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Friday, June 19, 2020

Baron Roger de Montgomery & Dame Josceline ?

1279328280. Baron Roger de Montgomery & 1279328281. Dame Josceline ?

~995, Roger born in France.

~1000, Josceline born in France.

By 1021, Roger married Josceline.

1022, Roger de Montgomery [a cousin of William the Conqueror] founded Troarn.

1031-2, Roger de Montgomery witnessed a charter of Robert I Duke of Normandy for the abbey of Saint Wandrille. (S) FMG.

By 1035, Roger de Montgomery restored to the Abbey of Jumi├Ęges the market at Vimoutiers which he had taken from the monks. (S) FMG.

1037, Roger de Montgomery exiled to Paris. [After his son William assassinated Osborne, the seneschal.]

1040, Alan of Brittany died; and wardship of William [the Conqueror] given to Gilbert of Brionne. [A succession of guardians died – William is said to have been raised by William fitz Osbern, Roger de Beaumont, and Roger de Montgomery.]

1045-48, The abbey of Jumieges paid Roger de Montgomery a horse worth £30, with a cuirass worth £7, for the land of one of his vassals who had become a monk. (S) Battle Conference, 1987, P77.

By 1048, Roger de Montgomery died.

Child of Roger and Josceline:

i. Roger de Montgomery (639664140), born 1022 in France.

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