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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Baron Eustace Fitz John & Lady Agnes fitz Nigel

 319832480. Baron Eustace Fitz John & 319832481. Lady Agnes fitz Nigel

~1090, Eustace born in England, s/o §§Baron John de Burgo, called Monoculus. (S) Magna Charta Barons, Browning, 1969, P98.

~1095, Agnes born in England, d/o §§Baron William fitz Nigel, of Halton, constable of Chester.

8/5/1100, Henry I crowned King of England.

~1108, Eustace 1st married Beatrix, heir & d/o Yvo de Vesci.

1/8/1107, David became King of Southern Scotland, Alexander King of Northern Scotland.

[––Eustace & Agnes––]

~1113, Eustace, married Agnes, heiress of Halton, and became Lord of Alnwick and Malton.

1116-19, Notification … grant to the canons of St. Oswalds, Nostell, of the church of Bambrough, … attested … Ranulf the chancellor, and Eustace fitz John. (S) English Historical Review, V34, 1919, P507.

1123-29, Notification to Walter Espec, Eustace fitz-John, … confirmation to St. Mary’s, York. (S) English Historical Review, V34, 1919, P549.

4/24/1124, David I crowned King of Scotland.

1126-29, Notification … confirmation to the monaster of Austin canons … Kirkham, co. York, by Walter Espec, … attested … Eustace fitz John … , (S) English Historical Review, V34, 1919, P538.

12/1128, Notification of Henry I to Walter Espec and Eustace fitz John. (S) Regesta Regum Anglo-Normannorum, 1956, P220.

By 1129, By King Henry I, Eustace given the whole fee of Radulph Gaugi: Elingeham, Docheseffodam, Osberwyc, Hacton, and Netferton; with lands in Durham and Yorkshire including the barony of Malton.

By 1129, King Henry appointed Eustace the sheriff of Northumberland, and made him governor of Bamburgh.

1129, Notification of the king’s confirmation to St. Stephen’s Caen, … signatories: Henry the King; Hugh archbishop of Rouen; [bishops of Bayeux, Lisieux]; Roger of Salisbury; [earls of Gloucester and Chester]; Geoffrey de Magnaville, Nigel de Aubigny; Robert de Hai; and Eustace fitz-John. (S) English Historical Review, V34, 1919, P551.

1129-30, Eustace a justiciar in the north with Walter Espec. [Eustace and Walter appear numerous times in the pipe roll.]

1129-33, Eustace Fitz-John attested multiple charters of King Henry. (S) English Historical Review, V34, 1919.

8/1131, Notification by Henry I … restored and granted to William, son of Walter de Beauchamp, his dispenser, the land that his father held from whatever lord; and his father's office of dispenser. … Witnesses: … Robert de Vere; Miles of Gloucester; … Payn fitz John; Eustace fitz John; Geoffrey fitz Payn; William Maltravers; William de Albini, Smo ; … William Mauduit.

12/25/1132 at Windsor, Eustace fitz John at the Christmas court of King Henry.

1133, Eustace provided assisstance [bread] to the starving monks at Fountains abbey. (S) Annals and History of Leeds, 1860, P18.

1135, Eustace fitz John in possessio of the barony of Alnwick. (S) History – Alnwick, Tate, 1866, P51.

12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England. [Usurping Empress Matilda, d/o King Henry I; the next 18 years there would be civil war in England.]

2/1136, at Durham [or York], King Stephen confirmed the gifts of Eustace fitz John to Fountains abbey.

1136-38, Royal mandate of King Stephen to Eustace to see that Rainer de Muschamp and Cecily his sister honour a gift of their brother to the bishopric of Durham. (S) Anglo-Norman Durham, Rollason, 1998, P355.

2/1138, King Stephen detained Eustace on suspicion of treasonable correspondence with David, King of Scotland. Eustace had to remain at court, and had to surrender Bamburgh castle. [King David had just invaded England.] Eustace complained that this was against custom: ‘ab eo in curia contra morem patrium captus.’

8/1138, Eustace surrendered the castle of Alnwick to King David and joined his forces, helped attack Bamburgh, and offered his castle at Malton.

8/22/1138, Eustace a Scottish commander under Prince Henry at the Battle of the Standard at Northallerton; the defeat of Scottish forces. Eustace was wounded. [Walter Espec was a prominent member of the royal forces.]

8/1138, Eustace retreated to Malton, which was then besieged. (S) Chronicle of John of Worcester, McGurk, 1998, P255.

4/9/1139 at Durham, Eustace took advantage of a new treaty between England and Scotland to do homage to Henry, earl of Northumberland, saving fealty to King Stephen.

1139, Eustace fitz John a witness to King Stephen’s creation of Waleran, count of Meulan, as earl of Worcester. (S) Tradition and Change, Greenway, 2002, P168.

9/1139, King Henry’s daughter Empress Matilda invaded England with forces led by her half brother Robert, Earl of Gloucester.

9/1140 at Stamford, Attending King Stephen’s court: Ranulf, earl of Chester; Gilbert, earl of Pembroke; Earl Simon; Roger, earl of Warwick; Earl Robert de Ferrers; … Richard de Camville; Richard Fitz Urse; Eustace fitz John; … Hugh Wake; … (S) From Alfred the Great to Stephen, Davies, 1991, P216.

