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Friday, May 29, 2020

King Robert II Capet of France & Queen Constance of Arles

1512882198. King Robert II Capet of France & 1512882199. Queen Constance of Arles

3/27/972, Robert ‘the Pious’ born in at Château de Melun [Meulan] in France, s/o 3025764396. Hugh Capet & 3025764397. Adelaide of Aquitaine.

7/3/987, Robert’s father Hugh ‘Capet’ succeeded Louis V [Carolingian] as the 1st of the Capetian kings of France.

12/25/987, Robert designated as heir to his father.

Bef. 988, Robert searched for a Byzantine princess to marry.

4/1/988, Robert crowned at the cathedral of Sainte-Croix in Orléans [‘rex designatus’ King of the Franks – the beginning of a Capetian tradition to crown the eldest son before the death of the father.]

[–––Robert & Rosalie–––]

988, By arrangement of his father, Robert married Rosalie di Ivrea, widow of Arnulf II of Flanders. Rosalie was given Montreuil-sur-Mer by the county of Flanders as her dowry. [Rosalie much older than Robert.]

~988, Constance born in Provence, d/o 3025764398. William I d’Arles & 3025764399. Adelaide-Blanche of Anjou.

991, Robert supported his father in preventing French bishops from attending the synod of Pope John XV called at Mousson in Germany.

By 992, Robert II repudiated Rosalie, who returned to Flanders.

993, Constance’s father died.

10/24/996, King Robert II succeeded his father Hugh as King of the Franks.

[–––Robert & Bertha–––]

Aft. 10/996, Robert married 2nd his cousin Bertha de Bourgogne, d/o Conrad I ‘le Pacifique’ King of Burgundy [and widow of Odo I of Blois]. The Pope refused to sanction the marriage and excommunicated Robert.

997, Queen Bertha did not honor her promise to give the town of Provins to the count of Nevers.

997, King Robert conducted campaigns against Poitou and Berry.

998, Pope Gregory V called on King Robert to repudiate his wife on grounds of consanguinity.

998, King Robert of France rejected Count Fulk Nerra’s supporter Peter as ‘presul’ of Tours; putting in place Walter as treasurer of Saint-Martin.

3/999, King Robert affirmed his alliance with Hugh of Chalon and made him bishop of Auxerre.

4/2/999, Pope Sylvester II succeeded Pope Gregory V.

5/999, King Robert confirmed a charter in which Maurice [brother of Fulk III of Anjou] is styled count of Chalon.

999, King Robert, allied with Bouchard of Vendome, destroyed the Angevin fortifications at Massay.

1000, ‘Lord, Robert, king of the French, was reigning.’ (S) Chronicle of Bernard Itier, Lewis, 2013, P29. [The end of the world was expected daily.]

1001, King Robert refused to divorce Bertha, and the kingdom of France was excommunicated.

9/1001, Queen Bertha formally divorced from King Robert.

 [–––Robert & Constance–––]

1001, Robert married to Constance.

6/7/1002, Henrich II succeeded as King of Germany.

1002, A peace agreement between King Robert and Count Richard of Normandy.

10/1002, Robert’s uncle, Henry, duke of Burgundy died.

4/1003, King Robert, supported by Richard, duke of Normandy, invaded Burgundy, vying with Otto-William, comte de Mâcon [step-son of Duke Henry]. They laid siege to Auxerre [unsuccessfully] into the summer.

5/16/1003, Pope John XVII succeeded Pope Sylvester II.

8/1003, King Robert designated Bertha’s eldest son Theobald as bishop of Chartres.

1/1004, Pope John XVIII succeeded Pope John XVII.

1004, Count Odo of Blois allied with his brother-in-law Richard, duke of Normandy, in a coordinated attack on Anjou from west and east. The campaign never occurred because of intervention by King Robert of France.

6/15/1004, Robert’s mother died.

1005, After a 3-month siege, King Robert captured Avallon [in Burgundy]. (S) Universal Geography, Matle-Brun, 1834, P962.

1005-6, Fulk of Anjou and King Robert publically reconciled.

