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Friday, June 19, 2020

Comte Herbert VI of Vermandois & Ctss Adele of Valois

1272928374. Comte Herbert VI of Vermandois & 1272928375. Ctss Adele of Valois

~1025, Herbert born in France, s/o §§Comte Odo of Vermandois & Ctss Pavie ?.

~1035, Adele born in France, heiress & d/o §§Comte Raoul of Valois and Cressy.

5/25/1045, Herbert heir to his father.

1/1046, ‘Comes Heribertus’ names ‘materque mea Pavia … pater meus Otto, eius genitrix, avia mea Ermengardis’ donated property to Notre-Dame de Homblières.

~1055, Herbert married Adele.

1066, Herbert of Vermandois came with William the Conqueror to England.

1076, ‘Heribertus ... Viromanduorum comes’ confirmed donations to Saint-Prix made by ‘prædecessor noster Albertus.’

1077, Adele’s father died.

1077, Hugh succeeded as Comte de Valois in right of his wife.

1079, ‘Herbertus Vermandensium et Vadascorum comes’ donated property to the church of Saint-Quentin and others, with the consent of ‘Alide coniugis meæ.’

1080, Hugh died [having disinherited his only son Eudes.]

(S) The Record of the House of Gournay, Gurney, 1845. (S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.

i. Hubert of Vermandois, born ? in France.

Hubert “an idiot”, did not succeed.

ii. Adele of Vermandois (636464187), born ~1057 in France.

[Carolingian. See (9876543210).]

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