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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Steward William le Gros & Lady Margaret Marshall

1947061026. Steward William le Gros & 1947061027. Lady Margaret Marshall

~1150, William le Gras born in Yorkshire, England.

10/25/1154, Henry II succeeded Stephen as King of England.

~1155, Margaret born in England, d/o 189118348. Marshall John Fitz Gilbert & 189118349. Lady Sibile of Salisbury.

Bef. 1160, William le Gros steward of Earl William of Gloucester. (S) William Marshall: Knighthood, Crouch, 2014, P174.

Abt. 1173, William married Margaret.

Bef. 1194, ‘William le Gros’ [Crassus] gave land at Little Dalby to ‘Ralph Somery’ as part of the marriage contract for his daughter Margaret.

By 1203, William died, his son William succeeding.

(S) Journal of Royal Soc. of Antiquaries of Ireland, 1901, P321. (S) Hist. & Antiq.’s of the Diocese of Ossary, V3, Carrigan, 1905, P500.

Margaret’s (1947061027) support as a sister of William Marshall (94559174).

Her daughter Margaret (973530513) born ~1175 fits the timeline.

1216-17, Thomas de Berkeley (9994832) obtained the support of William Marshall (94559174), earl of Pembroke, by agreeing to marry one of his nieces, Joan [gd/o Margaret], daughter of Ralph de Somery.

1221-2, Joan de Somery, wife of Thomas de Berkeley, is styled "neptem" [i.e., kinswoman] by William Marshal the younger, Earl of Pembroke. Selden Society, vol. lix, no. 301.

1224, William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke, dispatched his cousin [consanguineum], William le Gras, the elder, to relieve Carrickfergus [“Item .... misimus dominum W. Grassum primogenitum consanguineum nostrum ... as Enocfergus in Ultonia”]. Shirley, Royal & Other Hist. Letters Ill. of King Henry III 1 (1862) (Rolls Ser. 27): 500–503.

1231, “Anselmus nepos Marescalli consecratur apud Cantuariam in episcopum Menevensem” [Anselm le Gras consecrated Bishop of St. David’s in 1231 styled “kinsman" of [William Earl] Marshal]). Luard, Annales Monastici 4 (Rolls Ser. 36) (1869).

Child of William and Margaret:

i. Margaret le Gros (973530513), born ~1175 in Yorkshire, England.

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