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Friday, May 29, 2020

Marcquis Baldwin of Mons & Ctss Richilde ?

1512883264. Marcquis Baldwin of Mons & 1512883265. Ctss Richilde ?

~1031, Baldwin of Flanders [‘of Mons’] born in Flanders, s/o 756441098. Count Baldwin V of Flanders & 756441099. Adela Capet.

~1030s, Baldwin of Mons sent to the court of Emperor Heinrich III to be educated.

~1035, Richilde born in Flanders.

1045, Emperor Heinrich III installed Baldwin as Count in the March of Antwerp.

1050, Baldwin lost his future title when his father opposed the Emperor.


1051, Baldwin still a minor, married to Ludita ?, with ‘consensu patris.’

[––Baldwin & Richilde––]

1055, Baldwin married Richilde [widow of Herman, comte de Hainaut]; becoming comte de Hainaut.

10/14/1066, Baldwin supported Duke William at the Battle of hastings, receiving a pension of 300 silver marks from the English treasury.

9/1/1067, Baldwin’s father died.

7/17/1070, ‘Baldwinus marchisus, qui Hasnoni sepultus est’ [who was not buried] died.


1070, Richilde married 2nd William fitz Osbern (1272928378) of Bretueil. [No children.]

2/22/1071, Richilde captured at the battle of Cassel. Richalde exchanged for captured Robert the Frisian; and the battle continued. [Son Arnulf and husband William died at the battle.]

1071, Son Baldwin created Comte de Hainaut et de Valenciennes by Emperor Heinrich IV King of Germany. At Liege, Richilde ceded, in his name, the 2 counties to the emperor, who granted them to the bishop of Li├Ęge, who then granted them back to Baldwin.

3/15/1087, Richilde died.

Children of Baldwin and Richilde:

i. Arnulf of Mons, born 1056 in Belgium.

1070, Arnufl succeeded.

2/22/1071, Arnulf died at the Battle of Cassel.

ii. Baldwin II of Hainault (756441632), born ~1058 in Belgium.

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