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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Earl Waltheof of Dunbar & Countess Alina ?

1947060776. Earl Waltheof of Dunbar & 1947060777. Countess Alina ?

~1135, Waltheof born in Scotland, s/o §§Earl Gospatrick of Lothian (b.~1110, d.1166).

1139, Waltheof, s/o Gospatrick, sent to as a hostabe to King Stephen of England as part of the peace agreement.

1165, Waltheof created earl of Northumberland.

1166, Waltheof of Dunbar succeeded his father Gospatrick de Dunbar [who is buried at Durham]. (S) CH&I.HII, Eyton, 1878, P92.

1171-2, Earl Waltheof held 56 knights’ fees.

1175, Waltheof a hostage provided for the release of King William of Scotland from King Henry II of England.

1182, Waltheof died.

Family notes:

§§Earl Gospatric of Lothian (b~1110), s/o §§Earl Gospatric of Lothian (b.~1085, d.8/22/1138).

8/22/1138, Earl Patrick [Gospatric] succeeded when his father was killed at the Battle of the Standard.

1140, ‘Cospatricius comes filius Cospatricii comitis’ witnessed a charter at Kelso.

1152-3, ‘Cospatricius comes’ donated Hertesheued to Melrose abbey, for the souls of ‘regis David et comitis Henr dominorum meorum’.

1160-1, ‘Comes Gospatrick xii m vi milites’ in Northumberland.

Child of Waltheof and Alina:

i. Patrick of Dunbar (973530388), born by 1160 In Scotland.

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