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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Dapifer Eudes de Rie & Lady Rohais Fitz Richard de Clare

 319837350. Dapifer Eudes de Rie & 319837350. Lady Rohais Fitz Richard de Clare

~1060, Eudo born in France.

~1065, Rohese born in Normandy, France, d/o 639664896. Richard de Clare & 639664897. Rohais Giffard.

~1083, Eudo married Rohais.

1/27/1091, Eudo dapifer, …, Urso de Abetot …, Ranulfus Peverellis, …, witnessed the charter under which William II King of England confirmed the status of Bath abbey. (S) FMG.

8/5/1100, At his coronation Henry announced the “Charter of Liberties”. Those present included brothers Robert and Henry Beaumont; Simon, earl of Northampton; Walter Giffard, Robert de Montfort, Robert Malet, Eudo dapifer, Roger Bigot, and Robert fitz Hamon.

[Undated]. King Henry granted Eustace several of the manors of Eudo: Lillechurch, Kent; Gamelegia, Cambridge; Neuselle, Herts; Roinges, Essex; Widham, Essex; and Ereswelle, Suffolk.

6/9/1101, King Henry sent letters throughout England commanding all free Englishmen to defend England against his brother Duke Robert. Witnesses to the letters included Archbishop Anselm; Robert, count of Meulan; Robert fitz Hamon, and Eudo Dapifer. (S) Anselm of Bec, Vaughn, 1987, P320.

1102-16, William de Curci attested with Eudes and other sewers directing the acquittal of aid required of Abbot Faritius for 5 hides at worth.

By 1106, William de Curci (638798808) an attestor with the Queen (189110275), Eudes the sewer (319837350), Urse de Abetot (973575682), Robert Malet (540377136), and Aubrey de Ver [f/o (1512946706)] at Cornbury of a gift fo Nigel de Oelli to the monks at Abingdon.

1113, ‘Henrico regnante Dei gratia Rege Anglorum, Rohes uxor Richardi filii Comitis Gisleberti, dedit Deo, … concessit Gislebertus filius suus, uxorque ejus Aeliz, … Testibus: Willielmo Gyffart, … Fratribusque suis, Rogero, Waltero, Roberto, Eudone Dapifero …’ (S) History and Antiquities of Eynesbury, Gorham, 1820, P-CV.

2/1120, Eudo, of Colchester, Essex, dapifer of King Henry I of England, died.

[––Post Mortem––]

1120, Rohaise surviving and given her dower lands.

1120, Eustace (378220862) confirmed Eudo Dapifer’s grant to St John’s, colchester.

1/7/1121, Rohese died; buried at Le Bec, Normandy.

(S) English Hist. Review, Creighton, 1919.

Child of Eudes and Rohese:

i. Marguerite de Rei (159918675), born ~1085 in England.

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