5/1006, In negotiations to end the war between Normandy and Blois, King Robert met with Duke Richard at the Norman monastery of Fecamp.

6/1006, Baldwin IV of Flanders defeated the forces of King Robert and Count Richard at Valenciennes. (S) Cambridge Medieval History, Vs1-5, Bury.

8/1006 at Meuse, King Robert II of France met with King Henry II of Germany and formed an alliance against Counts Baldwin of Flanders and Lambert of Hainaut.

9/1006, At a stalemate at Valenciennes, a truce called between the waring factions.

1007, Hugh of Beauvais tried to convince Robert to divorce Constance.

9/1007, In negotiations to end the war between Normandy and Blois, King Robert met with Odo II and the Archbishop of Tours.

1007, King Robert of France, Odo, count of Blois’s step-father, imposed a settlement between Odo and Richard, duke of Normandy.

6/17/1008, By the Council of Chelles, Queen Constance was set aside and Bertha was reinstated.

1008, Robert, accompanied by his 2nd wife Bertha, travelled to Rome to seek a divorce from Constance and remarriage to Bertha. [Which was denied.]

1008, Count Fulk Nerra arranged for the murder of the king’s favourite Hugh of Beauvais, count palatine. 12 of his men killed Hugh, who at the time was hunting with King Robert. [Constance a cousin of Count Fulk Nerra.]

7/31/1009, Pope Sergius IV succeeded Pope John XVIII.

10/1010, King Robert, Queen Bertha, and her son Odo II attended Duke William’s great celebration held at the monastery of Saint-Jean-d'Angély.

Aft. 5/1012, Bertha, consort of King Robert, died.

1012, Constance and King Robert went to Orleans to crush a set of heretics, who had lately made their appearance in the city. (S) European Mag., V69, 1816, P401.

4/26/1014, Heinrich II, King of Germany, succeeded Otto III as Holy Roman Emperor.

1014, King Robert confirmed a charter of Duke Richard II of Normandy. (S) Language Made Visible, Georgi, 2008, P310.

4/22/1015, King Robert captured Sens; Count Renaud of Sens escaped and took refuge with Odo II of Blois.

4/1016, King Robert made another trip to Rome.

1016, King Robert II of France [likely due to Baldwin of Flanders’ rise in prominence] appointed Baldwin’s illegitimate uncle Azelin as Bishop of Paris. [Robert, soon after deposed Azelin.]

1016, Robert, recognized by the Church for his claim on Burgundy, made his son Henry the Duke of Burgundy.

11/30/1016, Cnut became King of Denmark and all of England.

6/9/1017 at Compiegne, The crowning [‘rex designatus’] of King Robert’s son Hugh Magnus.

1019, King Robert of France with Richard, duke of Normandy, laid siege to and captured Melun. (S) Dukes of Normandy, Duncan, 1839, P57. [They assaulted Melun from both sides.]

1019, Robert made an expedition into Aquitaine.

1020, Emperor Heinrich II of Germany, supported by King Robert II of France, invaded Flanders and laid siege to Saint-Omer and attacked Ghent.

1021, King Robert invested Odo II of Blois with the norther counties in Meaux and Troyes on the death of his cousin Stephen. [King Robert took back the counties a year later.] (S) France in the Making, Dunbabin, 2000, P192.

1022, Odo II’s succession to Champagne called into question by King Robert.

12/1022, Members of the clergy, including Stephen, Constance’s previous confessor, tried on charges of heresy. As the condemned clerics left the trial, Constance ‘struck out the eye of Stephen’ with the staff which she carried.

12/28/1022, at Orleans, Robert and Constance had 13-14 heretics burned in a communal fire. [Robert dated one of his charters ‘the year when the heresiarch Stephen and his accomplices were condemned and burned at Orleans.]

1022-3, Odo II of Blois challenging King Robert’s authority in Reims. (S) Families, Friends, and Allies; Tanner, 2004, P78.

3/1023, King Robert and Count Fulk Nerra of Anjou met near Vihiers.

1023, King Robert and King Henry II of Germany met with their forces camped on opposited sides of the Meuse. The kings exchanged gifts and issued a joint charter in favor of the monastery of Cluny.

