7/20/1031, Henry I became King of France on the death of his father.

1032, Baldwin performed homage to King Henry of France for his fiefs. (S) France in the Making, Dunbabin, 2000, P209.

1033, Baldwin conquered the largest fortress in the German empire at Ename. (S) Flanders, Vries, 2007, P116.

5/30/1035, Baldwin died.

(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) Monastic Reform, Vanderputten, 2013. (S) Friends, Family and Allies, Tanner, 2004.

Child of Baldwin and Otgive:

i. Baldwin V of Flanders (756441098), born 1112-13 in Flanders.

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