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Monday, August 24, 2020

Baron Faramus Tyngry & Lady Matilda ?

 189118354. Baron Faramus Tyngry & 1891183545. Lady Matilda ?

~1112, Faramus born in Belgium, s/o 159917370. William of Bouillon.

~1125, Matilda born in England.

1130, Faramus’ father died.

1130, Faramus filius Willelmi de Bolonia, on the Pipe Roll owing £20 to the Crown, ‘pro placitis terre sue, et ut habeat terram suam quam noverca sua tene’ in surrey.

12/22/1135, Stephen of Blois succeeded Henry I as King of England,

1141 at Canterbury, Faramus attended King Stephen’s re-coronation.

~1144, Faramus married Matilda.

1144-45, The Surrey manors of Geoffrey de Mandeville given to Faramus by King Stephen. [The manors of  Clapham and Carshalton given to his daughter Sybil.]

~1145, Faramus of Boulogne gave the church of Carshalton to Merton priory.

Bef. 1147, Faramus a benefactor of the Templars at Waverley.

~1148, Faramus built a house for a priest at Merton priory.

~1150, Faramus de Bolonia omnibus hominibus suis tam francis quam anglicis salutem. …

1153, Faramus of Boulogne holding Dover castle. [The ‘Fiennes’ later claimed hereditary constableship of Dover.]

Bef. 1154, ‘Rexit autem familiam Regis Stephani Willelmus dIpre, homo Flandrensis, et Pharamus nepos reginae Matildis, et iste Boloniensis.’ [In the household of king Stephen were William of Ypres from Flanders, and Faramus, nephew of queen Matilda [(189110431, d/o Eustace (378220862)], also of Boulogne.] (S) Historical Works of Symeon of Durham, Rolls Ser. 75, V2, P310.

10/25/1154, Henry II succeeded Stephen as King of England.

1154-58, Faramus de Bolonia vendidit abbati Gisleberto et monachis de Waverleia terram de Warenberga; conformed by Geoffrey de Mandeville, earl of Essex. [Faramus sold land to the monks of Waverleia land in Warenberga.]

5/1157 at Colchester, King Henry’s charter of foundation of Faversham abbey, attested by Faramus. (S) Geoffrey de Mandeville, Round, 1892,  P147.

1156, Cambridgeshire: “ … et in wasto de Saham per destructionem Faramusi.”

1157, Faramus holding the manors of Wendover and Eton granted 60 librates of land.

1158 at Tinchebrai, Faramus witnessed a charter of Count William (d.1159) of Bologne to Abbaye des Blanches near Mortain.

1165, Faramus borrowed money from William Cade.

1171, Faramus [Erasmus] Tingry made a donation to the abbey of Saint-Josse the Dark. (S) See daughter Sybil, 10/1207.

1183-84, Faramus died.

(S) Faramus of Boulogne, FMG.

Child of Faramus and Matilda:

i. Sybil de Tyngry (94559177), born ~1145 in England.

Aft. 1191, Sybil confirmed her father’s charter: “Omnibus fidelibus ecclesire, tam preseutibus quam futuris, Faramus filius Willelmi de Bolonia ... ego recognosco et ex parte mea concede donationem quam  antecessores mei, scilicet Gaufridus filius comitis Eustacii de Bolonia, avus meus, et Willelmus de Bolonia, filius ipsius, pater meus, fecerunt ecclesire Sanctae Mariae Becci, scilicet unam hidam in Belghehem, quae pertinebat ad manerium de Clopham …” [… Faramus son of William de Bolonia … a donation to and from the ancestors … Geoffrey, son of Count Eustace de Boulogne (grandfather of my father) …]

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