1140, Eustace founded the Augustinian priory of St. Mary at North Ferriby, Yorkshire.

1141, Eustace held the lordships of Burgh and Knaresborough of King Stephen.

2/2/1141, King Stephen captured at the battle of Lincoln.

4/7/1141 at Winchester, Empress Matilda acknowledged as “Lady of England and Normandy” by Bishop Henry.

1141, Empress Matilda appointed Eustace fitz John the governor at York.

1141, Eustace supported William Cumin in a dispute with the Bishop of Durham.

6/1141, King David of Scotland informs Eustace fitz John that he has granted to Westminster abbey the land which Adam, son of Aldwin the chamberlain, held in Tottenham, and warns Eustace about interfering with the land. (S) Charters of King David I, Barrow, 1999, P106.

9/1141, Empress Matilda’s brother, Robert, earl of Gloucester, captured at the battle of Winchester.

11/1/1141, King Stephen exchanged by Matilda for Robert, earl of Gloucester. 

12/25/1141, Stephen again crowned King, and held a Christmas court. [The civil war would continue for 12 more years.]

By 1142, Henry, son of the king of Scotland, for Eustace fitz John; has given and granted and restored all lands and tenements that he held in Northumbria of King Henry I in chief, and after him, of King Stephen; has given in augmentation of Eustace's other feu, but for no additional service, Earls Barton, Potton, Paxton and Great Stukeley as earl himself held them in his demesne; and in feu and heritage the feu and service of Robert de Muntut. (S) POMS.

1143, Eustace helped negotiate and agreement between William Cumin and the Bishop of Durham.

Aft. 1143, Eustace fitz John made a grant to Hugh de Cathewic of pasturage for 100 sheep, provided that ‘a final end is made of building the church at Norton’ according to the first foundation of William fitz Nigel.

1144, Eustace became constable of Ranulf, earl of Chester.

1/29/1145, A papal bull of confirmation and privileges to Fountains abbey mentions Eustace Fitz John. (S) Surtees Society, V44, 1863, P-LII.

1145, Eustace fortifited his castel at Alnwick. (S) Northumberland, White, 1859, P170.

1146, Eustace fitz John witnessed a charter to Kirton in Lindsay. (S) Charters of King David I, Barrow, 1999, P93.

1147, Eustace founded the abbey of Alnwick, Northumberland.

6/1148, Empress Matilda returned to Normandy, never returning to England.

1149-50, Eustace and Agnes founded a nunnery at Watton, Yorkshire [‘on the prayer and with the assent of his wife, Agnes, through whose dowry Watton was exchanged, that is for Loddington and Hilderthorpe’]; and a house of canons at Malton; at the instance of Murdac, Archbishop of York. (S) Monastic Order in Yorkshire, Burton, 2006, P137.

1150-53, Eustace witnessed 2 charters of the Earl of York.

1152, Eustace, governor of York, issued coins at York with his name and full-length figure. (S) British Numismatic Journal, V4, 1908, P364.

5/24/1153, Malcolm IV succeeded King David I of Scotland.

Aft. 1153, Eustace witnessed a royal grant to the church of Rievaulx of lands in Crosby and Cotum. (S) Durham, 1153-1195; Snape, 2002, P107.

9/1154 at Westminster, Eustace fitz John, constable of Chester, attended the court of King Stephen.

12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.

2/1155, Eustace fitz John witnessed a royal charter to Yorkshire priory of Nostell.

5/1157 at Waltham, Essex, Eustace fitz John witnessed a royal charter to Bridlington priory, Yorkshire.

7/1157, Eustace, serving with King Henry, was killed fighting the Welsh forces of Owain Gwynedd ap Gruffydd at the battle of Ewloe. (S) The Age of Owain Gwynedd, Barbier, 1908, P84. (S) CH&I.HII, P38. [Robert de Courci also killed.]


Agnes married 2nd Robert of Gloucester, natural s/o Earl Robert de Caen (d.1147).

1158, Robert fitzCount, constable of Chester, granted Watton priory all the land as Eustace fitzJohn gave it with the consent of Agnes his wife, from whose marriage portion there was exchanged. (S) Book of Seals, Hatton, 1950, P356.

4/1158, A confirmation of a grant by King Henry mentions a grant by Agnes fitz Nigel and her husband Robert.

Agnes made a grant in which her grandson is styled ‘Johannes filius Ricardi, nepos Dominae.’

By 1161, Agnes died.

(S) Transactions – Shropshire, V2, 1908, P31. (S) Court, Household, and Itinerary of King Henry II, Eyton, 1878. (S) Judges of England, Foss, V1, 1848, P116. (S) Norton Priory, Greene, 2004, P5. (S) History of the Borough, Castle, and Barony of Alnwick; Tate, 1866, P52. (S) King Stephen, King , 2010.

Child of Eustace and Beatrix:

i. William de Vescy, born ~1110 in England.

1157, William the heir of Eustace and Beatrice.

Charter of William: ‘omnes donationes quas pater meus Eustachius filius Johannis dedit tam canonicis quam monialibus sive in Wathona sive in Maltona.’ (S) Monastic Order in Yorkshire, Burton, 2006, P138.

Child of Eustace and Agnes:

i. Richard FitzEustace (159916240), born ~1115 in England.

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