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Friday, June 19, 2020

Earl Ascelin Gouel & Countess Isabella de Breteuil

1277594624. Earl Ascelin Gouel & 1277594625. Countess Isabella de Breteuil

~1055, Ascelin born in Breherval, Normandy, France, s/o §§Seigneur Robert de Breherval & Dame Hildeburgis de Gallardon.

8/4/1060, Philip I succeeded as King of France.

~1065, Isabella born in Normandy, France, natural d/o 2555189250. William of Breteuil & 2555189251. Adeline de Montfort-sur-Risle.

10/25/1066, in London, William I [the Conqueror] crowned King of England.

1083, Ascelin’s father, having returned to Normandy where he became a monk in the abbey of Bec, died of an illness.

1086, Ascelin Gouel [de Percheval] held Richmont castle in England of Geffrey, bishop of Constances. (S) Proceedings – Somerset, V52, 1907, P81.

7/1087, King William led an expedition against Vexin after attacks by King Philip of France, capturing Chaumont, Pontoise, and Mantes. Ascelin commanded the Norman forces at the siege of Mante.

9/26/1087, William Rufus crowned King of England; succeeding William the Conqueror. His elder brother Robert became Duke of Normandy.

1088-89, Robert, count of Meulan, claimed the southeast-Norman frontier castle of Ivry-la-Bataille in right of his father. The castle was held by William of Breteuil.

1089, ‘Ascelinus cognomento Goellus’ captured ‘arcem Ibreii’ from ‘Guillelmo Bretoliensi domino suo’ and surrendered it to Duke Robert fo Normandy, who resold it back to Guillaume de Breteuil for ‘MD libras’, triggering a lengthy war.

2/1090, William of Breteuil defeated by the forces of Roger de Toeni and Ascelin Gouel in which William and many other nobles were taken captive.

6/1090, Ascelin released William of Breteuil for a ransom of 3000 livres, and the agreements that Ascelin would marry his daughter, and Roger de Tony, his cousin, would be named his heir, and he had to give the castle of Yvery to Ascelin.

[––Ascelin & Isabella––]

1090, Ascelin married Isabella.

1091, William of Breteuil fortified the monastery of St. Mary, near Yvery. [Roger de Tony and many other nobles had left on crusade.]

2/1091, Ascelin Gouel found an ally in Richard de Montfort after his brother Amaury de Montfort was killed by forces of  William of Breteuil. (S) Robert Curthose, Aird, 2011, P130.

7/1091, Ascelin Gouel captured the fortified monastery of St. Mary.

1092, Robert of Belleme arranged a [short-lived] peace agreement between William de Bretevil and Ascelin Gouel. (S) Sussex County Mag., V11, 1937, P709.

1093-94, William of Breteuil and Ascelin Gouel continued to wage war.

1094, William of Breteuil paid 700 livres to King Philip of France for his aid against Ascelin Gouel. [William also supported by the clergy.]

1095, William of Breteuil commanded a great force besieged Ascelin Gouel at Breherval. Robert de Belesme was another commander of the siege forces.

1095, After a 2-month siege, a peace agreement restored the castle of Yvery to William of Bretevil [which Ascelin would eventually get in right of his wife]; Ascelin kept the castle of Breherval.

1097, Duke Robert of Normandy left on the 1st crusade to the holy lands with many knights and nobles.

1099, King William of Rufus of England died. Younger brother Henry rode quickly to London to be crowned King of England, usurping the possible succession of eldest brother Duke Robert of Normandy.

8/5/1100, Henry I crowned King of England.

1/12/1102, William of Breteuil died; buried at the monastery of Lire.

1102, Ascelin contended with a natural son of William [Eustace de Pacy, married to Juliane, d/o King Henry of England], as well as his nephews [William de Gauder – died soon after, and Rainold de Craceio] succession to William’s lands and titles.

1102, Robert de Beaumont, earl of mellent, [who had been expeled from England by King Henry] supported Eustace de Pacy in his succession battle for the Breteuil inheritance.

1102, Ascelin Goel; William, count of Evreux; Ralph de Tosny; and Amaury de Montfort all supported the succession of Rainold de Craceio [Raginald de Grancey] against Eustace. Ascelin captured Earl Robert’s son Stephen. Then the Earl of Mellent killed Rainold de Craceio in battle. A peace agreement was finally arranged. (S) Battle Conference, 1987, P107.

1104-6, King Henry of England made multiple campaigns in Normandy. William, count of Evreux, switched allegiance. King Henry captured Robert fitz Hamon; torched Bayeux; captured Caen, which held the Norman treasury; laid siege to Falaise; and captured the abbey of Saint-Pierre-sur-Dives.

9/23/1106, Duke Robert of Normandy was captured by his brother King Henry I of England at the battle of Tinchebrai, Normandy [and was imprisoned for the rest of his life]. King Henry succeeded as Duke of Normandy; reuniting control as his father had at the conquest.

8/3/1108, Louis VI crowned King of France.

Bef. 7/1113, During a visit of King Henry to Normandy, Ascelin Gouel of Yvery witnessed a royal confirmation to the abbey of Utique.

1116, ‘Hildeburgis mater Goelli de Ibriaco [Ascelin]’ donated property to the abbey of Saint-Martin de Pontoise with the consent of ‘Goellus … uxoremque suam Isabel [wife] filiosque suos Willelmum atque Robertum’ [sons].

[Undated], Ascelin made gifts to Saint Evroul. (S) Battle Conference, 1979, P63.

2/1119, Asceline with King Henry I in the siege to the castle of Breteuil.

1119, Ascenlin made Earl of Yvery in Normandy, France, by King Henry I of England; which included the castles of Ivry, Breval and Anet, and the city of Saint-Andre [which at one time had been held by his kinsman Richard fitz Herluin, nephew of the  Count of Meulan.]

1119, Ascelin died. [Ascelin had a violent temper and was known as “Lupus”, the wolf.]

(S) A Genealogical History, Burke, 1866, P331. (S) Norman Frontier, Power, 2004, P207. (S) Peerage of England, Collins, 1812, P323. (S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) Battle Conference, 1987, P106.

Family notes:

1066, §§Seigneur Robert de Breherval in the army of William the Conqueror.

Bef. 1083, Robert holding the lordships of Kary and Harpetre, Somerset; and the castle of Yvery by service of 3 knight’s fees.

§§Hildeburgis de Gallardon, d/o §§Seigneur Herve de Gallardon & Dame Beatrix ?.

..... §§Robert de Breherval, s/o §§Seigneur Robert d’Ivry & Dame Albreda of Bayeux [natural] d/o §§Hugues d'Ivry, Bishop of Bayeux.

By 1060, Robert d’Ivry died; Albreda married 2nd Albert de Cravent.

Child of Ascelin and ?:

i. Robert Gouel, born ~1080 in Normandy.

1118, Robert joined the Normandy rebellion against King Henry I of England.

Aft. 1119, Robert restored to the castle of Ivery by Henry I, King of England and Duke of Normandy.

1121, Robert died, succeeded by his brother William.

Children of Ascelin and Isabella:

ii. William of Yvery (638797312), born 1091-92 in Normandy. [2nd son.]

iii. John of Harpetre, born ? in England.

John received the manor of Harpetre from his father.

John ancestor of the Gournay families.

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