1024, King Robert chose Arnulf of Belleme to succeed his maternal uncle, Hugh of Châteaudun, as Archbishop of Tours.

1024-25, Odo II of Champagne and King Robert of France met at Tours and agreed on a joint campaign into Germany over the succession of Burgundy. [The campaign never materialized.]

9/8/1024, Conrad II succeeded as King of Germany.

1025, King Robert supported rebels, led by Frédéric II Duke of Upper Lotharingia [Robert’s cousin], opposed to King Konrad II. [Robert refused the crown of Italy which they offered to him.] 

1025, Robert [unsuccessfully] attacked Metz; and took control of Dreux after the death of the Bishop of Orleans.

9/17/1025, King Robert’s heir, Hugh, died [to be succeed by 2nd son Henry.]

1025, On the death of the eldest son Hugh, sons Henry and his brother Robert continued the rebellion against King Robert.

1025, Robert retreated to Beaugency near Paris.

1025-26, Regional conflict involved King Robert of France, Baldwin of Flanders, Odo of Champagne, the dukes of Upper and Lower Lorraine, and Conrad ‘the younger’ and Ernest of Suabia.

5/29/1026, Constance’s mother died.

3/26/1027, Conrad II succeeded as Holy Roman Emperor.

5/14/1027, Robert had his son Henry crowned King at Reims [‘rex designatus’.] Queen Constance did not approve of the crowning, preferring her younger son Robert as successor.

5/15/1027, King Robert II restores 7 churches taken from the monks of Montier-en-Der by knight Stephen of Joinville, who is excommunicated. Witnesses included an archbishop, 9 bishops, 3 abbots, and 2 counts. (S) Cartulary of Montier-en-Der, Bouchard, 2004, P121.

1027, Count Odo of Blois wrote to King Robert II complaining of the confiscation of his benefice [Reims], without a hearing of his case, even though he had performed his due services. (S) Medieval Law, Harding, 2002, P206.

4/1028, King Robert held court in Paris which was attended by Bishop Odolricus of Orléans; Count Fulk Nerra; and Count Odo II.

1028, Robert translated the relics of St Savinien on his shoulders.

1028, The canons of Chartres complained to the Archbishop of Sens about Robert’s choice for their successor. [They wanted their dean Albert to be elected.]

1029 at Orleans, Robert translated the relics of St-Aignan on his shoulders.

1029-31, Robert’s sons Henry, and his brother Robert, rebelled against their father.

1030, ‘Raynaldi comitis, Adheleys uxoris eius’ subscribed the charter by which ‘Robertus regis Roberti filius et regis Henrici filii eius germanus … Burgundie Dux’ restored property to Cluny.

6/1031, There was a partial eclispse of the Sun – considered a bad omen.

7/20/1031, Robert died; buried at Saint-Denis.


1031-2, Henry’s mother, Queen Constance, having allied nobles against the king, took control of several important towns in dower inlcuding Senlis, Sens, Bethisy, Dammartin, Le Puiset, Melun and Poissy.

1033, Queen Constance gave half of Sens to Odo, count of Blois, which Odo occupied. Duke Robert of Normandy came to Henry’s assistance. Others supporting Henry were Fulk Nerra of Anjou and Baldwin of Flanders. Fulk defeated the Blesevins at Gournay and Clairvix. Count Odo had to seek a peace agreement. Henry beseiged his mother Queen Constance at Poissy, but she escaped.

1033, King Henry and Queen Constance reconciled.

1034, Queen Constance died; buried at St. Denis.

(S) Fulk Nerra, Bachrach, 1993. (S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) The Capetians, Bradbury, 2007.

Children of Robert and Constance:

i. Hughes of France, born 1007 in France.

9/17/1025, Hugh died; buried Compiègne, church of the Abbaye de Saint-Corneille; his brother Henry becoming co-king.

ii. Henry I Capet (1272928372), born 5/4/1008 in France.

iii. Adela Capet (756441099), born 1109 in France.

iv. Robert I of Burgundy (1512882502), born 1011 in France.

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