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Friday, May 29, 2020

King Edmund II of England & Queen Ealdgyth of Wessex

1512882204. King Edmund II of England & 1512882205. Queen Ealdgyth of Wessex

~990, Edmund ‘the Ironside’ born in England, s/o 3025764408. King Aethelred II of England & 3025764409. Aelfgifu of Northumbria.

~995, Ealdgyth born in Wessex, England.

1013, England successfully invaded by Sweyn Forkbeard of Denmark. King Aethelred fled to Normandy.

2/2/1014, King Sweyn died, leaving his son Cnut as king.

3/1014, Aethelred returned to England with Emma.

By 6/1014, Edmund’s 2 elder brothers had died.

1014, Sweyn’s son Canute defeated in battle by King Aetherlred, returned to Denmark.

1015, Many of the English that had sided with the Danes were punished, some killed and their possessions taken. The wife of Sigferth, one of those killed, named Ealdgyth [Edith] was sent to a monastery.

1015, Edmund, without his father’s permission, took Edith from the monastery and married her. [Her family were powerful lords in the midlands.]

8/1015, Canute of Denmark invaded and pillaged England.

1016, Edmund, referring to himself as Earl of the East Midlands, helped his father King Aethelred defend London.

4/23/1016, Edmund crowned King of England on the death of his father.

10/18/1016, King Edmund of England [s/o Aethelred], defeated at the battle of Ashingdon. After the last of 5 battles against Canute, Edmund and Canute divided the country. Edmund controlled Wessex, and Cnut the eastern part.

11/30/1016, Edmund died, Canute taking control of all of England, dividing it unto 4 parts. Edmund buried at Glastonbury with his grandfather.

Child of Edmund and Edith:

i. Edward Aetheling (756441102), born 1016 in England.

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